B/R Wrestling Community: Maniac vs. Maniac Contest

Juan Correspondent IOctober 30, 2009

Before I talk about this new contest I made up again, I'm going to talk about the last one: The Humor vs. Humor Contest.

For some reason, Vitamin D hasn't been active on B/R. He hasn't replied to my messages and he couldn't post the last humor article for this contest.

So by disqualification, Shane Howard wins. Now I hate that I couldn't see what Vitamin D came up with. Maybe if he ever comes back, he can still post it just to see whose was better.

Anyway, what did you think about that contest? I thought it went better than I expected it to be. Depending on your comments below, maybe we can do a HvH again, with more people. What say you?

And in case you missed it, here are all the articles from the HvH.


(Round 1):


Vitamin D

(Round 2):


Vitamin D

(Round 3):


Moving on...

Since I'm so full of crazy ideas, here's my latest contest: Maniac Vs. Maniac. 

Here's the main gist of it: There are lots of fans on here that love a superstar and keep talking about him/her constantly. There's nothing wrong with that of course. But I want to know: Who's the biggest maniac?

Please do not be mistaken. This is not where a bunch of John Morrison fans come out and prove why that they're the bigger John Morrison fan than the other.

It's where a bunch of fans of certain superstars come out and prove that they're a bigger maniac of their favorite superstar than the other guy is. There's no specific superstar. 

Whoever wants to participate in this, please leave a comment below with whichever superstar you want to do, or leave me a private message. And then I will let you know if you're in or not. 

You do have to be a fan of the superstar for real. You can't just do it for humor to make fun of all the other fans who do like that superstar.

This doesn't have to be a serious one. You should be funny and creative. Exaggerate it. Come up with the best possible idea you can to do this. 

I have a few people who I would like to do this who are qualified and I will ask them to join too.

Hopefully, this can be as successful as the HvH. 

UPDATE: Whoever's joining must submit their name by the end of next Friday! And remember, divas are allowed to be used too. I would like to see someone doing about a diva.