NFL Week Two Predictions

Bobby LewisCorrespondent ISeptember 18, 2009

HOUSTON - NOVEMBER 09:  The NFL shield logo on the goal post during play between the Baltimore Ravens and the Houston Texans at Reliant Stadium on November 9, 2008 in Houston, Texas.  (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)

Last week's record: 13-3

Overall record: 13-3

Lock of the Week: 1 for 1

Carolina (0-1) @ Atlanta (1-0): Jake Delhomme really, really needs to have a good game; at least a game where he doesn't commit a turnover. He needs to do something that restores at least some of the faith of Carolina fans and coaches because if he has one or two more performances like he's had against Arizona and Philly, he might not see too much more of the field. Unfortunately for him and Carolina, I can't see them picking up their first "W" here. Atlanta quietly put on a dominant performance last week and I think they will pick off Delhomme at least once.

Atlanta wins, 29-16.

Minnesota (1-0) @ Detroit (0-1): Surprisingly enough, these two have actually had a streak of close games against each other. Last year, Minnesota won a game 12-10 over Detroit in the game where Dan Orlovsky now infamously ran out of the end zone. I don't think this game will be that close. Brett Favre will manage the game like he did last week and Adrian Peterson will run wild like he did last week. There are only a few defenses that can contain that and Detroit's not one of them.

Minnesota wins, 24-14.

Cincinnati (0-1) @ Green Bay (1-0): Cincinnati was expected by some to be a team on the rise and possibly end up with nine or ten victories. They will go into Week 3 with zero wins and two losses. I just can't see a scenario where Cincy's offense can explode on Green Bay's improved defense when they could do nothing—outside of one drive—against Denver's defense. I do think that Green Bay will explode and put up at least thirty points.

Green Bay wins, 33-10.

Houston (0-1) @ Tennessee (1-0): There is no way that Houston's offense can play as horribly as they did last week is there? There might be because Tennessee's defense is really, really good. The Titan offense is also much better than I anticipated. Tennessee is a much better team than the Jets, and they are at home, so they will win easily.

Tennessee wins, 20-6 (Lock of the Week).

Oakland (0-1) @ Kansas City (0-1): This is a bit of a difficult game to pick because although both teams come into the game at 0-1, I liked how each team played last week. That's not to say that this game will be great to watch, but they each played well in defeat. I'm picking this solely based on the fact that this game is at Arrowhead and JaMarcus Russell continues to make too many bad throws.

Kansas City wins, 21-20.

New England (1-0) @ New York Jets (1-0): This game has become significantly more interesting since the Jets' victory last Sunday. I have seen more and more people picking the Jets to beat New England, but I'm not completely buying them yet. It is very dangerous to make assumptions about a team after one week. They are better than I thought but they are not on New England's level. I don't like the Pats' defense, but Bill Belichick has only lost to one rookie quarterback. Mark Sanchez is not going to be a disaster this week, but he's not going to play as well as he did against Houston. The running game for the Jets will hurt New England; that will not be enough, though.

New England wins, 28-21.

New Orleans (1-0) @ Philadelphia (1-0): This was pretty simple for me: if Kevin Kolb plays, Philly loses. As of right now, Donovan McNabb is listed as doubtful, which means Kolb will probably start. Jeff Garcia (whom I would start, although it goes against conventional wisdom) will probably not start because he has only been there a week (this time around). The combination of Kolb not showing me a thing since he was drafted, and Drew Brees being on absolute fire for a little over a year now makes this an easy pick.

New Orleans wins, 31-14.

St. Louis (0-1) @ Washington (0-1): St. Louis is a bad team. They got destroyed by Seattle last week in which a 28-0 score doesn't even show how much of a blowout that game was. Rams fans are the only people on this Earth picking them to win. Washington came relatively close (as far as the score goes) to beating the Giants last week. All of this almost makes me pick the Rams. Almost.

Washington wins, 19-16.

Arizona (0-1) @ Jacksonville (0-1): If Arizona loses this game, the critics will become louder and louder to the point where it will become an annoyance by the time Week 3 comes around. All summer, all they heard was that they were lucky to get to the Super Bowl and that it would be proven this season. It is way too early for this to be a must-win, but they need a win here a lot more than Jacksonville does.

Arizona wins, 27-24.

Tampa Bay (0-1) @ Buffalo (0-1): Buffalo knows that they should be 1-0 right now. I expect them to come out and end this game in a hurry. Dallas completely exposed Tampa's secondary last week, so we will see huge days for Lee Evans and Terrell Owens.

Buffalo wins, 39-21.

Seattle (1-0) @ San Francisco (1-0): Although it's pretty early in the season, this is a big game for the 49ers. Most fans thought that Seattle would be significantly better than they were last year, and if San Francisco could pull out a victory here, they would not only be 2-0, they would not only have—for at least a week—shut a few critics up, they would also be 2-0 in the division which is big. All of that will end up being irrelevant though.

Seattle wins, 21-18.

Pittsburgh (1-0) @ Chicago (0-1): There is one big question for each offense coming into this game. Can Pittsburgh get their ground game going after a bad showing against Tennessee? It can't be much worse than it was last week, so I see it being at least respectable. The other question is whether or not Jay Cutler can bounce back from a bad debut against Green Bay. Cutler is not a bad quarterback, but this is the worst scenario he could have found himself in. He is facing the league's best defense and even without Troy Polamalu, it will be a long day for Cutler.

Pittsburgh wins, 26-10.

Cleveland (0-1) @ Denver (1-0): Neither of these teams will win too many games this year, but Cleveland looks to be the better team. They were able to hang with Minnesota for a while until Adrian Peterson got tired of messing around, while Denver struggled with Cincy and needed a miracle play to beat them.

Cleveland wins, 18-3.

Baltimore (1-0) @ San Diego (1-0): Although both came away with victories last week, they both have something to work on. San Diego let Oakland hang around for too long and nearly lost, while Baltimore gave up way too many points to an inferior Kansas City team. This will go down to the wire, but I really did not like how the Chargers played against Oakland. They will also be without LaDainian Tomlinson, which will hurt San Diego a bit.

Baltimore wins, 24-20.

New York Giants (1-0) @ Dallas (1-0): Finally, the Cowboys open up Jerry Jones' billion dollar playground—and New York will ruin it. The Giants will come out firing on all cylinders and open up a big lead. Dallas' comeback will fall just short and all Cowboys fans will go home pretty upset.

New York Giants win, 35-32.

Indianapolis (1-0) @ Miami (0-1): Miami must keep this a low-scoring game if they are going to win. They have the defense to do it, but I still doubt that they can put up the points to hang with Indy.

Indy wins, 24-13.