The B/R Humor Page: My Top 10 Humor Writers

Glenn CardSenior Analyst IJuly 14, 2009

Bleacher Report provides the amateur sports journalist a venue to voice their thoughts. Everyone has their favorite sports and we all tend to gravitate towards our favorite teams.

There is a special section for those writers who aren’t just about analysis, statistics and recaps. There is a place here for those semi-demented writers that need to have a few laughs with our sports.

I hang out on the b/r humor page.

That’s my writing niche. That’s where I rule.

Ok, Ok, this is where Shane Howard, William Berry and Kara Martin rule.

I kinda sweep up the crumbs and change the light bulbs.

Since I’m here all the time I figured I’d give the uninitiated some pointers for those who need a humor fix from time to time and let you know who my top ten favorite humor writers are. Besides, the humorist writers need a plug wherever they can get one.

Let me start with the current top five guys and gals and they swap positions from week to week. They are on top for a reason; they are funny and are among my all time favorites.

So, let’s bring out the clowns.


1: Shane Howard

Not only is Shane Howard the current leader on the Humor page he is also a Co-Community leader for the Wrestling section here on b/r. I’m not into wrestling too much, but I read Shane’s stuff because he is that funny.

If you are a writer and get his attention, his comments can be as funny as his own articles.


2: Rocky Getters

Rocky’s specialties are Cricket and Tennis but he will take some side steps into other sports. If you’re like me and don’t know the rules to cricket don’t worry the laughs don’t need any instructions.


3: William Berry

I envision William Berry as one of those intelligent angry comics, not like Jack Black but more like Dennis Miller. He’s a New England Patriots fan through and through and is usually in the top five in that b/r section as well.

Some of his humor is an acquired taste. At times, articles of his that I read will hit me 10 minutes after I’ve moved on.


4: Robert Orzechowski

I’ll just call him Robert for fear that I’ll never spell his last name the same way twice. Robert is all about Tennis. Definitely the guy to read if your looking for both tennis and laughs in the same article.


5: Kara Martin

Kara has recently been bumped up to Co-Community leader for the NASCAR Community. This was a bright and the right decision as she is our own NASCAR Nellie and the self-proclaimed “Queen of toilet humor.”

She can run a joke on you faster than Tony Stewart’s pit crew can change his tires. She is also another one who can leave you on the floor rolling with laughter with the comments she’ll leave on an articles thread.


With upper echelon out of the way let me point you towards the next five which are some other wickedly funny people.

6: Flattish Poe

She hasn’t gotten a lot of attention yet, but I predict that that this writer will find a permanent spot in the top five on the humor page very shortly. She’s an unashamed, unapologetic Philadelphia Phillie’s fan.

You can forgive her for that because you can count on a belly laugh or two every time you read her stuff.


7: Todd Civin

Todd is first a Red Sox fan and currently fills the top spot on that community page but he is a versatile writer and you’ll find his articles all over b/r. He does comedy just as well as anyone.


8: Bob Warja

This guy has been on b/r for a long time. Last time I looked his article count was well above 400.

He is the Community Leader for the Chicago Cubs. When he posts his article as humor, take the time to give it a read he won’t disappoint you.


9: Dorothy Willis

One of the “Grand Dames” of b/r, Dorothy loves her wrestling and tops the MMA community page. She is another senior writer that rocks the humor page when she decides to.


10: Eric Gomez

Eric writes about where he lives, San Diego, CA and their professional NFL and MLB sports teams. He is a Co-Community leader for the San Diego Chargers. But that’s not all; he also contributes to the World Football community.

He is a must-read humor writer


All of the writers listed above have multiple humor articles well worth checking out.

Here’s where I make my apologies.

There is a bunch of other writers that didn’t get mentioned only because I limited myself to 10.

Hey, I’m all about the laughs so if you think there is someone that deserves a read, now is the time to give a shout-out.


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