Toro Rosso STR4: First Pictures

Ryan WoodAnalyst IMarch 9, 2009

So, finally all the teams have unveiled their 2009 challengers. The last is Toro Rosso with the new STR4.

The car currently features the 2008 rear wing (a little like McLaren), however, this is the only 2008 part the car features.

It looks very similar to the Red Bull RB5 for obvious reasons, and the Red Bull sponsors don't help to distinguish it.

Take a look at the launch pictures below, and tell me what you think.

Side View:


Front View:


Front/Side View:


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McLaren MP4-24

BMW F1.09

Toyota TF109

Williams FW31

Renault R29

Red Bull RB5

Force India VJM-02

Brawn GP BGP 001

(source: Toro Rosso website)