WWE WrestleMania 28 Results: Sheamus-Bryan Complainers, Please Shut the Hell Up

Alfred Konuwa@@ThisIsNastyFeatured ColumnistApril 2, 2012

The professional wrestling industry has no shortage on the embittered and rant-happy. Sure, it can be an ugly business with unhappy endings, and those who choose to sound off about its pitfalls have every right to be heard. But there eventually comes a time where it becomes necessary to move on.

When I see fit, I will single out those who have abused their piss-and-moan privileges and request that they cease all complaints and/or diatribes and live what's left of their lives. Taking cues from an old Chris Jericho catchphrase, I implore you—the disillusioned wrestling personality—to please shut the hell up.

Disclaimer: For those if you who suggest I turn the other cheek and ignore subjects of #STHU articles rather than write about them, this read is not for you. In case you haven't noticed, I'm not in the "ignore developing stories" business.

Allow me to preface this outrage-diffuser with some of the knee-jerk reactions to Internet hero Daniel Bryan's 18-second loss to Sheamus to open WrestleMania XXVIII.

From Derek X of WNZ 

"Are you f--king kidding me? Is this some kind of April Fool’s Day joke? It’s enough that the World Title match is being wasted as the first match of the evening, but for it to only last what, 15 seconds? That’s pathetic. Does WWE have no idea how amazing the wrestling ability is of Daniel Bryan?"

Bleacher Report Commenters:

From James Ionetta:


From Ellis Lee:

"Sheamus was furious that his US match was relegated to dark match last year. I'd be more pissed about this. Especially if I was at the event to see that match. Way to diminish the WHC."

From Ryan Eglinton:

"$70 down the tube. I have had it with WWE - and refuse to spend any additional money on this product. First match of the night - huge buildup over the past few months to get to this match - and TROLLED."

From Jarvis Gatlin:

"That was complete bs. Screw wwe. Screw vince. screw the "creative" group. Orton and kane gets more time than the WHC match??! Wow thanks WWE. I knew it was too good to be true."

From Twitter:




UMMMMM WTF? Sheamus goes overDaniel Bryan in seconds for World Heavyweight title in 18 seconds. YES? NOOOOO!

— Mauro Ranallo (@mauroranallo) April 1, 2012


Whoever scripted the Sheamus vs Daniel Bryan match needs to be fired. #Wrestlemania

— Serge (@Zinvor) April 1, 2012

And scene.

Fan outrage at a WrestleMania match between two supremely talented superstars that went 18 seconds is understandable. However, so was the match being so quick. 

This was not the Rock and Cena going 18 seconds after a year of hype. Not only would that have warranted riot-like behavior, that would have just been wrong. 

From the time Sheamus shockingly won the 2012 Royal Rumble, fan interest in Sheamus-Bryan was lukewarm and was kept that way throughout the match's buildup. 

Here was a match that literally wasn't even good enough to be a dark match at last year's WrestleMania, and an unexpected twist on a card where many expected Bryan to feud with either a red-hot Mark Henry or Randy Orton

As more anticipated feuds between Jericho-Punk, Taker-Triple H, and Rock-Cena took form, it was obvious that one of the top four matches was going to have to take a hit in crowd participation.

The WWE pretty much avoided this dilemma by doing what they did to the world heavyweight championship match, as Sheamus defeated Bryan within seconds, creating a huge reaction in less than half the time. 

Some are complaining that Daniel Bryan's world heavyweight championship run was rendered a joke as a result of the Sheamus win. That punchline was delivered long before Sheamus beat Bryan in the opening seconds of WrestleMania, with almost every one of Bryan's victories coming in cheap fashion.

If the WWE were interested in making Bryan's world heavyweight championship reign legitimate, he would have put together clean wins long ago, which would have done more for Sheamus winning in 18 seconds. 

Daniel Bryan's quick loss would have been more of an outrage on a national stage had WrestleMania 28 disappointed as a whole. 

But the loss was justified by a strong card throughout, highlighted by three incredible matches, the last of which ended at exactly 8 p.m. PT, justifying the short-form match from a time standpoint. 

With the wonderment of hindsight and perspective, one can still be disappointed in what could have been a great match between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus. Yet fans should still appreciate how strong more important matches were as a result of the shortest world heavyweight title match in history.   

Who is winning the war of words between John Cena and the Rock?  Tune into B/R Video to find out, and follow Big Nasty on Twitter @ThisIsNasty. 

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