NFL Free Agency: Madden 12 Predicts Where Peyton Manning, Other Free Agents Sign

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NFL Free Agency: Madden 12 Predicts Where Peyton Manning, Other Free Agents Sign
Andy Marlin/Getty Images

NFL free agency is right around the corner, and everyone from NFL insiders to your neighbor's grandmother has an opinion where the top players on the market are going.

I think I've read every big name free agent to every team at one point or another on the internet.

I'm not one to speculate free agent locations, but I need to do my part in getting the internet buzzing for the beginning of the offseason's free agency frenzy.

So I looked to the sky and asked what can I do to help? Then from out of no where a shiny copy of Madden 12 fell from my night stand. I picked it up—this was a sign.

Men have used machines to predict before. We've used them to predict the outcome of college basketball games, we've used them predict the dates of our deaths, Matthew Broderick used one in War Games to predict how war would destroy the world but everything would be OK if we just played tic-tac-toe.

I'll admit I'm not so sure about the War Games things, as I've fallen asleep during it twelve times as my dad has forced me to watch it.

Anyways, Madden 12 and the machine known as the X-Box 360 can help us predict the future, in the form of where the NFL's hottest free agents are going.

There is no need for any of you to wait until Tuesday now to see where your favorites are going, just look at my results of simulating Madden 12 and the NFL free agency period, sit back and watch the magic unfold.


Disclaimer: Madden 12 is just a game, it is not an NFL Insider or a magical football genie. Take the predictions with a grain of salt.

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