NFL Free Agency: Madden 12 Predicts Where Peyton Manning, Other Free Agents Sign

Rocky Brown@MrBootsTheHumanCorrespondent IMarch 10, 2012

NFL Free Agency: Madden 12 Predicts Where Peyton Manning, Other Free Agents Sign

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    NFL free agency is right around the corner, and everyone from NFL insiders to your neighbor's grandmother has an opinion where the top players on the market are going.

    I think I've read every big name free agent to every team at one point or another on the internet.

    I'm not one to speculate free agent locations, but I need to do my part in getting the internet buzzing for the beginning of the offseason's free agency frenzy.

    So I looked to the sky and asked what can I do to help? Then from out of no where a shiny copy of Madden 12 fell from my night stand. I picked it up—this was a sign.

    Men have used machines to predict before. We've used them to predict the outcome of college basketball games, we've used them predict the dates of our deaths, Matthew Broderick used one in War Games to predict how war would destroy the world but everything would be OK if we just played tic-tac-toe.

    I'll admit I'm not so sure about the War Games things, as I've fallen asleep during it twelve times as my dad has forced me to watch it.

    Anyways, Madden 12 and the machine known as the X-Box 360 can help us predict the future, in the form of where the NFL's hottest free agents are going.

    There is no need for any of you to wait until Tuesday now to see where your favorites are going, just look at my results of simulating Madden 12 and the NFL free agency period, sit back and watch the magic unfold.


    Disclaimer: Madden 12 is just a game, it is not an NFL Insider or a magical football genie. Take the predictions with a grain of salt.

Players Who Resigned

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    In my simulation, a few players resigned with their old teams.

    Alex Smith resigned with the San Francisco 49ers. Smith had a career year last season and, if this move happens, maybe Smith can take his play up another notch.

    Jim Leonhard resigned with the New York Jets. Leonhard is a great leader on defense, but he may have to begin the season on the PUP list after a late season injury. This might leave the Jets struggling at the safety position early on.

    Nick Hardwick resigned with the San Diego Chargers. Hardwick is a former Pro Bowl center for the Chargers. He had contemplated retiring this offseason but had decided against it. San Diego may be the best place for him.

    Peyton Hillis resigned with the Cleveland Browns. Hillis had a rocky season with the Browns this year. The cover boy still might be the best running back on the market and would be a decent signing for the team, at the right price.

    Cedric Benson resigned with the Cincinnati Bengals. Benson struggled to rush for four yards a carry this season. He just doesn't seem to be a starting caliber running back anymore. Probably best if the Bengals and Benson divorce at this point.

OLB/DE: Mario Williams

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    Old Team: Houston Texans

    New Team: St. Louis Rams

    The Rams had 39 sacks last year, good to be tied for 15th in the league. With the addition of Mario Williams, they would probably go a little higher.

    Williams would move back to end across from Chris Long and replace James Hall (six sacks last year) in the process.

    The Rams just drafted defensive end Robert Quinn in the first round in the 2011 draft. He had five sacks in his rookie season and looks like he may be a solid player for the Rams.

    Williams had five sacks in five games before injury took him out for the season last year. If Williams was interested, Quinn would just have to function in a rotational role.

    Chris Long harassed quarterbacks last year on his way to a career high 13 sacks. Any quarterback would be afraid to stare down across the field and see Long and Williams at end.

    The chances that this happens is unlikely, but at least Madden 12 can let Rams' fans dream.

QB: Peyton Manning

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    Old Team: Indianapolis Colts

    New Team: Washington Redskins

    Well isn't this interesting?

    The Washington Redskins have been rumored to be interested in every QB worth a dang that's on the market.

    One minute they are going to go hard after Matt Flynn, the next they are trading the St. Louis Rams all their draft picks to take Robert Griffin III and lately they've been readying for a full court press to sign Peyton Manning.

    It's all for good reason. The Redskins had mostly terrible quarterback play last year and wonder twins Rex Grossman and John Beck didn't do much to help the Redskins win.

    Manning could have half a neck and still play better than those two.

    We all know Manning's stats and accolades and, if the former Colt can come back semi-healthy, the Redskins would be capable taking their division.

    When it comes to Manning, anything is possible. The real question is; would Peyton want to play little brother Eli twice a year? I bet the NFL's ad people would love for it to happen, I'm just not sure Peyton would.

WR: Marques Colston

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    Old Team: New Orleans Saints

    New Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    Colston seems to be the player that is getting the most negative information published about him as we head to the start of free agency.

    It seems every writer in the world is questioning whether Colston can put up big numbers away from Drew Brees. It's a fair question.

    Colston has 449 receptions for 6240 yards and 48 touchdowns with the Saints.

    If he were to be picked up by the Bengals as Madden suggests, he would provide a decent duo with rookie sensation A.J. Green.

    Colston would provide another big target for youngster Andy Dalton. This Bengals offense would be one to watch out for.

    Unless Colston is a flop away from New Orleans—at least with a receiver like A.J. Green across from him he'd be in an excellent position to prove he is more than just a product of a system.

WR: Reggie Wayne

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    Old Team: Indianapolis Colts

    New Team: Minnesota Vikings

    This move isn't very likely as it seems like Wayne is going to follow Peyton Manning wherever he goes.

    But if the Vikings were to pry Wayne away from Manning he would provide an immediate upgrade over Michael Jenkins at wide receiver, he'd be another target to help in the development of Christian Ponder and it would take some pressure off of Percy Harvin.

    He proved he could produce with anyone at quarterback as he still had 75 receptions for 960 yards and four touchdowns with the squad the Colts trotted out last year.

    Wayne is entering the last few years of his career so I doubt he'd want to play them with a young quarterback but, if he did, he could still help the Vikings.

G: Ben Grubbs

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    Old Team: Baltimore Ravens

    New Team: Washington Redskins

    I had to run the simulation a few times to make sure all the names you'd expect to see found teams. Every single time Grubbs was a Washington Redskin.

    This move wouldn't surprise me either. Dan Snyder's checkbook has to be burning a hole in his pocket after he showed surprising restraint the past couple of seasons when free agency hit.

    Grubbs would be an upgrade over any of the guards the team currently has and the team has shown interest in Ravens' lineman before (Casey Rabach, Chris Chester).

    Grubbs was also a Pro Bowler for this past season, he would improve the Redskins' line and, next to Trent Williams, would be a foundation for a great, young line.

    Perhaps Madden is a magical football genie, after all?

CB: Carlos Rogers

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    Old Team: San Francisco 49ers

    New Team: Buffalo Bills

    Carlos Rogers had one of the best seasons of his career last season for the San Francisco 49ers and set a career high with six interceptions.

    The NFL has become a passing league and a cornerback like Carlos Rogers is going to be a hot commodity.

    The Buffalo Bills could conceivably be interested.

    If they would pick up Rogers I think it would spell the end of Leodis McKelvin in Buffalo.

    Rogers would be an upgrade for the Bills and no location would surprise me with him. He seems like a guy ready to go to the highest bidder.

WR: Vincent Jackson

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    Old Team: San Diego Chargers

    New Team: San Francisco 49ers

    Vincent Jackson is a receiver that was franchised last season by the San Diego Chargers.

    Jackson has been a two time Pro Bowler and this season he put up 60 receptions for 1106 yards and nine touchdowns for the Chargers.

    Jackson is one of the elite receivers on the market and the game suggests he won't have to go fair for a new home.

    In San Francisco, Jackson would take over the number one wide receiver role and provide relief for Michael Crabtree.

    He would essentially be what Braylon Edwards was supposed to be last year.

    San Francisco was one game away from the Super Bowl last year; with Vincent Jackson around to help the continued development of Alex Smith and be the big play receiver he has been, maybe they'd make it all the way this time.

G: Carl Nicks

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    Old Team: New Orleans Saints

    New Team: San Diego Chargers

    Carl Nicks is the prized offensive lineman of this year's free agency class.

    The big 6'5", 343-pound lineman has made the Pro Bowl the past two seasons and is widely regarded as one of the best guards in the league.

    The Saints probably won't be able to keep him after franchising Drew Brees so a departure is likely.

    Enter the San Diego Chargers. With Kris Dielman retiring due to injuries picking up Carl Nicks might end up a great move for the Chargers.

    The stability Nicks would provide would also be a huge boost. The Chargers' starting offensive line has battled injures and the durable Nicks has started 61 straight games.

    The move would make sense, but it's unclear if the Chargers want to spend that kind of money.

DE: John Abraham

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    Old Team: Atlanta Falcons

    New Team: Oakland Raiders

    This move is probably the most unlikely to happen out of all the moves that I've seen.

    The Raiders have no cap and Abraham is looking for his last pay day.

    If the Raiders do clear up some cap space, Abraham would be a good fit.

    If the Raiders cut OLB Kamerion Wimbley, they are going to need someone to pick up the slack when it comes to generating quarterback pressure.

    Last year the Raiders' defensive ends generated little to no sack production.

    Abraham could fix that, even though he is going to be 34 next season.

    Abraham still had 9.5 sacks for the Atlanta Falcons next year and the Raiders could use that kind of production at the defensive end position. 

WR: Brandon Lloyd

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    Old Team: St. Louis Rams

    New Team: Miami Dolphins

    Brandon Lloyd was a late bloomer as a receiver. He had his first 1000 yard season in his 8th year during the 2010 season.

    He would have had his second 1000 yard season if he hadn't been the victim of bad passing offenses.

    Even with such a short resume of solid play, Brandon Lloyd is the real deal. If he were to sign with Miami, the two Brandons (Lloyd and Marshall) may be an unstoppable duo.

    It might not matter who the Dolphins would put back at quarterback, just heave the ball up and you've got a heck of a chance that your team will come down with it.

    The Dolphins would no doubt benefit from having Lloyd on their team, but I wonder if they'd want to add another big contract to the WR position.

WR: Mario Manningham

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    Old Team: New York Giants

    New Team: St. Louis Rams

    Mario Manningham at times looks like he has the makings of a true No. 1 wide receiver.

    In 2009 and 2010, Manningham had 117 receptions for 1766 yards and 14 touchdowns.

    But this season, in a contract year, Manningham fell behind Victor Cruz as an option for Eli Manning. He only had 39 receptions for 523 yards and four touchdowns.

    Manningham did a lot to rehab his value in the Super Bowl by making some very clutch catches for the G-Men.

    If Manningham were to go to the Rams, he could help fill the void that would be left by Brandon Lloyd's departure. He could also be a better long term option than Lloyd.

    Perhaps, Manningham would have better chemistry with Sam Bradford, too.

    Maybe I'm just wishful thinking since the loss of Lloyd will hurt, but Manningham would be a solid pickup regardless.

S: LaRon Landry

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    Old Team: Washington Redskins

    New Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    Obviously LaRon Landry is the Incredible Hulk ( via, but during the Incredible Hulk's offseason he plays the great, old game of football.

    Landry is a solid against the run, but many feel his coverage skills are suspect.

    He was playing good football the past two seasons before getting injured and placed on injured reserve both times.

    With Michael Griffin, Dashon Goldson and Tyvon Branch all franchised Landry may be the best safety on the market. So the Bengals could certainly do worse than him.

    I think it'd just come down to who fits their needs better; Nelson or Landry? I don't know if Landry to the Bengals would happen, but it's worth talking about.

    Landry would be a decent addition to the Bengals and an upgrade at strong safety—if he can stay healthy and fit in the stadium.

WR: Mike Wallace

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    Old Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

    New Team: San Diego Chargers

    Mike Wallace is a restricted free agent. However, the Steelers cap situation makes it entirely possible that he could leave the Steelers.

    Wallace is a burner that has blossomed with the Pittsburgh Steelers. He made his first Pro Bowl this year and is only going to be 26 before the start of next season.

    Since Wallace took over for Santonio Holmes he has 132 receptions for 2450 yards and 18 touchdowns.

    While Wallace isn't the typical 6'5" wide receiver Philip Rivers is used to, the quarterback would have to be excited to get a new type of toy he hasn't had before.

    To sign Wallace the Chargers would have to give up their first round pick, no. 18 overall, which isn't out of the realm of possibility.

    It'd be interesting if Wallace was signed to replace Vincent Jackson in San Diego, but I haven't heard a peep of a rumor linking these two together.

CB: Cortland Finnegan

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    Old Team: Tennessee Titans

    New Team: Miami Dolphins

    Cortland Finnegan is a tough, hard-nosed corner not afraid to scrap with the best wide receivers in the world.

    Finnegan isn't going to intercept a lot of passes, but he is a very good coverage corner. He also has an amazing ability to get inside the calmest receivers heads.

    He might be considered the best cornerback on the market. Many thought if he wasn't franchised, he'd walk straight to Jeff Fisher and the Rams. Well, Madden 12 says, "Not so fast."

    While simulating, the game predicted Finnegan would end up in Miami.

    The Dolphins were spurned earlier in the offseason by Jeff Fisher, when he chose the Rams over the Dolphins. It be a great way to get back at him by stealing a prized free agent right under his nose.

    He would make the defense better, but one of Miami's young corners would have to move aside for Finnegan.

    Though it's not a likely move, it certainly would get under Fisher's skin.

MLB: Stephen Tulloch

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    Old Team: Detroit Lions

    New Team: Tampa Bay Buccaneers

    Stephen Tulloch was a leader on the Detroit Lions defense last year.

    He had 111 combined tackles, three sacks and two interceptions in the middle for the Lions.

    Tulloch didn't get a huge deal last offseason and seemed to be the forgotten man in free agency. This year it's different and Tulloch should command a multi-year deal.

    Well the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are in need of a defensive leader in the middle and Tulloch would be a perfect fit. He would be a huge upgrade and help out the defense immensely.

    Ira Kaufman writes for the Tampa Tribune and said on Twitter to not be surprised if the Bucs go after Tulloch.

    This might end up being one acquisition that Madden 12 nailed.

OLB: Jarret Johnson

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    Old Team: Baltimore Ravens

    New Team: New York Jets

    Jarret Johnson is a jack of all trades linebacker that many have said was the most underrated player on the Baltimore Ravens defense for years now.

    I could throw stats at you, but Johnson is the type of player that can't be measured in stats. He does his job within the defensive scheme.

    Rex Ryan is his old coach so if Johnson signs with New York it wouldn't shock many people.

    Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, has reported the Jets' interest.

    Johnson would be a decent signing and he knows Ryan's system. However, he doesn't solve the Jets need for a pass rushing presence on the defense.

    If the cost is high for Johnson, this might end up being a bad move.

    Since the move only happened in pretend land on a video game, Jets fans have no need to boo just yet.

MLB: David Hawthorne

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    Old Team: Seattle Seahawks

    New Team: Detroit Lions

    David Hawthorne is a solid middle linebacker in the NFL.

    From the moment he stepped on the field, he seemed ready to make plays for the Seahawks. He made Lofa Tatupu expendable, something I didn't think would ever happen.

    Perhaps the Seahawks will resign him, but Madden doesn't think so.

    A few teams will be looking for a middle linebacker and, if the Lions lose Stephen Tulloch, they should be interested in the soon to be 27-year-old. Hawthorne would be a solid consolation prize for Detroit.

    The defense might take a step back, but it wouldn't be a gigantic one and the Lions could continue their winning ways.

DE: Aaron Smith

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    Old Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

    New Team: Washington Redskins

    Aaron Smith is on his last legs. He has played in a total of 15 games the last three seasons and hasn't made it over six games in that time span.

    When he is healthy is he a solid 3-4 end, but he turns 36 soon and hasn't shown that he can stay healthy. His best option might be to retire at this point.

    If the Redskins could sign him to a minimum deal and didn't plan on him starting, perhaps it'd be a low risk option that could pay off.

    If I was a betting man, I'd say Aaron Smith was done.

LB: Jameel McClain

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    Old Team: Baltimore Ravens

    New Team: Philadelphia Eagles

    Jameel McClain has been starting alongside Ray Lewis in the Ravens' defense the past two seasons.

    McClain will turn 27 before the next season and has shown some skill with the Ravens.

    The Eagles are in need of linebackers bad. It was their weakest link this past season and someone like McClain would help.

    McClain is also a Philadelphia native and a homecoming might interest him.

    McClain has shown good tackling and an ability to stop the run in his young career. He has also increased the amount of tackles he made, every season. He has 155 combined tackles in the last two seasons

    While McClain has only played in a 3-4, I don't have any concern he can transition into a 4-3 middle linebacker.

WR: Laurent Robinson

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    Old Team: Dallas Cowboys

    New Team: Chicago Bears

    Laurent Robinson is a player that has always been talked about as having a lot of potential, but it wasn't till this year that Robinson finally broke out.

    He found a home with the Cowboys and in 14 games with the team he had 54 receptions for 858 yards and 11 touchdowns.

    Robinson has said he wants to return to the Cowboys and the team seems to want him back.

    However, a team like the Chicago Bears might make a play for him.

    The Bears are starved for wide receivers. Roy Williams was a bust with the team last year and Johnny Knox, who led the team in receiving yards, suffered a broken back last year and may be out for a while.

    While I think Robinson might end up resigning in the long run, you can't count out a team like Chicago that can offer a bigger role and probably more money.

CB: Brandon Carr

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    Old Team: Kansas City Chiefs

    New Team: Detroit Lions

    Brandon Carr has been Brandon Flowers' cornerback mate the past two seasons. In 2011, Flowers got a new contract from the Chiefs and then the Chiefs signed the released Stanford Routt, making Carr the odd man out.

    Carr is a good corner in his own right and is going to get paid this offseason.

    Carr doubled his career interception total this year when he nabbed four on the season.

    The Lions don't have a ton of cap room, but if they could clear space for Carr it would be a fantastic pickup.

    While it doesn't seem likely, I've learned to never say never when it comes to the NFL offseason.

WR: Pierre Garcon

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    Old Team: Indianapolis Colts

    New Team: Jacksonville Jaguars

    Garcon turned down a contract offer from the Colts already this offseason and seems set to want to test the free agency waters.

    Garcon will only be 26 at the start of next season and had his best season statistically this year, playing for the Curtis Painter, Dan Orlovsky two headed quarterback dragon.

    Garcon had 70 receptions for 947 yards and six touchdowns this season.

    Garcon is a solid receiver and makes a lot of tough catches, but he has been known to drop the easiest ones too.

    However, he would instantly become the Jaguars no. 1 receiver.

    The team has one of the worst groups of receivers in the league and Garcon would be a good start to improving that.

    The Jaguars will probably contact Garcon this offseason, but he will have no shortage of suitors.

OLB: Bryan Thomas

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    Old Team: New York Jets

    New Team: Dallas Cowboys

    Bryan Thomas is an older outside linebacker, going to be 33 next season, that is coming off an Achilles tendon tear. 

    He has flashed ability at times, but he mostly is an average player that can occasionally rush the passer.

    Unless Thomas would be willing to play for a huge discount I don't see him going to the Cowboys.

    At best, he would be a backup on the team. The Cowboys already have DeMarcus Ware and a franchised Anthony Spencer as their outside linebackers.

    I don't see this happening, but it wouldn't surprise me if Thomas were to leave the Jets.

    Madden was a little goofy on this prediction; maybe digital Rex Ryan put in a good word to digital Rob Ryan for digital Bryan Thomas?

MLB: Lofa Tatupu

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    Old Team: Seattle Seahawks (Last played 2010)

    New Team: Atlanta Falcons

    Lofa Tatupu was a tackling machine for the Seahawks when healthy. He was Pro Bowler his first three years in the league.

    Tatupu was released before the start of this season after refusing a pay cut. The middle linebacker sat out the season and not many teams showed interest in him.

    Some say that he sat out last season due to the condition of his knees and he has a history of knee issues and concussions (via

    Now, Lofa seems ready to return to the league.

    If Tatupu can return to form, he is going to be a low cost/high reward option for many teams in the league.

    If the Falcons lose Curtis Lofton, Lofa could be a great option to fill his spot.

    Clearly the Falcons are intrigued as Adam Schefter reported on his Twitter , Tatupu worked out with the Falcons today—the game may be a warlock.

DTs: Paul Soliai and Sione Pouha

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    Old Team: Miami Dolphins/New York Jets

    New Team: New York Jets/Miami Dolphins

    Paul Soliai and Sione Pouha are free agent nose tackles for AFC East division rivals Miami and New York.

    Soliai is younger (28), made the Pro Bowl this season and is slightly bigger than the 33-year-old Pouha, but Pouha might be the better option at stopping the run.

    Both players are very talented, but Soliai will probably get the bigger contract.

    It'd be odd if these mammoth men switch teams, but it would just add to the rivalry that is Dolphins vs. Jets.

    I think each big man suits the team that they are on now better, but if they flip flopped teams I'm sure both would still be very productive.

MLB: London Fletcher

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    Old Team: Washington Redskins

    New Team: New Orleans Saints

    On a list of most underrated players of all-time, London Fletcher may top the list.

    He will be 37 before next season, but doesn't play like a soon-to-be 37-year-old. Fletcher is still a very productive middle linebacker in the NFL.

    He won't break the bank on any contract so he could end up a steal for some lucky team.

    London Fletcher has been a Pro Bowler three times in the NFL, all in the last three years.

    Fletcher has his highest combined tackle total this year at 166 tackles, he added 1.5 sacks and two interceptions.

    While the Saints already have a middle linebacker in Jonathan Vilma. However, it has been rumored that Vilma could be on the outs with the Saints due to his high cap number (via

    With all the problems surrounding the Saints over bounty gate, it may be in the team's best interest to sign a high character leader like London Fletcher.

    If the Saints part with Vilma this Madden prediction could come true.

MLB: Curtis Lofton

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    Old Team: Atlanta Falcons

    New Team: Washington Redskins

    Lofton is the young stud middle linebacker of the free agent class.

    He is only going to be 26 at the start of next season and had 147 combined tackles, two interceptions and one sack this year.

    He is a talented player, but it's been said that if he resigns with the Falcons they are going to remove him from their nickle defense (via Yahoo! Sports).

    This could be good old fashion posturing, but it could mean Mike Nolan thinks he is more of a two down linebacker and doesn't possess good coverage skills.

    In this case, the Falcons won't get in a bidding war for Lofton's services and he will probably leave.

    Who better than to give him big money than the Washington Redskins.

    If Fletcher leaves, the Redskins are going to be looking for a replacement and going with a youngster like Lofton might not be a bad idea.

QB: Jason Campbell

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    Old Team: Oakland Raiders

    New Team: Indianapolis Colts

    Jason Campbell is a solid quarterback; he is a lot better than people give him credit for.

    He seemed to have found a home in Oakland the past two seasons and had a winning record at 11-7.

    This year he seemed to have the team rolling; they were 4-2 and looked poised to be a force in the AFC West.

    Then Campbell got injured and was out for the year, the Raiders traded for Carson Palmer and it was certain that Campbell's tenure in Oakland was over.

    The quarterback has thrown for 14,417 yards, 74 touchdowns to 50 interceptions and 60.8 completion percentage in his career.

    While most teams won't view him as a starter, some may view him as a stop-gap option.

    If the Colts look to sit likely No. 1 pick Andrew Luck for a year, Campbell should be a viable option.

    Luck seems ready to go so I don't know how likely this is to happen, but the team is rebuilding and it may not hurt to go with a guy like Campbell for a season.

QB: David Garrard

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    Old Team: Jacksonville Jaguars (2010)

    New Team: Green Bay Packers

    David Garrard is the former longtime starter for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

    He was unceremoniously dumped before the start of last season. A few teams reached out to him last season, but he seemed uninterested in the jobs he was offered.

    He had back surgery in October, but has insisted he is 100 percent healthy.

    Garrard's last season in Jacksonville was one of his best statistically. He set career highs in completion percentage (64.5) and touchdown passes (23). He also was 8-6 as a starter but he did set a career high in interceptions thrown with 15.

    Now, he enters this offseason willing to accept a backup job.

    He is looking for a team that has talent at the skill positions (via

    With Green Bay most likely losing backup Matt Flynn in free agency, David Garrard might be the perfect fit for the team as their new backup.

    They have skilled position players on offense too. I wouldn't be surprised if Green Bay at least contacted Garrard this offseason.

The Best of the Rest

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    QB - Chad Henne

    Old Team: Miami Dolphins

    New Team: Seattle Seahawks

    Henne might be a slight upgrade over Tarvaris Jackson and the Seahawks seem to be in the market for a QB. Seattle would have to wiff on Peyton Manning and Matt Flynn before they went this route.


    QB - Matt Flynn

    Old Team: Green Bay Packers

    New Team: Tennessee Titans

    The only completely irrational signing that Madden gave me. They have Matt Hasselbeck and Jake Locker and aren't going after Peyton, I doubt they'd they'd then settle for Flynn. No way this happens.

    WR - Plaxico Burress

    Old Team: New York Jets

    New Team: Buffalo Bills

    Plaxico would improve the revolving door the Bills had at the no. 2 wide receiver position last season. I doubt Plaxico would want to play for Buffalo and seems to have his heart set on Philly.

    WR - Braylon Edwards 

    Old Team: San Francisco 49ers

    New Team: Kansas City Chiefs

    Braylon may be in the position of having to take what he can get this offseason. Kansas City would be an okay landing spot for him, but would it be for the Chiefs? I hope he plays better than last year, no matter where he lands.


    MLB - James Farrior

    Old Team: Pittsburgh Steelers

    New Team: Miami Dolphins

    The Dolphins already have Karlos Dansby and Kevin Burnett in the middle. While Farrior is a great leader, the team seems set at the position.


    G - Evan Mathis

    Old Team: Philadelphia Eagles

    New Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    Madden had Evan Mathis returning to the Bengals after a year with the Eagles. Mathis had a great year in Philly and probably made a bit of money this year. It'd be interesting if the Bengals were intrigued with the idea of bringing him back.


    WR - Steve Smith

    Old Team: Philadelphia Eagles

    New Team: New England Patriots

    Steve Smith was a former Pro Bowl wide receiver with the Giants. Last offseason, he signed with the Eagles on a one year contract. Smith began the season on the PUP after December knee surgery. The Patriots need wide receivers and if Smith can return to form, he could end up a steal for someone.


    DE - Luis Castillo

    Old Team: San Diego Chargers

    New Team: Arizona Cardinals

    The Cardinals have Darnell Dockett and Calais Campbell already starting, but if Castillo would be willing to accept a backup role this would be a solid signing. It might be a better role for him as he seems to battle injuries from time to time. You can never have too many good players, can you?


    DT - Aubrayo Franklin

    Old Team: New Orleans Saints

    New Team: San Diego Chargers

    Franklin excelled as a nose in the Niners' 3-4 before they let him walk last offseason. He wasn't as good with the Saints this year. If Antonio Garay bolts San Diego maybe Franklin could return to his old ways for a few seasons and upgrade over Garay. Unlikely, but hey anything is possible.


    FB - Le'Ron McClain

    Old Team: Kansas City Chiefs

    New Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    This might be one of the few locations McClain could go and get the more carries he so desperately desires. The Bengals need to do something to generate more on the ground after Cedric Benson averaged less than 4.0 yard per carry last year. More than likely, Cincy would just view McClain as the limited carries fullback everyone else does. 


    MLB - Dan Connor

    Old Team: Carolina Panthers

    New Team: Arizona Cardinals

    Many can see Connor fitting into a 3-4 scheme nicely; the Cowboys have been rumored as interested (via Yahoo's Jason Cole on Twitter). He would probably replace Paris Lenon and I'm not sure the Cardinals would like Connor more than Lenon.


    OLB - Manny Lawson

    Old Team: Cincinnati Bengals

    New Team: St. Louis Rams

    There is definitely a need for linebackers in St. Louis. Lawson was solid in the Bengals 4-3 last year after not being a great fit in the Niners' 3-4 for a few years. He would be a huge upgrade for the Rams and if this happens, I'd like the move.


    S - Abram Elam

    Old Team: Dallas Cowboys

    New Team: St. Louis Rams

    Abram Elam is an average to decent safety that will probably come on the cheap. I'm imagining the Cowboys could resign him. If the Rams did sign him, it'd be a low risk move that might pay off.


    DE - Cory Redding

    Old Team: Baltimore Ravens

    New Team: Dallas Cowboys

    Redding has had a career resurgence with the Baltimore Ravens. He had 4.5 sacks while starting 11 games last year. He can play end and tackle on the defensive line and, if signed, probably upgrades the Cowboys defense. If I were Redding, I'd stay in Baltimore at this point in my career.


    G - Jake Scott

    Old Team: Tennessee Titans

    New Team: Chicago Bears

    The Bears' offensive line has been atrocious these past couple of seasons. Some blame the scheme of Mike Martz. Still, it wouldn't hurt the team to add a solid veteran player like Jake Scott to their line. If I were the Bears, I'd have a big interest in offensive lineman this offseason.


    TE - Jeremy Shockey

    Old Team: Carolina Panthers

    New Team: Buffalo Bills

    Shockey represent an upgrade at the position. Shockey was a solid contributor in Carolina last season and would be a bigger receiving threat than Scott Chandler. However, the Bills resigning Chandler recently probably made this move unlikely.