1. Highest graded QBs in Week 12: Mathew Stafford +7.3 Philip Rivers +6.0 Ryan Fitzpatrick +5.5 Ben Roethlisberger +4.7 Matt Hasselbeck +3.6

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  7. 2015 Matt Hasselbeck vs. 1970 George Blanda. Look it up. Both older backup QBs who were forced to play due to injuries. And both won.

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  20. As some Colts defensive players pointed out in my story, Winston played pretty well. But Hasselbeck was just better.

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  34. Matt Hasselbeck became the 5th player in NFL history with multiple TD passes in at least 3 consecutive games after his 40th birthday.

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  45. #colts Matt Hasselbeck, Brett Favre only 40-plus QBs to win 4 straight in one season. Warren Moon stretched streak over 2 seasons.

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  52. . @RobertMathis98 described Matt @Hasselbeck best: "He's one hell of an insurance policy." #Colts https://t.co/1PhCnMMh9n

  53. Colts: 4-0 when Matt Hasselbeck starts this season and 2-5 when Andrew Luck starts.

  54. Updated: Colts' QB Matt Hassebleck was in emergency room until 2 am TUESDAY, dealing with virus he's still feeling. From hospital to start.

  55. Allen Wants Luck to Play More Like Hasselbeck

  56. Only quarterback older than Matt Hasselbeck, 40, ever to beat the Bucs? Vinny Testaverde, month shy of 42 when Jets beat Bucs in 2005.

  57. Colts' Matt Hasselbeck, 40, is oldest QB ever to throw TD against Bucs. Three weeks older than Brad Johnson when he did for Dallas in 2008.

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  61. Asked what he'll be doing when he's 40 like @Hasselbeck , OLB Erik Walden said sitting on a beach sipping mojitos.

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  63. Hasselbeck: 'If Necessary, I'll Be Ready to Go'

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  68. The Colts are 4-0 when Matt Hasselbeck starts this season and 2-5 when Andrew Luck starts.

  69. Matt Hasselbeck is 4-0 as an NFL starting quarterback this season. He is 40 years old.

  70. Matt Hasselbeck improves to 4-0 as Colts' starting QB this season https://t.co/B8F5eUbtX1