1. Tease: Filed a story on Matt Hasselbeck today that will change the way I see him forever. Hope you feel the same. Look for it tomorrow.

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  5. Youth Not Served: 40-Yr-Old, 42-Yr-Old Carry Colts

  6. Matt Hasselbeck talks Buccaneers and getting a full week of reps in practice. WATCH: https://t.co/rOpaj27u9c https://t.co/Rk7zBYLg6V

  7. Matt Hasselbeck voted Colts' nominee for Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award https://t.co/sHJIALGNeA https://t.co/16E4oHD9be

  8. Jameis Winston: No joke, Matt Hasselbeck makes bald look good https://t.co/CUMrMsexgj

  9. Matt Hasselbeck Throws Two TDs, Leads Colts' Comeback In Win

  10. Colts Hand Falcons 3rd Straight Loss; 3-0 with Hasselbeck

  11. Hasselbeck Dumps It Off, Bradshaw Cuts Lead in Half

  12. Lovie said he has faced Matt Hasselbeck numerous times and as a 40 year old, there's nothing he hasn't seen seen.

  13. Small world: 20 years ago, Colts QB Matt @Hasselbeck had Bucs' Dirk Koetter as his first OC at Boston College. https://t.co/tXEfg3Jjal

  14. Lovie Smith's last playoff win came after 2010 season with Bears despite Matt Hasselbeck throwing for three touchdowns and 258 for Seattle.

  15. Luck Comments on Injury, Recovery Timeline

  16. Brock Osweiler Or Matt Hasselbeck In An Emergency Role?

  17. Hasselbeck Traded Watching Hockey to Working Out During Bye

  18. Wild to think that Colts' Matt Hasselbeck had Bucs' Dirk Koetter as his QBs coach at Boston College. Dirk put in good word with Packers ...

  19. #colts teammates nominate Matt Hasselbeck for Art Rooney Sportsmanship Award. Winner named Feb. 6 during Super Bowl weekend.

  20. QB Matt Hasselbeck leads the #Colts against the #Bucs in a Sunday matchup of 5-5 teams. https://t.co/1P7n7KIt0F https://t.co/dPtOGeMzyM

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  22. Hasselbeck: 'I Know My Limitations. There Are a Lot'

  23. Colts the Only NFL Team Having Success with Backup QB

  24. "He looks better at the age of 40 than some of the bald-headed guys on our team." - Jameis Winston on Matt Hasselbeck #Bucs

  25. Matt Hasselbeck became 3rd QB in NFL history (Super Bowl era) to win 3 straight starts after his 40th birthday. (Warren Moon, Brett Favre)

  26. Matt Hasselbeck? Oh... Never mind. You mean that Andrew Luck guy. https://t.co/bzinsZjf9k

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  30. ICYMI: Age is truly but a number for Colts' Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri https://t.co/TdlVO9CuQw

  31. Hasselbeck forgot the Griffer on INT.

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  38. Hasselbeck getting pummeled today. He's 40, feeling 60

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  40. What Luck Can Learn from Hasselbeck

  41. Age is truly but a number for Matt Hasselbeck and Adam Vinatieri. Only two players on Colts roster born in 1970's https://t.co/TdlVO9CuQw

  42. Lovie Smith on the Colts' Matt Hasselbeck: "Yeah he's a 'backup,' a backup with about 10 more years of experience than Jameis Winston."

  43. Updated: Colts' QB Matt Hassebleck was in emergency room until 2 am TUESDAY, dealing with virus he's still feeling. From hospital to start.

  44. Allen Wants Luck to Play More Like Hasselbeck

  45. Lovie Smith said he's been going against Colts' Matt Hasselbeck for a long time, goiing back to days as a coordinator with Rams ...

  46. Colts Pro Shop at @CircleCentre. No love for Matt Hasselbeck. (Come on guys, he's 3-0.) https://t.co/tS5fecGmX3

  47. Emotional Hasselbeck Proves He's Still a Winner

  48. Sitting Luck, Starting Hasselbeck Paid Off

  49. Falcons blitzed Matt Hasselbeck on 41 percent of dropbacks, highest blitz percentage of season, & had a Desmond Trufant sack, @ESPNStatsInfo

  50. BTW, in thumbs up/down, I ripped Joe Reitz, but if u read it, you know I'm just messing w/him. Love Hasselbeck's "midlife crisis" quote tho

  51. Hasselbeck 'Looked Done' in Preseason

  52. Hasselbeck: 'If Necessary, I'll Be Ready to Go'

  53. Undefeated as starters: Tom Brady, Cam Newton ... and Matt Hasselbeck https://t.co/ZScUAyWX8N

  54. Undefeated as starters: Tom Brady, Cam Newton ... and Matt Hasselbeck https://t.co/b6fVeEL8ZD

  55. Great headline for today's @IndyStarSports front: Never Gets Old (talking about you, Hasselbeck and Vinatieri) https://t.co/YNUdAZgXtZ

  56. Another one from ageless Colts Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Vinatieri https://t.co/Xm21fNLl4a via @cbs4indy

  57. Matt Hasselbeck, Adam Vinatieri showing that age is just a number https://t.co/iSUJk0YMoQ https://t.co/oL91JfCvIW

  58. Andrew Luck, happy to congratulate his back up QB @Hasselbeck after he pulled out the gritty win vs #Falcons. #Colts https://t.co/P2v0KuEkNn

  59. T.Y. Hilton on Matt Hasselbeck: "He is the definition of grit."

  60. Hasselbeck, Vinatieri lead Colts to 24-21 win over Falcons https://t.co/rEOVghe51b

  61. Colts 3-0 with Matt Hasselbeck at QB after comeback win over Falcons https://t.co/eNnjNWJhoJ https://t.co/CGk3Ng5QQe

  62. Quick story from Atlanta: Matt Hasselbeck can't lose, Adam Vinatieri can't miss, and the Colts are 5-5 https://t.co/Gp36ZKxTuX

  63. 40-somethings Vinateiri & Hasselbeck lead Colts to win in Atlanta and 1st place in AFC South https://t.co/RQ6lFEvB5V https://t.co/ElOhQMfdGA

  64. Joe Reitz said he's ashamed that he slid after Hasselbeck's lateral. O-linemen giving him plenty of grief.

  65. Of his decision to lateral to Joe Reitz, Hasselbeck calls it "a mid-life crisis." Well played.