1. Matt Hasselbeck Respectable In Win Over Texans

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  5. #Colts Colts' Matt Hasselbeck gets emotional - Colts' backup quarterback sheds tears in an on-field intervi... http://t.co/ZN9EIAjd4m

  6. #Colts' Matt Hasselbeck gets emotional after Thursday win. #ColtsBlitz.com, #NFL.com video. http://t.co/TQTnkP89Zn http://t.co/yplJpRfHJs

  7. What Luck Can Learn from Hasselbeck

  8. Updated: Colts' QB Matt Hassebleck was in emergency room until 2 am TUESDAY, dealing with virus he's still feeling. From hospital to start.

  9. Matt Hasselbeck Expected To Start Against Texans

  10. #Colts' Chuck Pagano, Matt Hasselbeck after win at Houston. #ColtsBlitz.com, #NFL.com video. http://t.co/VmkNhcAUyf http://t.co/zugSyQiInV

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  14. Ill Hasselbeck delivers 'gritty, gutsy' win for #Colts http://t.co/k6P6TuMiw4 … http://t.co/UoYbVyI1b9

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  19. Matt Hasselbeck and the Colts showed last night what the decisive play of Super Bowl XLIX was supposed to look like: http://t.co/t3OkWzSuBO

  20. We already knew this, but very noticeable last 2 weeks: Andrew Luck is a great teammate. No one happier for Matt Hasselbeck last night.

  21. Hasselbeck 'Looked Done' in Preseason

  22. Hasselbeck: 'If Necessary, I'll Be Ready to Go'

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  24. Chuck Pagano, the NFL's new master of hyperbole, says Matthew Hasselbeck was "literally on his deathbed" http://t.co/OAodNOuWPP

  25. Understatement of day. Matt Hasselbeck costs #Colts $3 million, but value of quality backup QB? Pagano: "You can't put a price tag on it."

  26. Pagano said of exhausted Matt Hasselbeck: "There was nothing left in there. ... What a gutsy, gritty performance by that guy." #Colts

  27. Pagano is at the podium: re: Matt Hasselbeck after the game, "He was done." Pretty much passed out.

  28. Pagano: Matt Hasselbeck on flight home. After game, he was done. Tank empty. Nothing left in there. Guess is he was out cold

  29. I liked this column from @GreggDoyelStar about what Andrew Luck + Pep Hamilton must learn from @Hasselbeck: http://t.co/jemwni1RVg

  30. Luck-less Colts got 2 TDs from 40-year-old Hasselbeck to 34-year-old Johnson to beat Texans http://t.co/1cOFpAd051 (@kristieAP) #experience

  31. best line from @Hasselbeck after Colts 16th win in division, breaking tie with 72-73 Dolphins? "It's a big deal... I was there" #oldguyhumor

  32. Matt Hasselbeck dedicates Thursday night's game ball to woman who died of cancer. http://t.co/IDKV6ZvYus http://t.co/OAV49zAatV

  33. Colts coach Chuck Pagano: Matt Hasselbeck was 'literally on his deathbed' http://t.co/9PsbR9lTXY http://t.co/Vmq4Odf8Mh

  34. Will the Colts stick with Hasselbeck until Luck is "100 percent" (i.e., for as long as Hasselbeck keeps winning)? http://t.co/m6fZ9fW2oe