NFL: CJ2k and the Biggest Underachievers on Each Team

Caleb Abner@cjabshypeContributor IIINovember 20, 2011

NFL: CJ2k and the Biggest Underachievers on Each Team

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    A great underdog story just warms something in your heart, doesn't it? We all love to hear about the Kurt Warners, the Joe Namaths, and the Rudys, because if they could _____, why can't we do the same?

    And there are people we despise for lack of accomplishment. At one point, they showed great potential. This potential gave us hope, and more importantly, expectations. 

    Many live up to the hype, like Peyton Manning, Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods. Other don't. 

    This season came with many anticipations. 

    Here are the ones who failed to live up to the hype. 

    Because in the end, someone with great potential hasn't done that much yet. 

Buffalo Bills/CJ Spiller

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    Ignore the 6.3 yards per carry. He has only managed 113 yards so far, leaving the brunt of the play to Fred Jackson. Jackson is undoubtedly better, but can't Spiller at least lighten his load?

Miami Dolphins/Cornerbacks

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    At the beginning of this season, Vontae Davis claimed that the 'Fins had the best cornerback team in the NFL. How's the 22nd ranked pass defense the best? I don't know; it must be the safeties. 

New England Patriots/Albert Haynesworth

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    The Patriots signed this lazy walrus to try to revive his career and their pass rush. Of course, he failed in the effort department, and was unsurprisingly cut. At least Ochocinco has managed one big play. 

New York Jets/Mark Sanchez

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    Marky Marcos has entered his third season on a quest to underwhelm. He has succeed immensely, with a 79.9 passer rating, 10 interceptions and a 57.1 percent pass completion.

    Sanchize out. 

Baltimore Ravens/Joe Flacco

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    With four years of experience under his belt, Flacco is slowly churning out his worst season. How does a quarterback move from a 93.6 passer rating to worse than Mark Sanchez?

    He brings down a team that potentially could be the AFC Packers. If he doesn't turn himself 180 around, he'll be forcibly retired by the end of next year. 

Cincinnati Bengals/ Adam "Pacman" Jones

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    Under advice of their lawyers, Pacman's 2011 stats are waiving their right to remain silent. 

Cleveland Browns/ Peyton Hillis

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    Damn you, Madden! You turned a great RB into a 3.4 yards per carry crap stick! Hopefully, Hillis follows Drew Brees and overcomes the curse. 

Pittsburgh Steelers/ James Farrior

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    After 15 years, Farrior is finally slowing down. He has 51 tackles, and two sacks. Less than one-half and one-third of last year's totals, respectively. 

Houston Texans/Jacoby Jones

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    It's always painful to see a young star peak. For Jacoby Jones, perhaps that time has come, even though he certainly has the talent to do better. So do better, already. You're still great, but be greater. 

Indianapolis Colts/ Everybody Except for Pat Angerer

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    Suck for Luck is just an excuse for poor playing, coaching, drafting, and being a terrible team. 

Jacksonville Jaguars/Jack Del Rio

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    Stock photo for head coaches who will be picking up unemployment checks next year. 

Tennesse Titans/Chris Johnson

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    Massive ego? Check. Massive contract? Check. Awful rushing? Check. Ladies and gentlemen, mix the ingredients together, shake, stir, and boom. You now have CJ less than 1 K. 

Denver Broncos/Kyle Orton

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    1-4 record for his 2011 starts. Demoted and replaced by a third-string quarterback. Replaced not because of a coach's belief, but because of a billboard. 

Kansas City Chiefs/Scott Pioli

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    He turned the Chiefs into the AFC West champ last year. He has won three Super Bowls. Now Pioli rests at the bottom of a bad division. Why? Why? Why?

Oakland Raiders/ Defensive Line

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    Eighth in the NFL in terms of rushing yards allowed. Virtually no pass rush. Nothing deflates a defense like underachieving talent. You're better than this, Richard Seymour.

San Diego Chargers/ Philip Rivers

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    Being labeled a near-elite quarterback is tough. Throwing more interceptions than touchdowns is tougher. With this season, Rivers may have lost all chances to move up to the elite category of signal-callers. 

Dallas Cowboys/Tony Romo

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    Oh, look. It's another underperforming quarterback. Though he has shown some signs of improvement as of late, Romo has been too inconsistent to merit his reputation as a great QB. 

New York Giants/Punt Returners

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    They say every yard gained is fought for. The NYG punt returners are not fighting very hard. Their best returner, CB Aaron Ross, only manages 7.7 yards a return. Every yard counts, but 7.7 yards don't count for much. 

Philadelphia Eagles/The Dream Team

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    J'accuse, Michael Vick and Co.

    You were supposed to be the best. 

    You were supposed to be stacked. 

    You were supposed to win the Super Bowl. 

    How's 3-6 working for you all?

    Are you happy?

    I am. 

    Y'all won me a bet. 

    No further comment. 

Washington Redskins/Quarterbacks

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    Quarterbacks are supposed to be leaders. The success or failure of a team lies on their shoulders. In that case, it's amazing that the Redskins have won any games at all. Neither Rex Grossman nor John Beck possess the skill to carry their team, and will probably lose their jobs to an untested rookie. 

Chicago Bears/ Israel Idonije

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    Mad skills at pissing off spell check. Second to none, except for a certain Lions player. The Bears have a bad OL, but I'd say that Idonije is underachieving more, seeing as he has talent. 

Detroit Lions/Runningbacks

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    The Lions rely almost completely on their passing game. Not to say that it isn't good, but their star QB gets injured way too easily. The mediocre running backs are really going to have to step to ensure a wild card spot in the playoffs. So far, the Lions rush attack is ranked at 27th in the NFL. 

Green Bay Packers/Pass Defense

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    What could be wrong with a perfect team? The 31st ranked pass defense, for starters. 

Minnesota Vikings/Offensive Line

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    They give off quick pressures, too many sacks, and don't support the run. I truly feel bad for Christian Ponder, a rookie, who has to live with the constant fear of being flatten into a sheet of paper every time he drops back for a pass. 

Atlanta Falcons/Julio Jones

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    For a rookie, Julio Jones is playing great, at 498 receiving yards so far. For a guy getting paid $4 million a year, not so much. 

Carolina Panthers/Starters

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    I was split between the starters or the payroll managers for the Panthers. Either way, I couldn't have gone wrong. The highest paid starting unit is 22.2 percent in the wins-department.

    Mo' Money, Mo' Problems.

New Orleans Saints/Pass Rush

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    Twenty-one sacks is a respectable total at this point in the season, but the pass rush is not consistent enough to apply steady pressure. The Saints defense will have to step it up to stop Aaron Rodgers and the Packers and make the Super Bowl. 

Tampa Bay Buccaneers/Josh Freeman

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    Freeman has a good set of stats for accuracy and total yards. This is all he has. A 9:13 touchdown-interception ratio, a weak 6.3 yards per average, and a passer rating under 75 do not help the Bucs at all. 

Arizona Cardinals/Kevin Kolb

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    Again we see a player who just signed a huge contract during the offseason, and has failed to justify it. Then again, Kolb has been sacked 31 times, second most in the NFL, so all the blame for his mediocrity does not fall into his lap. 

San Francisco 49ers/Wide Receivers

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    Alex Smith is not the league's greatest quarterback, but he is good.He throws the ball where it needs to be, and doesn't turn it over. His wide receivers, however, are not playing to his level. They need to catch passes, and then run for more yards.

    The 2011 Coach of the Year should mention that to them. 

Seattle Seahawks/Sidney Rice

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    Big off-season pickup. One touchdown as a Seahawk thus far. Worth every million. 

St. Louis Rams/Sam Bradford

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    We end with a talented quarterback who has done squat this season. He has more than enough potential to be a franchise quarterback, but isn't performing. The team is bad, and right now, so is he. Because in the end, potential means you haven't done anything yet.