Constructing the Perfect NBA Player Mini Series Part 1: Physique

Spencer KierCorrespondent INovember 11, 2011

A perfect basketball player must first and foremost have the frame, fitness and athleticism to compete in the league. He must have the ideal combination of size, speed, strength and agility, while also being able to withstand the rigors of an extensive 82-game plus schedule.

These necessary components led me to develop a player with the following characteristics:  


LeBron James

The King is listed at a staggering 6-foot-8, 250 pounds, and boasts a wingspan of over seven feet. Despite being in the frame of a power forward, LeBron is able to maneuver around the court like a guard. Dwight Howard was also a prospect for this field for obvious reasons. 


Rajon Rondo

For those of you who haven't seen Sports Science's episode on Rondo's freakish and inhuman anatomy, make sure and check it out here. The man has ridiculous 9.5 by 10-inch gloves that allow him to retain complete and absolute control over the ball at all times.  


Dwyane Wade

I had to include some aspect of this guy, and it helps that Shaq nicknamed him "Flash." Not only does he have blazing-fast coast-to-coast speed, but he slashes through the lane unlike any other player in the game today, with or without possession of the rock.




Metta World Peace

In Ron Ron's prime he could bench a staggering 460 pounds. His brute strength is responsible for the way he physically and mercilessly dominates his opponents night in, night out. If we were using diet and rapping ability as criteria for "the perfect player," then Artest would no doubt be in the running for multiple categories.

Vertical Leap

Darrell Griffith 

I was originally going to use one of the many names associated with the infamous "quarter grab off the top of the backboard" rumors, but decided against it. Instead, I chose the certifiable 48 inch vertical of Darrell "Dr. Dunkenstein" Griffith.

He and Michael Jordan have both posted verts of 48", but considering Jordan's name will come up numerous times before this series is over, as well as Griffith's unique nickname, I elected to use the less recognized individual.



Derrick Rose


Rose is probably the most athletic player in the NBA today when taking into consideration all aspects of the term. I could've used him for a multitude of categories, but I felt that one word encompassed his overall athletic ability: explosiveness.

Every move he makes is made with an unrivaled agility, quickness, and sense of strength. His first step and dunks are especially indicative of this explosive quality.


A.C. Green

The man nicknamed "Iron Man," played in 16 consecutive NBA seasons—without missing a game. He holds the record with 1,192 consecutive games played. Fun Fact: He played 83 games in the 1996-1997 NBA season after being traded part of the way through the year.  

I debated whether or not this item belonged under the physique or intangible headline, but ultimately decided it was a physical trait. Your body’s ability to consistently adapt, recuperate, and avoid injury is key in being named "the perfect NBA player."



Rip Hamilton

He has proven himself as one of the league's best shooters of the screen over the past decade. His ability to wear out opponents throughout the course of a game is solely due to his running and excellent conditioning consisting of numerous miles per week.


Rip has even been known to tire out his two pit bulls who frequently run with him.

This combination of extraordinary and uncommon physical attributes would allow the player to exercise superiority and dominance over all other players on the hardwood.   


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