Constructing the Perfect NBA Player Miniseries: Overview

Spencer KierCorrespondent INovember 11, 2011

For the past three years, the NBA 2K video game series has been allowing its users to create, customize and develop their very own player in “My Player” mode. This game mode has inspired me to attempt to create the most ideal and complete player by drawing from a multitude of characteristics and attributes from both past and present NBA players. Every area of basketball will be covered from their offensive and defensive skills, to their mentality and heart.   

I have narrowed all of the qualities that are essential to assembling the perfect player down to three, specific fields: physique, talents and intangibles.

Physique will represent both the body and athleticism of the player. Talents will incorporate all of the player's on-court skills from both the offensive and defensive ends. Lastly, intangibles will encompass all characteristics of the mind, heart and soul of the player.

This miniseries will consist of four articles, including this one, over the span of a week, which will detail extensively the makings of the perfect NBA player. I have split up the talents section into two, more precise categories: Offensive Skill Set and Defensive Skill Set.

This article will be updated with links to each of the most recent articles as soon as they are published, and each article will have links to all the other portions of the piece. Once I have completed the compilation and creation of the "perfect player," I will post a review, or summary, on this same page—so stay tuned!


Miniseries Navigation:

Part 1: Physique

Part 2: Offensive Skill Set

Part 3: Defensive Skill Set

Part 4: Intangibles


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