Week 7 Disturbing New NFL Power Rankings Plus Winning Picks from NFL Mikee

Thomas Moreland@NFLMIKEESenior Writer IOctober 17, 2011

An alarming 5-8 followed by 9-4 in Week 6 has NFL Mikee at 50-40 against the Vegas lines this season.

Upsets continue to plague me. That is, predicting too many upsets continues to plague me. 

No. 1       Green Bay Packers  6-0

I am wondering about this time in the season who the heck is even going to beat the Packers? This week they travel to Minnesota. As in last week and all the previous weeks, take the Packers. They beat the spread about 70 percent of the time. I like the under this week, also. Winner the last two weeks.

No. 2   New England Patriots  5-1

Keep some healthy running backs going, and somehow find some defense (although against the Cowboys they stepped up when they had to). New England has a bye week, and then in Week 8 they will be a strong pick with the added rest. AFC front-runner to appear in the Super Bowl.

No. 3 San Francisco 49ers 5-1

After dismantling the Bucs in Week 5, the Niners traveled East to Detroit. Point spread winners two weeks in a row with a rare east coast win. I was all over this one last week. San Francisco rests this week also.

No. 4 Baltimore Ravens  4-1

The Ravens beat a good Houston team at home last week, as I suggested by the spread. In Week 7 Jacksonville has no chance against the Ravens with their limited offense and Blaine Gabbert in training.

Look for at least one pick by Ed Reed and a few sacks. Ravens will be at 5-1 next week.

No. 5 San Diego Chargers 4-1

After a bye week, look for the Chargers to find some offense and perhaps score over 30 points this week versus the Jets. The Chargers are rested, while the Jets are coming off a short week after winning against Miami on Monday night.

If the Jets can find the energy to sustain themselves throughout this game, I will be very surprised. Chargers by 4-5 points.

No. 6 Detroit Lions 5-1

Losing to San Francisco exposed some offensive shortcomings, as Stafford had no time to throw, thanks to a swarming 49er defense that kept him on his heels all day. Still, Megatron is dangerous, Stafford is competent and this team can make the playoffs.

This week Detroit hosts a very dangerous and hungry Atlanta team, coming off a big division win versus Carolina. Detroit will have some growing pains at this stage of the season, and drop two in a row.

Atlanta wins on the road here, make no mistake about this one.

No. 7  Buffalo Bills  4-2

As I called last week, the NFC East is a tough place to visit, and the Giants proved that by beating the Bills at home. Buffalo rests and regroups this week. Still, they're a very good team this season.

No. 8 Pittsburgh Steelers  4-2

The schedule is kind, and they could run the table, minus another loss to Baltimore. 12-4 would be adequate in securing a wild card spot.The Ravens could very well end up 13-3.

Pittsburgh travels to Arizona this week where Kevin Kolb and Beanie Wells await. I am off and on with the Steelers covering lately, as I had Tennessee two weeks ago and got slammed on the spread.

In Week 6 I took Pittsburgh and they had a Lady Gaga day on offense, and only won by four. I will take the points and Arizona this weekend.

No. 9  New Orleans Saints  4-2

The Saints took a hit, losing to Tampa Bay last week. I had the Saints in that losing pick. They will get well against the overworked defense of the Colts. Take the Saints in a no-brainer at home.

No. 10 Oakland Raiders  4-2

"Just win,baby!" R.I.P.Al Davis. Yes, by virtue of a win last week, the Raiders are back in the top ten teams in football. Live with it, Raider haters.

No. 11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-2

 Will Bill Cowher be coaching this team in 2012? That's the hot rumour amid NFL conversations around the league. There is a good nucleus to grow on in Tampa, and a big name coach is what ownership is yearning for.

The Bucs have Chicago coming in house Sunday, and this will not be fun, after managing to beat division rival New Orleans last week. Look for a healthy dose of Matt Forte all day, as he is the Chicago offense.

Chicago wins a close game on the road to reach 4-3 for the season.

No. 12 Dallas Cowboys 2-3

Call me crazy, but Dallas is much better than everyone thinks so far this season. Injuries have slowed them down, but now there is light at the end of the playoff tunnel. Dallas has the Rams at home and this should be one to count as a win. 3-3 sounds way better, huh Cowboy fans? 

No. 13 Washington Redskins  4-2

Cam Newton comes into town and rocks the Redskins' world next week. We knew there would be a quarterback problem. Rex Grossman is not going to carry the Redskins through or even to the play offs. Who thought that?

No. 14 New York Giants  4-2

The Giants rest this week after that big win against Buffalo.They should move up in the rankings with a win against Miami in Week 8 and a record of 5-2. Which couple of games can the Dolphins win this year?

No. 15 Houston Texans 3-3

I still say this team makes the playoffs this season finally. They have a big game in Tennessee this week. It's almost the season in a nutshell. You can't drop this division game if you are Matt Schaub. Houston squeaks by Tennessee by three points.

No. 16  Atlanta Falcons 3-3

A win last week against Carolina improved things in the Falcons camp. This week the Falcons could really help themselves out with a road win in Detroit. I like the Falcons in this away game. Still, a long ways to go for Atlanta to be in the same class as Green Bay.

No. 17 New York Jets 2-3

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. The team that was one game away from the Super Bowl last season now struggles to find an identity. The defense is not that great. The offense stinks. I like San Diego after a bye week to further trouble Rex Ryan's Jets.

No. 18 Tennessee Titans 3-2

This is a team mired in the pack of good, but not great teams in the NFL. If they can manage to beat Houston this week, they can move up. Don't think that will happen. Separation will start to show with the better teams in the league around Week 10 of the schedule.

The Titans will finish between 7-9 and 9-7.

No. 19 Cincinnati 4-2

I have trouble believing this team will be around in Weeks 12-15. Baltimore and Pittsburgh pose problems in this team reaching the playoffs. There's some losses coming to the big striped cats.The Bengals should reach 5-2 versus Seattle in Week 8, however.

No. 20  Philadelphia Eagles  2-4

Ummmm. The record needs to get better before I can consider this team in the Top 12 or so. They do have talent, but Vick is also a liability in the injury side of the coin. Their defense has issues that have to be resolved.

The Eagles rest this week, before heading into Dallas for Week 8. The Cowboys will win that one at home.

No. 21 Chicago Bears  3-3

Chicago has problems when half of its total offense is Matt Forte, whom they don't pay enough. Cutler needs more quality wide receivers, which did not get addressed in the offseason. Roy Williams helps, but you need one more guy.

I have the Bears winning this week in Tampa. Who's in charge of getting some help here?

No. 22 Cleveland Browns  2-3

Seattle travels to Cleveland in the bore-dom bowl of the week in pro football. Both of these teams will not make the playoffs. Take Cleveland at home, as the west to east factor comes into play here.

No. 23 Kansas City Chiefs  2-3

Kansas City probably has a chance to beat the Raiders this week in Oakland, mainly because the Raiders now have no decent quarterback with experience.

Take Kansas City in a mini upset this week. These are always field goal games dating back to pre-historic times. K.C, by three.

No. 24 Carolina Panthers 1-5

Cam Newton keeps beating spreads and keeps this team in the game pretty late into the fourth quarters. I like the Panthers to shock Washington this week.

No. 25 Arizona Cardinals  1-5 

Larry Fitzgerald is still on this team, right? Pittsburgh wins this week but Arizona might cover 12 points.

No. 26 Seattle Seahawks  2-3

I have no idea how this team is almost playing 500 ball.Cleveland of all teams, will knock them down a notch on Sunday. If Seattle wins, I am flabbergasted.

No. 27 Minnesota Vikings 1-5

The dismal record speaks for itself. What happened to this team? One word. McNabb.This is not a trap game this week, Green Bay wins going away.

No. 28 Jacksonville Jaguars 1-5

MJD is now on some fantasy benches as other running options are explored. Who would have thought Beanie Wells would have better stats at this part of the NFL season.The Ravens will beat up J-Ville on Monday night. Take Baltimore minus the points.

No. 29 Miami Dolphins 0-6

Miami is the best winless team. There's no hope in sight for a win soon, however. Denver will not lay down. It's a long trip to Miami. Oh hell, take the Fins this week and pray. 

No. 30 St. Louis Rams 0-6

Sam Bradford is coming along okay. Perhaps next season, the Rams might resemble Detroit this season.

No. 31 Denver Broncos 1-5

They were lucky to win that one.

No. 32 Indianapolis Colts

I guess we all know how good Peyton Manning is now, huh?

Thomas [NFL Mikee] Moreland


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