NFL Community Challenge Week 11 Results

Sean CroweSenior Writer INovember 18, 2008

In honor of the Eagles-Bengals game, I wanted to call every category in this week’s contest a tie, but the Bleacher Report brass wouldn’t stand for it.

For those of you in need of a refresher on the B/R NFL Community Awards, you can find the rules here.

The award for Best Overall Community in the B/R NFL section goes to the New York Jets. Honorable mention goes to the Broncos and Giants communities. Great job!

As for the Most Articles award, the New York Jets barely edged out the New England Patriots (sound familiar?). Tough week for Matt Cassel and company.

The winner of Best New Writer this week goes to Robert Huprich. His article “Will the Real Atlanta Falcons Fans Please Stand Up?” was quality. So quality, that it was also the runner up for Best Written. Great job Robert!

The winner of the Best Written Article is Ryan Hogan for his article “Rodger Goodell: Don’t Stop at Ticket Prices”.

We named Angel Navedo as the Best Overall Writer of the week. That’s right, another Jet fan. It’s a dark week for Patriot Nation.

Roundtables are among the best articles you'll find here at Bleacher Report. The winner of this week's Best Roundtable goes to the Indianapolis Colts, led by Aaron Glenn.

Two things guarantee a ton of comments on this site: Picking a fight with Raider fans and calling Brett Favre overrated. Bryn Swarts won this week’s Best Discussion award by doing the latter.

The Best Prediction category went to the guy who helped me most with my fantasy team this week, Michael McNeil. His Start & Sit: Week 11 article was right on the money.

In the Best Humor/Original Article award was unanimous. Angel “I’m just going to win every award this week” Navedo won running away with his NFL Fines Roger Goodell $10,000 for Using Unlicensed Microphone article. Fantastic.

Congrats to the winners and here's to a very successful Week 12!

Just as a reminder, these contest results will appear on the Front Page and will receive loads of attention. Make sure to keep trying your best to get mentioned here so you can further your exposure to the sporting world!


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