NFL Week Five Predictions

Andrew KneelandSenior Writer IOctober 2, 2008

The NFL season has reached the quarter turn, and it seems to be flying by. Many things have gone down as expected, but surprises abound as they do every year.

Before I launch into my predictions I would like to point you to some great material that has been published by your fellow Bleacher Creatures. All are worth the read!

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FOX Sports writer Jason Whitlock joined us this week and provided us with ten NFL truths.

Zach Kruse—someone who definitely needs more fans—gave us his thoughts on the state of Green Bay quarterbacks. And he isn't exactly looking forward to a potential Aaron Rodger injury.

And finally, two power rankings you should be aware of. Shaun Ahmad has a piece up gauging the official feelings of the Bleacher Creatures, while Chris Radez has his own take. They're both very good reads.

Now on to the picks:


Buffalo @ Arizona

Bills quarterback Trent Edwards has really surpassed expectations through four weeks of undefeated football. That string will continue as they march into Phoenix and enter the sloppy football that has come to be known as the Arizona Cardinals. One could argue that Kurt Warner is due for a big game, but...nah.


Tennessee @ Baltimore

This is the defensive battle of the week. Both squads have some of the most feared defenders in the league and it should result in a low-scoring, but entertaining game. Rookie Chris Johnson has had an extraordinary season so far, and will try to continue it against Ray Lewis. The Titans prevail in a minimal scoring affair.


Kansas City @ Carolina

Even though I just picked up Muhsin Muhammad in my fantasy league I still think the Panthers will have a field day against the Chiefs. The bad luck I seem to carry on every fantasy team I have doesn't hold a candle to that of the Chiefs. Whoever is starting at quarterback for Kansas City this week will struggle against an above-average Carolina secondary.


Indianapolis @ Houston

With Colt fans jumping off bridges and with a fully healed team under his control, Tony Dungy and Peyton Manning will finally pull things together against a relatively tough Texan team.


San Diego @ Miami

Yes, the 'Fins are good. Compared to last year. I'm tempted to pick the upset here, but I can't bring myself to it. LaDainian Tomlinson isn't as good as he was years ago, but he's still an excellent running back. He will get the job done on Sunday.


Chicago @ Detroit

Chicago has a bye this week.


Atlanta @ Green Bay

As Zach Kruse explained, anything past Aaron Rodgers on the Packer depth chart isn't pretty. With an injured shoulder this week, much is up in the air. Rodgers is the key to this game, and nobody will know how he is feeling until gametime. Since I'm not a gambling person I'll play it safe here and go with the favorite.


Seattle @ NY Giants

In my opinion, the Giants are the second-best team in football right now, close behind the Titans. The third most dangerous job in America at this moment is a Seattle receiver, right behind fishing and a Detroit coach


Washington @ Philadelphia

It's so much fun to watch these NFC East games. This game should be a thriller, although I'm not convinced the Redskins are on the same level as their competition. The Eagles, behind a healthier Brian Westbrook (again, on my fantasy team; so he'll likely be shot five minutes before gametime) should pull this one off.


Tampa Bay @ Denver

The Broncos are better than they showed last week. Sure, their defense still sucks, but so do the Buccaneers. The Broncos will be hosting Tampa Bay this week, and they'll be ornery. Or it might be a result of the high altitude. Either way, Denver will find a way to win.


Cincinnati @ Dallas

98 percent of SI's FanNation selected the Cowboys to win this game. At home. Coming off a loss. 'Nuff said.


New England @ San Francisco

This should actually be a fun game to watch. The Patriots are not a bad team, and the 49ers are surprising many people so far this year. Both teams have two wins and previously unknown starting quarterbacks. Perfect atmosphere for a perfect game?


Pittsburgh @ Jacksonville

This is my "sort-of" upset pick of the week. The Steelers have the better record, but also have the now-famously inept offensive line. The trench battle will be key, but I suspect one of the new Jacksonville receivers will wind up on the NBC Horse Trailer at the end of the game.


Minnesota @ New Orleans

The return of Deuce will have a big impact on the Saints' running game, but the Vikings have stopped a better duo within the last seven days. The real question for Minnesota comes from the air. Whichever team has more success passing will likely win the game. Gus Frerotte or Drew Brees? Hmm...