Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings: Week 5

Shaun AhmadSenior Analyst IOctober 2, 2008

Bleacher Report writers come together each week for the NFL season and decide on who belongs where for the “Bleacher Report NFL Power Rankings.” Writers vote teams up or down to come up with an unbiased, no-bull, to-the-point ranking system. 

The four-digit numbers beside each team are computed based on votes and show readers just how strong each team’s position is. Want to know how close your team was to being ranked in the top five, or how far ahead they are of the next guy? Simply look at the difference in the numbers to find out. 


1 (2) New York Giants (.9448)

Climbing to the top during a bye week must be nice. Getting the No. 1 spot wasn’t easy though, as the Tennessee Titans were only a few votes away from being atop the list.  (Shaun Ahmad)


2 (7) Tennessee Titans (.9401)

Okay. It is time to realize that even with Kerry Collins as the quarterback, the Titans are the best team in the AFC—thanks to their defense. (James Senbeta)


3 (10) Washington Redskins (.8839)

This team is climbing fast, and they still haven't played a complete game yet. (Craig Garrison Sr.)

4 (1) Dallas Cowboys (.8762)

Here's to T.O. not ruining the team by demanding more catches, considering only one-third of the team's plays ran through him—and they lost. (Tiffany Davies)


5 (5) Buffalo Bills (.8466)

It looked like they were underestimating the Rams. Then they won the game, and single-handedly fired Scott Linehan. (Angel Navedo)


6 (8) Pittsburgh Steelers (.8153)

I've said it for years; Big Ben shouldn't throw more than 25 times. Considering they're 29-2 when he throws less than 25 times, maybe they should start listening to me. (Alex McVeigh)


7 (9) Carolina Panthers (.7602)

Jake Delhomme is back, ladies and gentlemen. (Shane Howard)


8 (4) Denver Broncos (.7558)

Denver's offense needs to start getting help from the defense, and fast. (Angel Navedo)


9 (3) Philadelphia Eagles (.7210)

A loss to Chicago hurts, but it might not be that bad considering Westbrook was out. A huge divisional game against rival Washington is next. 3-2 will feel a lot better than 2-3 and 0-2 in the toughest division in football.  (Shaun Ahmad)


10 (11) Tampa Bay Buccaneers (.6873)

The defense is looking pretty stout. The winners of three straight will take their show to Denver and try to slow down the Broncos' fast-paced attack.  (Shaun Ahmad)


11 (13) San Diego Chargers (.6592)

L.T. had a return to form, and it wasn't as if it was against a pushover Raiders defense. Okay, so it was a pushover Raiders defense in the last two minutes of the game. (James Senbeta)


12 (14) Baltimore Ravens (.6329)

Man, this defense can be scary at times, but they don't handle a good smack in the mouth too well, do they? (Craig Garrison Sr.)


13 (6) Green Bay Packers (.5974)

Two-straight losses and the mighty Packers look a little less explosive. If Rodgers is seriously injured, his first few weeks as a darling will turn around.  (Angel Navedo)

14 (12) New England Patriots (.5809)

Matt Cassel is to capable backup quarterback as Sarah Palin is to capable Vice President. Oh yeah...I just went there. Let the angry comments rain in! (Shaun Ahmad)


15 (17) Jacksonville Jaguars (.5551)

Yes, they won another close game. Congrats. Do I think they are a good team? Not really, no.  (Shaun Ahmad)


16 (21) Chicago Bears (.5207)

Kyle Orton might be this year's winner of the “Chad Pennington award” for worst long-ball thrower in the league. (Alex McVeigh)


17 (16) Indianapolis Colts (.4929)

A bye week gives them a chance to get their act together, because at this rate, the Colts may not even make the playoffs. (Tiffany Davies)


18 (18) New Orleans Saints (.4571)

Brees is putting up great numbers, but the D can't hold a lead for him. They are a playmaker on defense away from fighting the Panthers for the division. (Alex McVeigh)


19 (22) New York Jets (.4210)

Think Brett Favre is comfortable yet? With a bye coming up, followed by games against Cincinnati, Oakland, and Kansas City, the Jets' offense has an opportunity to hit a real stride. (Angel Navedo)

20 (15) Arizona Cardinals (.4149)

If I were Matt Leinart, I'd be studying my playbook. You've got two of the best WRs in the league, and I have a feeling that Kurt Warner ain't gonna start 16 games. (Alex McVeigh)


21 (20) San Francisco 49ers (.3882)

Can we now pass the "League's Most Underrated Running Back" title from Brian Westbrook to Frank Gore? (James Senbeta)


22 (23) Atlanta Falcons (.3413)

Keep working the simple formula and you never know how many wins this team could finish with. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


23 (24) Seattle Seahawks (.3376)

If the Seahawks don’t keep it close or beat the Giants, who will be without Plaxico Burress, I won’t put them in them in my top 20 all season.  (Shaun Ahmad)


24 (19) Minnesota Vikings (.2801)

This team still needs a quarterback. (Craig Garrison Sr.)


25 (25) Miami Dolphins (.2775)

Nice bye week. Let’s see what happens next.  (Ken Sheehan)


26 (26) Oakland Raiders (.2418)

Win or lose, Lane Kiffin deserved better treatment than he received from Al Davis. Anyway, a 76-yard field attempt was original. (James Senbeta)


27 (31) Kansas City Chiefs (.1994)

Caught the Broncos off guard and it looks like Larry Johnson is back. Maybe this team is on the rise? (Ken Sheehan)


28 (28) Houston Texans (.1792)

Steve Slaton is going to find some more ways to make his team look better as the season goes on. (Angel Navedo)


29 (27) Cleveland Browns (.1303)

I wanted to say "Brady Quinn lifts teammates and Browns franchise to emotional high." I guess I'll settle for "Derek Anderson staves off demotion for another week." (James Senbeta)


30 (29) Cincinnati Bengals (.1191)

I actually put myself through the misery of watching the Browns-Bengals game last week because two of my fantasy players were in it—Braylon Edwards and Chad Johnson. Johnson was traded shortly after for a double cheeseburger.  (Shaun Ahmad)


31 (30) Detroit Lions (.1078)

Were there any predictions before the season from QB Jon Kitna about this squad making the postseason? (Shane Howard)


32 (32) St. Louis Rams (.0514)

Paper bag manufacturers are going to be kicking into high gear, what with all the bags they're going to have to be sending to St. Louis and Detroit. (Tiffany Davies)


Biggest Jump: Washington Redskins are UP seven spots (10th last week to third this week)

*The Redskins were also the winners of “Biggest Jump” last week.

Biggest Drop: Green Bay Packers are DOWN seven spots (Sixth last week to 13th this week)


A special thanks to all those who participated, and will continue to participate in the future. Also, a sincere thank you to Angel Navedo for providing the picture used in this article.


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