NFL Power 10: Win The Super Bowl, Lead The Power Rankings...After Week Four

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer ISeptember 30, 2008

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1 (2) Giants 3-0

The defending Super Bowl champions finally get some love in the Power 10. It’s been a long time coming, because God knows respect comes hard from this lifelong Patriots fan, but there are some undeniable facts here.

First, they made the Washington Redskins look stupid. As we’ve since discovered, the Redskins are a pretty good football team.

Second, until the horseshoe is surgically removed from Eli Manning’s butt, he’s extremely dangerous in clutch situations.

Third, they might have the second best defense in football.

The scary part: they could have been even better this season. Imagine how good this team would be with Osi Umenyiora…


2 (5) Tennessee 4-0

If the best team in the NFL resides in New York, the best defense in football resides in Tennessee. The Titans have continued to dominate using their patented formula of running the ball and destroying opposing offenses.

Chris Johnson and LenDale White make a pretty good one-two punch…


3 (4) Bills 4-0

The Bills just keep on winning. While everyone was watching Brett Favre’s coming out party and anointing the Jets the best team in the AFC East again, the Buffalo Bills were quietly dispatching yet another opponent (OK, it was the Rams…but it still counts).

The AFC East goes through Buffalo this season. Better start getting used to it.


4 (1) Cowboys 3-1

I struggled with this one, because my innate sense of fairness dictated that I drop the Cowboys one more spot, below the team that beat them. But I can’t help but think that if the game were played 10 more times, the Cowboys might win eight of them.


5 (9) Redskins 3-1

As far as I’m concerned, the Redskins’ early season performance is the surprise of the season. They have an average offense led by a shaky quarterback, an above average defense that doesn’t do any one thing great, and a first year head coach.

This is a team that should NOT be 3-1. Yet, here they are.

I am impressed. A few more wins and I might be won over.


6 (3) Broncos 3-1

Holy crap, the Broncos’ defense is terrible. Back in 2003 and 2004, the Colts had what I thought at the time was the biggest disparity between offensive and defensive talent—rivaled only by the 2000 Baltimore Ravens (in the opposite direction, obviously).

But this Broncos team puts those pathetic Colts' defenses to shame.

Second in points scored, second in points against. Not exactly the balance you’re looking for…


7 (7) Steelers 3-1

I’m a defense guy. I love good defense. I always enjoy a good Steelers-Ravens game.

Speaking as a defense guy who loves watching quarterbacks get sacked, I love watching the Steelers’ offensive line.


8 (-) Panthers 3-1

Muhsin Muhammad never should have left the Panthers. A lot of people thought he was approaching the end. Those people were wrong.

Jake Delhomme is my second favorite not-injured quarterback in the NFL behind Drew Brees. That’s not to say that he’s the best, I just enjoy watching him play.


9 (-) Buccaneers 3-1

Brian Griese? Seriously? Did I fall asleep and wake up in some crazy fantasy land where Trent Green and Gus Frerotte were starting quarterbacks again, and Brian Griese was on a three game winning streak?


It’s like a bad dream.


10 (10) Ravens 2-1

The Ravens stick in the Power 10 by nearly knocking off the Steelers in Pittsburgh—forcing them into overtime with a pretty nice game tying drive by Joe Flacco.

If the Ravens can get quarterback play like that all season, they may actually be for real…


Dropped Out:

(6) Eagles  2-2

The Eagles need to get Brian Westbrook healthy.

(8) Packers 2-2

The honeymoon is over for Aaron Rodgers. His shoulder is apparently OK, but more damaging to him was the six touchdown performance by that guy who used to have his job.


Bottom Three:

30. Lions 0-3

They move up a spot because they finally fired GM Matt Millen.

31. Bengals 0-4

If the Bengals played the Rams, would the terrible defenses prevail, causing a high scoring game? Would the awful offenses prevail, causing a defensive struggle? Would the inferior coaching take over, causing a penalty filled, completely unwatchable game?

32. Rams 0-4

Or would it be all of the above?


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