NFL Power 10: Bills, Titans, and Broncos—New Leaders of The AFC

Sean Crowe@CroweKnowsSenior Writer ISeptember 23, 2008

It’s so confusing. Everything’s backwards.

The Titans, Bills, Broncos, and Ravens are undefeated and on top of their respective divisions. The Chargers, Jaguars, and Colts are 1-2. The Patriots are playing without Tom Brady and were just blown out at home by the Dolphins.

Ben Roethlisberger was sacked so many times by the Eagles’ defense last week, he actually referred to himself as “Drew Bledsoe” in the post game press conference.

It’s the bizzaro AFC.

The changing of the guard in the AFC is reflected in this week’s Power-10.

The early dominance of the NFC East is reflected as well.

Is it possible for all four teams in the NFC East to make the playoffs? Can’t we take the team that misses the playoffs and replace whoever comes out of the NFC West?


1 (1) Cowboys 3-0

Right now it’s the Cowboys’ NFL, and everyone else is just along for the ride. It’s hard to believe that Drew Bledsoe at different points in his career had Tony Romo and Tom Brady as backups.

Backing up Bledsoe is the path to NFL stardom.


2 (3) Giants 3-0

Time to start taking the Super Bowl champs seriously. Sometimes, the mark of a great team is winning (even against the likes of the Bengals) when you don’t bring your A game.

Eli Manning doesn’t look good doing it, and might be the luckiest quarterback in the history of the world, but the dude somehow gets the job done.

I don’t like it, but I’m man enough to admit it.


3 (5) Broncos 3-0

If the Broncos can find their defense, they’ll be a scary team.

Do you realize that Brandon Marshall is on pace for 180 catches and 2400 yards? He looks like a young Randy Moss. And if you put too much effort into stopping Marshall, Eddie Royal will kill you.

The Broncos’ offense is tough. Maybe 2004 Indianapolis Colts tough…


4 (6) Bills 3-0

The Bills thought they’d have it easy in week three. They quickly discovered that there are no easy victories in the NFL. Meanwhile, the rest of the NFL discovered that the Buffalo Bills are for real.

When a young team starts winning games like that, look out. There’s nothing scarier than a confident and talented young football team.

Officially THE team to beat in the AFC East.


5 (10) Tennessee 3-0

The Titans have given up 29 points in three games. To put that into perspective, the Jets gave up 29 points in about 14 minutes on Monday night.

Kerry Collins is exactly what this team needs on offense right now. Don’t screw up, hit the open receivers, and don’t screw up.


6 (8) Eagles  2-1

The NFC East is TOUGH.

Coming into the season, I thought the AFC South was better than the NFC East. In the end, I may still be right. But on September 24th, the NFC East is far and away the best division in the NFL.

The Eagles might be the third best team in the NFL and the third best team in their own division at the same time.


7 (2) Steelers 2-1

Please, someone in Pittsburgh, learn to block before you get poor Ben Roethlisberger killed!

He was sacked so many times on Sunday that my ear started bleeding. A few more games like that and Steeler fans are going to find out what life without your pro-bowl quarterback is like.

Trust me, speaking as a Patriots fan, it sucks. Bad.


8 (4) Packers 2-1

Hey Packer fans, look on the bright side. As good as the Cowboys are, Wade Phillips and Tony Romo are a combined 0-for-their-life in the playoffs. So if you meet again, odds are the results will be vastly different.

Three games down, three confirmations that the Packers made the right decision picking Aaron Rodgers over Brett Favre.


9 (-) Redskins 2-1

So says Craig Garrison Sr. after I once again picked against the Redskins in my NFL Picks column this week:

The Skins must be really messing up your numbers, just keep picking against 'em, though, it makes this a bit more fun.

I’m ready to give the Redskins credit. They’re the best last-place team in football.


10 (-) Ravens 2-0

They’re undefeated, they have to be on the list. Don’t like them ranked this high? Well, let’s see someone beat them.

The Ravens’ offense is sub-par, but their defense is stellar. They’re a tough-out every Sunday.


Dropped Out


(6) Patriots 2-1

I have a rule: You get blown out by the Miami Dolphins at home, you drop out of the Power 10. And you may never be allowed back in again.


(9) Colts 1-2

Right now, the Colts are just too beat up. They need to get healthy. Once they do, they’ll be back at the top.

I’d rather be a Colts fan than a Patriots fan right now, that’s for sure.


Bottom Three


30. Kansas City 0-3

I thought they were OK because they kept the Patriots’ game close. I was wrong. The Patriots aren’t very good. The Chiefs are horrifying.


31. Lions 0-3

Speaking of horrifying, the owner’s son wants Matt Millen fired. At least there’s someone in that family with half a brain.


32. Rams 0-3

Marc Bulger is benched, in walks Trent Green. This would be an upgrade if it were 1998. 29 points scored, 116 points allowed. Dead last in points scored, dead last in points allowed.

The Rams are TERRIBLE.


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