Tuesday Morning Running Back Week Seven: Saints Steal One in South Beach

Dan PieroniCorrespondent IOctober 27, 2009

MIAMI - OCTOBER 25:  Quarterback Drew Brees #9 of the New Orleans Saints celebrates with Saints' fans after his team's victory over the Miami Dolphins at Land Shark Stadium on October 25, 2009 in Miami, Florida. The Saints defeated the Dolphins 46-34.  (Photo by Doug Benc/Getty Images)

Picture if you will the sight of the NFL's marquee offensive quarterback bruised and battered with cuts on both his chin and eyes heading into the locker room at halftime.

Did I mention he was down 21 points to the Dolphins at the time?

Those of us who have watched the Saints in action this year are aware of one undeniable truth. Their offense can score at will.

Therefore, when Drew Brees scored on a quarterback keeper at the end of first half, I as well as several other football fans refused to count them out of the game.

Our premonitions came true in the second half.

Behind the confident leadership of Brees, the Saints scored 36 points in the second half, including 22 in the fourth quarter alone, to lead an improbable 46-34 win in Miami.

This is the kind of win that defines a season. A team with a never say die attitude and an explosive offense always believes in themselves.

Now the Saints stand at 6-0 for the first time since 1991, and are the only undefeated team left in the NFC.

LSU football is no longer all that matters in the bayou at this time of the year. The pro team isn't the Aints anymore.

In other NFL action:

  • The Cowboys always seem to have a knack for backups who get starts and make the most of their opportunity such as Clint Longley and Tony Romo. Sunday, Myles Austin got his chance and quickly established himself as Romo's go to guy, catching six passes for 171 yard and two scores.
  • Bengals RB Cedric Benson had a grin from ear-to-ear on his face as he greeted his former Bears teammates after the game. He had good reason to wear that smile since he torched them for 189 yards and a touchdown in a romp victory.
  • Usually the Cardinals offense helps them win games. Sunday night, it was the defense who won the game as they forced four Giant turnovers and blitzed Eli Manning at will.
  • Arizona's all time record at Giants Stadium may be 3-15, but they'll always have that victory to remember it by.
  • So what if the Steelers defense gave up 386 yards to the Vikings? What will be remembered is their uncanny ability to get the big play when it matters. Keyaron Fox's fumble return for six to seal the victory is a prime example of that.
  • How did Aaron Rodgers respond to getting his helmet ripped off and a punch in the face on the game's first play? Try three touchdown passes and a power running game as the Pack pushed around the Browns.
  • Give the Bucs credit, at least they were able to intercept Tom Brady twice. But they have a lot of work to do on offense if they want to succeed, particularly on offense.
  • We already have enough bad teams in the states. Why would we want to put one in London? If they agree to put a cricket team here, then maybe I'll consider putting a football team there.
  • Why is everyone making a big deal out of Mark Sanchez eating a hot dog on the sidelines as the Jets were taking it to the Raiders? If the man was hungry, let him eat!
  • Give a game ball to the Texans Eugene Wilson. His late pick of Alex Smith saved Houston the embarrassment of blowing a 21-0 lead at home.
  • If anyone thought the Rams/Colts game was going to be close, they probably think the moon is made of cheese.
  • The Rams have now lost 17 straight, which begs the question, can Albert Pujols play quarterback?
  • I think the Chargers Vincent Jackson is a very underrated receiver. He's very athletic and can catch the deep ball. He's also a big reason why the Chargers blew out the Chiefs.
  • The Bills game plan seems to be to create turnovers. Even though the Panthers out-gained them and they had only nine first downs, the defense forced four turnovers, and the Bills got a win.
  • So much for Sherman Lewis making a difference for the Redskins. Jason Campbell still fumbled the ball four times and was the beneficiary of six sacks by the Eagle defense.
  • Next week, I'll recap Brett Favre's return to Green Bay. Be on the lookout also for my piece on the role of the designated hitter in baseball that should be up by the end of the week. See you soon.