Clueless Wa$hington Red$kins Continue Annual Failure To No Ones Surprise

Joe M.Correspondent IIOctober 26, 2009

LANDOVER, MD - OCTOBER 4:  Owner Daniel Snyder of the Washington Redskins watches pregame action before the game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers at FedExField on October 4, 2009 in Landover, Maryland. The Redskins defeated the Buccaneers 16-13. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)

So the Washington Redskins, in the midst of yet another annual downfall filled with a hundred million dollars of disappointments, finally switched their offensive coordinator after last week's latest loss to a winless team.

Wow. Like that will make a difference. This is the same franchise that thought it would be wise to give offensive coordinator and aspiring head coach, Al Saunders a whopping $2 million salary that was on par with that of their coach at the time. Funny how that didn't work out. Simultaneously they gave then defensive coordinator Gregg Williams a similar salary and continue to wonder why that didn't work out.

Now after rewarding their third winless franchise with their first victory of the season, an NFL record by the way, last week they decide to only remove the playcalling duties from the overmatched Jim Zorn and give it to a guy, Sherman Lewis, who has failed in just about every other job he's held in the NFL.

Brilliant. I wonder how that's going to turn out. We'll get a chance to find out tonight on national television.

This is the same franchise that hired Steve Spurrier for star power, only to see that flop, and begged legendary, but overrated Joe Gibbs back from retirement, only to see him give it a few ceremonial seasons before knowing it was a winless situation and retire again.

Did you hear Zorn's post game comments last week? Something along the lines of "I want to win. Its my fault and I take the blame for how we played today. If that means I have to go watch more film that's what were gonna do because I want to win."

Of course he wants to win. All thirty-two coaches do. That bit about "its my fault" was nothing but filler coming from a man who half-expected to be handed his walking papers.

But don't take this the wrong way. Its not just Zorn's fault. It truly starts from the top down, emphasis on the top. Redskins latest contract blunder" target="_blank">As I've outlined here the day after Fat Albert Haynesworth(less) signed with the team as part of their annual off-season splurge, one that I predicted will end in failure, Zorn is simply the latest in an un-winnable sitation.

We don't have enough time or space to outline all the things owner Daniel Snyder has done wrong in his decade long helm at the top, but suffice to say his Jerry Jones like obsession overlooking the team is the number one reason. The man simply doesn't know football. All he knows how to do is cut a check and he's not even good at that, if you read my article above.

Don't take this article as the ire of a disgruntled 'Skins fans for I am far from it. In fact, in predicting the high spending 'Skins to finish a typical 6-10 , I'm right on schedule with them appropriately in last place. No, if it weren't so funny, it wouldn't be so sad. I can only imagine how their real fans manage to keep up the hope every year when this dope continues to drag them down.

Fixing the 'Skins

For those of you asking "Well, you can sure dish it and seem to have all the answers, so let's here it what are they?" I'll tell you. Oh, and Snyder if you're hiring, I'd be happy to help you out. Just ask. The job security sucks but at least I'd know I'm getting paid.

1. You can't go through offensive coordinators and coaches like candy . Average quarterback at best, Jason Campbell, has had four offensive coordinators in his first four full years in the league. After some flashes of success, its actually quite admirable that the still young signal-caller has done as well as he has. He needs to develop a relationship with a single coordinator and build from there. Similarly they need to decide on one quarterback and go with it for good and bad.

Coach Zorn is going to be fired possibly? Why? What gave the Redskins the thought that they were actually any good thus, how dare he embarrass us and our tradition of winning by not doing as well as we hoped?

News flash, Snyder. Not only are you not that good, since 1992, long before you bought into the team, you weren't that good.

So you're thinking of bringing in Mike Holmgren next? Mike Shanahan? Jon Gruden? So what? Gonna give them total control? Yeah, that worked so well for Holmgren in Seattle and Shanahan in Denver minus two years well over a decade before he was finally canned. Holmgren had one good year as far as I'm concerned and a bunch of average to decent years that never came close to justifying his salary or status. Its not going to matter as long as the GM doesn't know how to draft and the owner doesn't know how to sign players which brings me perfectly to my next point.

2. The Redskins have a long history of raiding talent from the wrong places.

Now I'll be the first to admit that I didn't see the 0-6 Titans coming. I had them at 9-7 and as a wild card team. While they are clearly not the 13-3 team they were last year, they also are not an 0-6 team but likely a 5-11-7-9 team at best. Last year was an outlier and Collins and Haynesworth(less) led the way and the 'Skins got suckered yet again into buying the services of a fat slob coming off a career year and understandably cashing in on your team's annual stupidity.

Remember 2003 when the 'Skins raided the 9-7 New York Jets by taking their kicker Jon Hall, guard Randy Thomas, flavor of the month return-man Chad Morton, and wide receiver Laveranues Coles? Why would you raid a team with no winning tradition? This is the same franchise that hasn't won crap since Joe Namath's famous prediction in Super Bowl III. On top of that, 9-7 isn't exactly stellar not that the 'Skins would know anything about that....

The next thing they did was sign disgruntled cornerback DeAngelo Hall to a massive six year $54 million dollar contract after immediately being cut from the Oakland Raiders.

Cut from the...Oakland Raiders.

What does that tell you when even they, at six consecutive 11+ loss seasons, don't even want you and your fraud Pro Bowl seasons in Atlanta where you in turn wore out your welcome? Again should we be surprised this hasn't worked out? He like so many other greedy athletes followed the money where they knew who would give it to them.

They are using you Danny Boy, can't you see that? Take off the shades! (above)

In the Snyder tenure they've signed London Fletcher, Marcus Washington, Shawn Springs, Phillip Daniels, Renaldo Wynn, Cornelius Griffin, and Warrick Holdman as recent busts. All come from teams that were no good at the time they were there.

If you want to raid a team Synder, why not raid the Patriots, Ravens, or Steelers that have not only stable ownership and front office foundations, but are the blueprint of how to draft year-in-and-year out, and have depth to spare? On top of that, it should come to no surprise that they more often that not put a winning product on the field.

3. Redskins mis-use their "talent" in all the wrong places

Coles is a typical #2 evidenced by his smart signing with the Cincincatti Bengals, who just might be the AFC representative in the Super Bowl against either the Brett Favre to the Vikings Has All the Makings of 1998 with a Better Ending" target="_blank">Minnesota Vikings or New Orleans Saints-you heard it here first.

Cincinnati, by using his as a compliment receiver to Chad Joh, I mean, Ochocinco, is using his talents correctly. Let Ochocinco get most of the coverage and let Coles clean up the rest. In Washington they were paying him and thus forcing him to be the go-to receiver which he simply is not. He's a part of the solution, not the solution. I just gotta say, even the Bengals figured this much and you didn't? The Bengals! And to no one's surprise are reaping the rewards.

Yes, I had them finishing last and at 4-12 have already surpassed my expectations which resulted from Carson Palmer's ability to come off of injury, doubt over whether Cedric Benson was the real deal, and whether Ocho would distract the team through the media ala T.O. if the team started to lose. Remember there was talk that he wanted out and end up in, you guess it, your team.

What's worse, is the 'Skins still haven't learned as they still play Santana Moss out of position as the team's #1 when he's the same player Coles is, a #2. Getting Johnson would have made more sense from a depth point but not from a chemistry point as you have none.

4. Talent Evaluation

They let locker room leader Antonio Pierce go and all he does is captain the 2008 New York Giants to the Super Bowl. Okay, accidents happen right? Who is going to be the next bust? Area-native Vick after this Philly experiment blows up? With Cambell's "struggles" his local connections, and box-office draw he'd seem to make the perfect fit.

After all, this is a team that really only cares about the dollar at the end of the day evidenced by their #1 ranking in Forbes for most valuable (monetarily of course) franchise in the league. All they do is sign the next big flashy player, regardless of substance, and call it a team. They are the New York Yankees of football minus the success.

Hey Owens, after your one-year rental is over in Buffalo this should be the first place on your shopping list. They'll (over) pay and play you like a #1, your lack of leadership and chemistry will fit right in, not to mention no hardware on your fingers, and you can try to stick it to the 'Boys and Eagles twice a year to satisfy your inflated ego.

It almost makes too much sense not to happen. Wait for it, wait for it.

Surely you won't disappoint right, Snyder?


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