Updated 2009 Fantasy QB Rankings

Rustyn RoseContributor ISeptember 2, 2009

Seems like it’s taken forever to get back to the regular season, but here it is about 10 days away. Time to update all the rankings, and I’m starting with our signal callers first. I’m impressed as I can be with Aaron Rodgers surprise ascension in Green Bay, picking up right where Favre left off. With at least 10 fantasy relevant starting QBs this season, you can feel okay about skipping a QB until at least round five. Guys like Rodgers, Rivers, Romo and perhaps even McNabb could put up Peyton Manning type numbers in 2009.

  1. Drew Brees, NOS ~ The elite fantasy QB right now. Over 5000 passing yards last season. He is showing no signs that he won’t put up well over 4000 yards in 2009. So far in preseason action, 354 yards, 4 TDs.
  2. Tom Brady, NEP ~ Brady has looked great during the preseason and looks to be in 2007 form. So far he’s thrown for over 300 yards and four scores. I expect a big season.
  3. Peyton Manning, IND ~ A consistent 30 TD, 4000 passing yard machine. He’s looked in mid-season form so far this preseason.
  4. Aaron Rodgers, GBP ~ All Rodgers is did in his first full season was throw for over 4000 yards and 28 scores. Sounds like Manning to me. If you’re drafting in a dynasty or keeper league, push him up to number two. His preseason has been nothing short of spectacular. In limited play through three games he’s thrown for 458 yards, 6 touchdowns and no interceptions.
  5. greenupicon Tony Romo, DAL ~ Distractions, distractions. For Tony 2008 was a season of boob interference; first Jessica Simpson, and of course the big boob, Terrell Owens. Well both are gone, and now Tony can get back to the promise he showed in 2007. See, boobs aren’t always a good thing.
  6. greenupicon Philip Rivers, SDG ~ Quietly the Rivers has been sneaking up the rankings, one solid season at a time. 2008 saw him putting up Peyton-like numbers without all the hoopla. And that was with L.T. and Antonio Gates having a down year. He’s poised for another solid campaign.
  7. reddownicon Kurt Warner, ARZ ~ Until his arm falls off he’s still a yardage machine with two of the best receivers in the game as weapons down field. However, it’s his preseason hip issues that have me dropping him down a bit here.
  8. Donovan McNabb, PHI ~ McNabb is finally healthy. He has solid weapons, signing of Michael Vick gives him yet another potential downfield weapon, and he’s got something to play for in what might be his last season in Philly.
  9. Jay Cutler, CHI ~ Jay showed Da Bears what he brings to the table when he chewed up his former team last week. He should be very solid this season, despite the colder climate.
  10. greenupiconMatt Schaub, HOU ~ He has the ability and plenty of weapons, now he just has to stay healthy for a full season. He tweaked his ankle in the the Texan’s third preseason game, but should be ready for the regular season opener.
  11. reddowniconCarson Palmer, CIN ~ This is going to be the big comeback for Carson. Ochocinco is back to his highlight reel form, Chris Henry has suddenly stepped up and may outscore all WRs, and of course he has the ever reliable Laveranues Coles in the slot. I am moving him down one spot here because of injury concerns this preseason.
  12. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT ~ Nothing flashy, he just gets it done, season after season. He makes a low end #1, or a strong backup QB.
  13. Matt Ryan, ATL ~ Stud rookie Ryan. Someone neglected to tell him rookie QBs can’t be that good. He has a new weapon in Tony G. at tigt end, and a dynamic pair of RB’s in Turner and Norwood, plus his stud WR, Roddy White. Look for another solid year.
  14. Matt Hassleback, SEA ~ Matt’s always a decent fantasy option when he can stay healthy. Last year was not that year for him or his team. It’s difficult to guess how 2009 will shake out. But I’m betting on a reasonably productive year of big yardage and moderate TDs.
  15. greenupiconBrett Favre, MIN ~ Favre wasn’t here for our original rankings. I’m not sure just how efficient he’ll be, but even a broken Favre is better than most of the guys below.
  16. David Garrard, JAX ~ With a stable stud in Maurice Jones-Drew, and the addition of veteran Torry Holt, Garrard should be a decent back up option this year.
  17. greenupiconJoe Flacco, BAL ~ Flacco had a decent rookie campaign, and his preseason is showing all the right signs of confident progression. The Ravens will look to open the offense a bit more this season and through three games only Arizona back-up, Matt Leinert has thrown for more than Flacco’s 470 yards; A great sign on a run first team.
  18. reddowniconEli Manning, NYG, ~ I know it’s only preseason, but so far all Eli has done is phone it in. Back up David Carr has three times the numbers of Manning. He practically looked comatose against the Jets last week during his team’s 25-27 loss.
  19. Chad Pennington, MIA, ~ Pennington was quietly effective in his first year down south, passing for over 3653 yards. Not enough TDs yet, but look for more improvement in 2009. He’s been quietly productive again in preseason play, but Chad Henne is matching him yard for yard. Hmm…
  20. reddowniconTrent Edwards, BUF ~ Trent and the entire team have started the preseason with a resounding dud. In Edwards defense, T.O. has not been there to work out the kinks with his new QB. I still expect Edwards to have a decent season as a back-up fantasy signal caller.

  21. greenupiconMark Sanchez, NYJ ~ Sanchez was handed the keys to the Jets, and he looks like he could have a season similar to Matt Ryan’s in Atlanta last season, but will probably be closer to Flacco’s debut, only because it’s a run first team. He could be a very nice sleeper though.
  22. greenupiconJake Delhomme, CAR ~ Jake has been steadily on the decline. But he’s also dealt with lingering health issues. This is his year to put a decent season back together. He’s been solid so far this preseason, but again he’s nothing more than a bye week filler. He moves up, only because others moved down.
  23. reddowniconMatt Cassell, KC ~ This season has BUST written all over it for Cassell, who doesn’t have near the talented supporting cast in Kansas City as he did in New England. He was already stinking it up this preseason when he was felled by an injury that may cost him regular season games.
  24. reddowniconMarc Bulger, STL ~ This is Bulger’s make or break season. If he doesn’t return to form after two miserable seasons, he’s done in arch-town. So far an injury has hurt his chances of getting off to a strong start.
  25. reddowniconJason Campbell, WAS ~ He will never be a fantasy stud, and the poor kid doesn’t seem to have much support from his own team. He has looked average so far in the preseason.
  26. reddowniconKyle Orton, DEN ~ Orton is proving my previous assessment correct. He was worthless in Chicago and he’s only proving it in Denver. Perhaps this injury will bring an end to the Orton as professional ball player era.
  27. greenupiconJaMarcus Russell, OAK ~ J-Marc is finally starting to show signs that he can be a decent game manager. Of course that’s not the type of QB we were expecting out of him, but it may be what Oakland needs. He’s still not fantasy viable in 2009 though.
  28. Brady Quinn, CLE ~ If Mangini wises up and gives him the gig I’d move him up a couple of notches.
  29. Byron Leftwich, TBB ~ He could surprise us in Tampa but I’m not holding my breath.
  30. Shaun Hill, SFO ~ He got the starting gig and immediately crumbled.
  31. Vince Young, TEN ~ Is Vince Young going to be given a shot again? He’s thrown for 377 yards and three TDs, but he’s also thrown three interceptions.
  32. Fill in Blank, DET ~ They now have five QBs, including the additions of Brooks Bollinger and Kevin O’Connell. With Drew Stanton, Daunte Culpepper and Matthew Stafford already on the roster, why the additions unless someone is trying out for a roster spot? One or both of Culpepper or Stanton mya be gone by next week.

–Sleeper Alert– AJ Feeley, PHI ~ If he gets traded to Denver, Feeley could oust Orton easily and be a surprise fantasy producer this season. Right now he looks like he’s headed to New England to back up Brady, but if he goes west…

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