A Look at Michael Vick's Chances Of Signing With Each NFL Team

Adi SCorrespondent IJanuary 14, 2017

With Michael Vick appearing to be reinstated but suspended for the first four games of the 2009 NFL season, the next step is determining which team he will play for. There has been speculation for months as to what team he will return to, but with the season a little more than a month away, it is still unclear who he will sign with.

So with that said, let's take a look at every team and how Vick fits into their system, if at all, and the possibility of them signing the former No. 1 overall pick. The chances will be graded on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest. Note: He won't get a 10 with any team because that would mean that he is a lock to sign with one and that isn't the case.


Arizona Cardinals

The Cardinals are a team that is set at the quarterback position both now and for the future. Kurt Warner came of an MVP-caliber season and has his job secure at the moment.

Also, reports coming from camp say that former first-round pick Matt Leinart has rededicated himself to the team and has been working hard all offseason, getting ready to back up Warner and prepare himself to the be the quarterback of the future.

As far as a Wildcat option goes, if the Cards need somebody fast to throw the ball on a trick play, they'll probably use former college quarterback and All-Pro receiver Anquan Boldin to mystify their opponent.

Also, considering that Arizona has three receivers who caught for at least 1,000 yards last season, the chances of Vick being brought in as a receiver (which are not that high to begin with for any team) are non-existent.

Chances of signing with Arizona: 1


Atlanta Falcons


Chances of signing with Atlanta: 0


Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens are a team that have been rumored to have an interest in Vick. However, they are set at starting quarterback with young gun Joey Flacco. Also, backup Troy Smith is a bit of a younger version of Vick: a scrambling quarterback who can lineup at receiver that the Ravens have used frequently in trick plays (known as the Wildbird or "Suggs package").

However, with the retirement of starting receiver Derrick Mason and a decimated receiving corps, maybe they'll bring in Vick as a more versatile backup quarterback and a better receiving threat in the Wildbird.

Chances of signing with Baltimore: 2


Buffalo Bills

With both Terrell Owens and Michael Vick on the same team, the city of Buffalo might collapse within itself as soon as Vick signs.

In addition, Buffalo has their starting quarterback in Trent Edwards, who has played pretty well to this point and now he suddenly has one of the better receiving corps in the league.

Newly signed backup Ryan Fitzpatrick did well down the stretch last season in Cincinnati. Maybe they will feel more comfortable with Vick backing up/breathing down the throat of Trent Edwards, but I think they will stay put.

Chances of signing with Buffalo: 2


Carolina Panthers

Jake Delhomme had a great comeback season in 2008, but struggled in the playoffs and he is getting older. Backup Matt Moore hasn't really done much in the league and Josh McCown doesn't have starting potential.

Vick can be brought in to compete with Delhomme for the starting job or take some snaps as a backup. But unless the Panthers are really weary about Delhomme's ability to be their starter this season, Vick isn't too much of a fit with Carolina.

Chances of signing with Carolina: 4


Chicago Bears

The Bears have gotten their quarterback in Jay Cutler and Vick would be hard-pressed to find a starting job in Chicago. He could be signed as a backup, because Chicago's current backups haven't done anything in the league. Also, Chicago is pretty thin at the receiver position, and if they can convert Devin Hester to a wide out, who knows...

Vick isn't willing to switch to wide out so if that's what Chicago wants from him, that would be his last option. However, he would be a good fit as a backup and Wildcat option, but his people apparently aren't too hot on that either.

Chances of signing with Chicago: 4


Cincinnati Bengals

With Carson Palmer back and healthy and J.T. O'Sullivan freshly signed backing him up, the Bengals don't really have a quarterback need. However, they do have a thing for the law-abidingly challenged, so you never know.

Chances of signing with Cincinnati: 3


Cleveland Browns

If this was last offseason, the chances would be 0 because Cleveland's incumbent QB (Derek Anderson) just came off a Pro-Bowl and they had a young former first-rounder in Brady Quinn with a lot of potential.

One season later, Quinn's effectiveness is a bit of a question mark and Anderson isn't slated to start in Cleveland anytime soon. Cleveland would prefer to wait to see how their two signal-callers perform until they make a decision, but since they can't, they probably won't sign Vick.

Chances of signing with Cleveland: 3


Dallas Cowboys

Why Michael Vick won't sign with Dallas: Tony Romo is their starter, they gave up Anthony Henry to acquire a backup in Jon Kitna, they don't need the added media attention especially now that T.O. is gone, he didn't appear on 4th and Long so he lacks credibility.

Why Michael Vick will sign with Dallas: They are the Cowboys, they need the added media attention especially now that T.O. is gone, they will need somebody to take over when Romo chokes in December and Jon Kitna plays like Jon Kitna.

(Wow, this is so much easier, I should just do this for all the teams)

Chances of signing with Dallas: 4


Denver Broncos

Immediately after the Jay Cutler trade, Vick would be the perfect fit in Denver as they had a massive gap at quarterback. However, all reports from Denver say that Kyle Orton is playing well and should be an effective starter this season.

While Orton is likely to be much better with the weapons in Denver that Cutler had, don't write Vick's chances with the Broncos off just yet. If Orton goes down or doesn't play well, will Denver really feel safe with Chris Simms taking snaps? The answer to that riddle is no.

Still, Josh McDaniels has messed things up so much that I don't think he'll want to take a chance on Vick.

Chances of signing with Denver: 3


Detroit Lions

Simply put, you won't see this happening. There is already a quarterback controversy with Daunte Culpepper and Matt Stafford, so another quarterback isn't the answer. Also, Detroit is a young team coming off a 0-16 season and signing Vick would be a move for the worse.

Chances of signing with Detroit: 1


Green Bay Packers

After the Brett Favre saga, Aaron Rodgers' impressive first season starting, and the fact that they drafted a backup (Brian Brohm) in the 2nd round, there is no chance Vick will sign with Green Bay.

Chances of signing with Green Bay: 1


Houston Texans

With Matt Schaub running the show and Dan Orlovsky and Sexy Rexy Grossman backing him up, you won't see Vick in a Texan uniform this season.

Chances of signing with Houston: 1


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts could use him as a backup, although Jim Sorgi has done nothing wrong to this point, but Vick wants to return to the NFL to start or compete to become a starter eventually and with Peyton Manning on board, that simply won't happen.

Chances of signing with Indianapolis: 1


Jacksonville Jaguars

David Garrard is an underrated, but very good quarterback who isn't very injury prone and he has Todd Bouman backing him up. However, Jacksonville showed interest in Mark Sanchez leading up to the 2009 NFL Draft which shows that they possibly may not have the utmost faith in Garrard.

Chances of signing with Jacksonville: 3


Kansas City Chiefs

After signing Matt Cassel to a 6-year, $63 million dollar deal, they won't be signing Michael Vick anytime soon.

Chances of signing with Kansas City: 1


Miami Dolphins

For a team that utilizes the Wildcat as much as Miami, Michael Vick would seem like the perfect fit. However, with the drafting of Pat White, it's not very likely. Still, maybe the Dolphins front-office are a Wildcat-crazy bunch that want every player possible that may contribute in said offense.

Chances of signing with Miami: 2


Minnesota Vikings

Ahh, the wildcard of the bunch. Brett Favre is now "conflicted" over whether he should sign with the Vikings or not. If he decides to stay retired for once, Minnesota obviously doesn't have much faith in Tarvaris Jackson or Sage Rosenfels if they have gone to so much trouble to get Favre, so Vick might be their second option.

Adrian Peterson, Chester Taylor, and Michael Vick behind Minnesota's great offensive line would be a nightmare for opposing rush defenses.

Chances of signing with Minnesota: 5


New England Patriots

This is the team that everyone is talking about Vick possibly landing in. Everyone is talking about Vick potentially being a problem in the locker room, but that won't happen with the Patriots and Bill Belichick.

With the Wildcat-happy Dolphins in their division, the Patriots are enamoured with the prospect of developing it themselves. Now while Vick wants to be a starter and not merely a Wildcat option, playing for the Patriots who have a good chance of making the Super Bowl must be appealing to him.

Chances of signing with New England: 7


New Orleans Saints

The Saints already have the best offense in the NFL, so don't expect them to add Vick. He would be a great extra weapon and backup to Drew Brees, but neither side would have any interest in that situation.

Chances of signing with New Orleans: 2


New York Giants

The Giants owner has gone on record saying that they won't sign Vick so I'm not even going to bother. Besides, they already have Eli Manning and David Carr is doing a good job of backing him up.

Chances of signing with the Giants: 1


New York Jets

The Jets owner has one on record saying that they won't sign Vick so I'm not even going to bother. Besides, they are already committed to Mark Sanchez and he has enough backups.

Chances of signing with the Jets: 1


Oakland Raiders

Conventional wisdom would say that with JaMarcus Russell and Jeff Garcia already on board, that Oakland doesn't really have a place for Vick. However, with Al Davis running the show, conventional wisdom goes out the window.

Don't be surprised if Oakland runs a three quarterback offense with Vick at running back, Russell at tight end, Garcia at left guard, and Sebastian Janikowski at quarterback. Oh, that Al Davis and his wacky antics.

Chances of signing with Oakland: 5


Philadelphia Eagles

Considering that Eagles fans are...how shall I put this delicately... completely insane, I don't think Vick would be the most prudent signing, especially with Donovan McNabb and Kevin Kolb already on board.

Chances of signing with Philadelphia: 2


Pittsburgh Steelers

They are the defending champs. They don't need Vick and he doesn't really fit a need. Coach Tomlin supports his return to the league but that doesn't mean that he will sign him.

Chances of signing with Pittsburgh: 1


San Diego Chargers

Vick's addition would make the San Diego offense the most explosive in the league. Like with New England, he may be willing to give up a chance to start in order to contribute to a Super Bowl contender.

It would also be wonderfully ironic as it makes Vick teammates with LaDainian Tomlinson as they were traded for each other in the 2002 NFL Draft.

Chances of signing with San Diego: 4


San Francisco 49ers

I think that the team that is the best fit for Vick is San Francisco. They are a young offense with really good players at some skill positions and Mike Singletary would gladly coach Vick.

Vick would be an instant upgrade over both Shaun Hill and Alex Smith and San Francisco runs a similar offense to that in Atlanta during Vick's tenure.

Chances of signing with San Francisco: 7


Seattle Seahawks

The Seahawks are becoming the team that many think Vick will end up signing with for a number of reasons. Several members of the coaching staff, including head coach Jim Mora Jr., coached Vick in Atlanta.

Also, Seattle runs a very similar offense to that he ran in Atlanta. Also, with fellow speedy and versatile backup Seneca Wallace on board, Seattle's offense with Matt Hasselbeck running the show can be very creative and dangerous.

Seattle is a very real possibility for Vick, if said offense can really take place. But if he is looking to get some real snaps at quarterback, it won't really be the best fit for him. Also, if Seattle is looking for a more conventional offense and wants Vick strictly as a backup, it won't happen.

Chances of signing with Seattle: 6


St. Louis Rams

Michael Vick wants to return to the NFL to start and St. Louis is the best place for that to happen. Starter Marc Bulger is injury-prone and hasn't been the same player since being knocked to the turf time and time again due to a shaky Rams O-line over the last few years.

As a Ravens fan, I'll control myself and simply say that Kyle Boller is not an answer. Vick, however, can upgrade the St. Louis offense which has some solid young pieces in Steven Jackson, Donnie Avery, and Laurent Robinson.

Chances of signing with St. Louis: 8


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The Bucs already have first-rounder Josh Freeman, free agent signing Byron Leftwich, and Luke McCown on the roster and still no starter. Not to mention, they run a very conventional offense, so Vick isn't a fit in any regard.

Chances of signing with Tampa Bay: 2


Tennessee Titans

The Titans simply don't need another quarterback. There was enough of a controversy when Kerry Collins took over for Vince Young, now Young is the backup who wants to be the starter again one day.

Also, they don't want any more negative media attention follow the Pacman Jones deal. Also, as far as Vick being an option in the Wildcat, if they didn't run it when Young came back healthy last season, they won't sign Vick to do it.

Chances of signing with Tennessee: 1


Washington Redskins

The Redskins have a lot of pieces set on their offense and a young, effective, underrated quarterback in Jason Campbell. So, obviously, they are one of the favorites to sign Vick.

See, Daniel Snyder loves big names and for some reason, doesn't have much faith in Jason Campbell. He attempted to trade for Jay Cutler and was looking to draft Mark Sanchez. Also, Vick had a fantastic rating in Madden 2004 which seems to be the qualification to be a Washington Redskin these days.

Chances  of signing with Washington: 7


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