Complete NFL 2009 Regular Season and Playoff Predictions

Joey GrissoContributor IJune 23, 2009

SEATTLE - NOVEMBER 12:  Alex Smith #11 of the San Francisco 49ers fades back to pass during the NFL game against the Seattle Seahawks at Qwest Field on November 12, 2007 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images)



1. Atlanta Falcons (12-4, won NFC South div.)

2. New York Giants (10-6, won NFC East div.)

3. San Francisco 49ers (Sleeper, 10-6, won NFC West div.)

4. Chicago Bears (Sleeper, 9-7, won NFC North div.)

5. New Orleans Saints (Sleeper, 10-6, wildcard.)

6. Philadelphia Eagles (9-7, wildcard.)


1. Pittsburgh Steelers (13-3, won AFC North div.)

2. Indianapolis Colts (11-5, won AFC South div.)

3. New Enlgand Patriots (Sleeper, 11-5, won AFC East div.)

4. San Diego Chargers (9-7, won AFC West div.)

5. Houston Texans (Sleeper, 11-5, wildcard.)

6. New York Jets (Sleeper, 10-6, wildcard.)

NFC Playoff Results

Wildcard Weekend

#5 New Orleans at #4 Chicago

Reggie Bush wreaks havoc on the Bears defense, scoring three touchdowns while rushing for 188 yards. Jay Cutler has no answer, throwing three interceptions on 11-of-26 passing. Final Score: Saints 31, Bears 17.

#6 Philadelphia at #3 San Francisco

Donavon McNabb scores a total of three touchdowns in the first half, including an eight-yard TD run with just 1:09 left in the second quarter, to put the Eagles up 24-7 at halftime. Enter Michael Crabtree, who lights up the scoreboard by catching three of the Niners four second half touchdowns, including a 45 yard bullet from Alex Smith, (yes, Smith will be their starter this year, not Shaun Hill) as the 49ers edge out the Eagles in an amazing comeback win. Final Score: Eagles 31, 49ers 35.

Divisional Round

#5 New Orleans at #1 Atlanta

Matt Ryan starts out strong, throwing just one incompletion and two touchdowns in 16 first half attempts as Atlanta takes a 21-10 lead into halftime. However, New Orleans outscores them 21 to 7 in the second half, earning them a trip to either San Francisco or New York for the NFC Championship game. Rookie Malcolm Jenkins catches an interception and Bush finishes with 175 yards and two touchdowns. Final Score: Saints 31, Falcons 28.

#3 San Francisco at #2 New York

Frank Gore avenges his poor performance in round one, rushing for 193 yards and two touchdowns. Crabtree adds another TD and San Francisco's defense keeps Manning and the Giants offense in check, allowing just 73 total yards and six points in the second half. The result? A trip back to Candlestick, where they captured seven of their ten regular season wins. Final Score: 49ers 27, Giants 16.

Championship Game

#5 New Orleans at #3 San Francisco

In the Bush vs. Gore running battle (political pun intended) the two backs fail to disappoint as they combine for 389 yards and five touchdowns. It was Gore, however, who saved it all for his team. Facing fourth and three on the Saints 21- yard-line with 1:18 remaining and trailing 27-24, Frank Gore barrels ahead for a touchdown equivalent in yardage to his number as the 49ers go up 30-27. Surprisingly, Nedney's extra point attempt is blocked by New Orleans, setting up a possible Saints comeback. After a short drive by Drew Brees, Garrett Hartley nails a 46-yard field goal as time expires, sending the game into overtime. The Niners get the ball and waste no time getting it into the end zone as Alex Smith hits Vernon Davis on a 13-yard touchdown pass less than three minutes into overtime, sending S.F. to its sixth Super Bowl. Final Score: Saints 30, 49ers 36. (OT)

AFC Playoff Results

Wildcard Weekend

#5 Houston at #4 San Diego

LaDainian Tomlinson's 168 yards rushing and two touchdowns aren't enough for the Chargers as they fall victim to Andre Johnson and the Texans. Johnson, who led the league in receiving yards, finishes the day with three touchdowns and 334 yards on 18 receptions. Final Score: Texans 27, Chargers 21.

#6 New York at #3 New England

No, this is not a rematch of Super Bowl XLII, but as far as the outcome is concerned, it might as well be. Rookie Mark Sanchez leads the way for the Jets, scoring a total of two touchdowns (one rushing, one passing) and RB Thomas Jones adds another as New York shocks the favored Patriots. Final Score: Jets 31, Patriots 20.

Divisional Round

#6 New York at #1 Pittsburgh

Sanchez proves no match for Pittsburgh's defense as the rookie is limited to just one touchdown on 18-for-32 passing. Meanwhile, last years Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes has two touchdowns and 93 yards on 12 receptions as the Steelers roll into the AFC Championship game again. Final Score: Jets 13, Steelers 27.

#5 Houston at #2 Indianapolis

Houston gets a chance to avenge their regular season sweep by the Colts that cost them a first-round bye in the playoffs. And avenge it they did. Once again Andre Johnson leads the way with two touchdowns and 94 yards receiving as the Texans continue their amazing journey through the postseason. Final Score: Texans 24, Colts 14.

Championship Game

#5 Houston at #1 Pittsburgh

The Texans now have the opportunity of a lifetime—to go to the Super Bowl on their franchises first playoff campaign. After a back and forth battle, Houston has the ball on the Steelers 11-yard line, fourth and two, with 54 seconds remaining, trailing 27-23. Rather than run it up the middle and get a first down, coach Gary Kubiak elects to risk it all and go for the touchdown. The result? An interception in the endzone by rookie corner Joe Burnett. Oh well, Texans. Better luck next year. Pittsburgh, meanwhile, earns the opportunity to make it a dynasty against none other than the San Francisco 49ers, who will attempt to tie them for the most Super Bowl wins. Final Score: Texans 23, Steelers 27.

Super Bowl XLIV

February 7, 2010

Dolphin Stadium, Miami, Florida

San Francisco 49ers (13-6) vs. Pittsburgh Steelers (15-3)

First Quarter: Seeking to make it back-to-back Super Bowls, Big Ben leads the Steelers to a touchdown on their opening drive by barreling in the end zone himself. The Niners respond by kicking a field goal with 3:51 left in the quarter. Score: Steelers, 7-3.

Second Quarter: Crabtree's early touchdown ends up being San Francisco's only score of the quarter as Pittsburgh comes back with a field goal and another touchdown just before halftime. Score: Steelers, 17-10.

Third Quarter: Pittsburgh continues it's dominance, allowing only a field goal while scoring a field goal and a touchdown, the latter of which came off a fumble recovery near midfield. Although San Francisco starts the fourth quarter on the Steelers 41-yard line, this game, as much as most are  concerned, is over. Score: Steelers, 27-13.

Fourth Quarter: In one of the most dramatic Super Bowl comebacks ever, Alex Smith leads the Niners to two touchdowns as they tie the score up at 27 with 4:49 remaining. After an excellent fair catch at the Steelers two-yard line, they force them into a safety (sound familiar?) which gives them the lead, and the ball, with just under four minutes remaining.

Frank Gore "seals" the win with a touchdown, but Pittsburgh roars back with another to make it a two point game. After a miraculous onside kick recovery, Pittsburgh has the ball at their own 42 yard line with only 57 seconds remaining.

After an incompletion on first down, a short gain by Willie Parker on second down, and another incompletion on third down, Pittsburgh decided to make the same mistake that got them into the Super Bowl. That is, they decided to pass instead of run on fourth down. A blindsiding tackle by Patrick Willis with 39 seconds remaining sacks Ben Roethilsburger, as well as any hopes Pittsburgh had of winning their sixth Super Bowl.

Final Score:

San Francisco 49ers 36,

Pittsburgh Steelers 34.

Super Bowl MVP: QB Alex Smith, San Francisco (305 yards and 3 TD's on 27-for-34 passing.)

Final Standings

NFC North

Team          W   L   T

Chicago*     9   7   0

Green Bay    8   8   0

Minnesota    8   8   0

Detroit        7   9   0

NFC East

Team              W   L  T

New York*     10   6   0

Philadelphia+    9   7   0

Dallas             8   8   0

Washington     4  12   0

NFC South

Team               W   L   T

Atlanta*           12   4   0

New Orleans+  10   6   0

Carolina           6  10   0

Tampa Bay       5   11   0

NFC West

Team                 W   L   T

San Francisco*   10   6   0

Seattle               8   8   0

Arizona              7   9   0

St. Louis             2  14  0

AFC North

Team          W   L   T

Pittsburgh* 13   3   0

Baltimore     9    7   0

Cincinatti     7    9   0

Cleveland     3   13  0

AFC East

Team               W   L   T

New England*   11   5   0 

New York+       10   6   0

Miami               9   7    0

Buffalo             7   9    0

AFC South

Team               W   L   T

Indianapolis*    11   5   0

Houston+         11   5   0

Tennesee          9   7   0

Jacksonville       8    8   0

AFC West

Team            W   L   T

San Diego*    9    7   0

Oakland        7    9   0

Denver         5    11  0

Kansas City   4    12  0

League Leaders

Passing (by yards)      Yards   TD's    INT's

Peyton Manning               4077     32      13

Drew Brees                     3989     31      12

Tom Brady                      3846     32      14

Ben Roethlisburger          3829      29      15

Donavon McNabb             3754     30      11

Matt Ryan                       3669     25      16

Aaron Rodgers                3470     22      15

Jay Cutler                       3285     19      18

Phillip Rivers                   3165     20      14

Alex Smith                      3097     17      13

Rushing (by yards)      Yards   Avg   TD's

Adrian Peterson               1732    4.96   14

Reggie Bush                    1690    4.78   12

Michael Turner                 1504    5.01    11

Frank Gore                     1476   4.81    13

Willie Parker                   1389   3.88    12

Brandon Jacobs              1287   4.15    11

LaDainian Tomlinson       1198   4.52    13 

Matt Forte                       1163   4.08    9

DeAngelo Williams           1125   4.13    11

Ryan Grant                     1093   3.96    10

Receiving (by yards)   Recs   Yards   TD's

Andre Johnson               109     1467    10

Calvin Johnson               98      1403     8

Randy Moss                    73      1385     6

Greg Jennings                 88      1363    7

Terrel Owens                  72      1273    5

Reggie Wayne                 82      1167    6

Larry Fitzgerald               73      1088     7

Wes Welker                    70      1023     8

Steve Smith                    79       974     7

Michael Crabtree             71       958     6

Regular Season Awards


NFL MVP: 1. Peyton Manning/IND(365/538, 4077 yards, 32 TD's, 13 INT's) 2. Adrian Peterson/MIN 3. Drew Brees/NOR 4. Andre Johnson/HOU 5. Reggie Bush/NOR

Offensive Player of the Year: 1. Andre Johnson/HOU (109 Recs, 1467 yards, 10 total TD's) 2. Adrian Peterson/MIN 3. Peyton Manning/IND 4. Tom Brady/NEG 5. Drew Brees/NOR

Defensive Player of the Year: 1. Mario Williams/HOU(63 tackles, 17 sacks) 2. Troy Polumalu/PIT 3. Jeremy Shockey/NOR 4. Grady Jackson/DET 5. DeMarcus Ware/DAL

Offensive Rookie of the Year: 1. Michael Crabtree/SFO(71 Recs, 958 receiving yards, 6 total TD's) 2. Mark Sanchez/NYJ 3. Donald Brown/IND 4. Jeremy Maclin/PHI 5. Andre Smith/CIN

Defensive Rookie of the Year: 1. Brian Cushing/HOU(60 tackles, 4.5 sacks) 2. Aaron Curry/SEA 3. Brian Orakpo/WAS 4. Michael Oher/BAL 5. B.J. Raji/GBY

Coach of the Year: 1. Rex Ryan/NYJ(In his first season as coach, he led the team to the playoffs with a rookie quarterback) 2. Gary Kubiak/HOU 3. Mike Singletary/SFO 4. Mike Tomlin/PIT 5. Bill Belichick/NEG

2010 Draft Order

(First Round Only)

1. St. Louis

2. Cleveland

3. Washington

4. Kansas City

5. Tampa Bay

6. Seattle (from Denver)

7. San Francisco (from Carolina)

8. Oakland

9. Buffalo

10. Arizona

11. Cincinnati

12. Detroit

13. Jacksonville

14. Dallas

15. Seattle

16. Minnesota

17. Green Bay

18. Tennessee

19. Miami

20. Baltimore

21. Denver (from Chicago)

22. San Diego

23. Philadelphia

24. New York Jets

25. New York Giants

26. New Orleans

27. New England

28. Indianapolis

29. Houston

30. Atlanta

31. Pittsburgh

32. San Francisco

Additional Notes

Winners in bold print for the following sections: Playoffs, Super Bowl XLIV, Regular Season Awards. In the Final Standings section, * represents division winners and + represents teams that won a wildcard spot. Please note that the stats under League Leaders are completely random, and that I did not check any tie breakers when making the 2010 Draft Order, I just put teams with the same record in a random order. I am not responsible for any money lost while betting on these, as you should know better than to trust the playoff predictions of a 14 year old. Have fun watching this season!


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