New York Giants: The Foundation Of a Super Bowl Team

David RondonCorrespondent IMay 26, 2009

GLENDALE, AZ - FEBRUARY 03:  (L-R) Chris Snee #76 of the New York Giants wife Kate and son Dylan celebrate after the Giants defeated the New England Patriots 17-14 during Super Bowl XLII on February 3, 2008 at the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.  Katie Snee is the daughter of New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin. (Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images)

So yeah I know I’m behind everyone else in terms of giving an analysis on the New York Giants, but I recently joined and I wanted to figure out what I wanted to say. So to start off I want to write about the most important unit (offensive) for the New York Giants or any other team and that is the offensive lines. This is what responsible for protecting Eli Manning and opening up holes for Brandon Jacobs.

Offensive line

       If you don’t have a strong and cohesive offensive line it doesn’t matter if you have Peyton Manning, Adrian Peterson, T.O., or any other all-pro skilled player, the offensive will not have any success. To have success at anything in life you must have a strong foundation that is built on solid rock and not sand. The Giants have this and for that reason alone will allow the offense to be successful and not be a burden on the defense and special teams. I do have a concern with the offensive line (more in particular a certain player) which I will address first:

5. New York Giant Center: Shawn O’Hara

 Negative: Not particularly a strong center which can prevent him from straight up pushing people off the ball and can sometimes get blown up and get pushed straight back in to Eli’s lap.

Case in point his play against Shawn Rogers in the Cleveland “Massacre” game this past season. If you go to site and check out the videos of that game you will see what I mean and also how this affected Eli and his play. It’s hard for a quarterback to step into their throws when they don’t have the room to do so. Another example is when the Giants are in goal line formation going up against the Eagles with a yard or two to the end zone. For any person who watches Giant/ Eagle games knows that the Giants for whatever reason with Brandon Jacobs have an extremely hard time getting the ball in to the end zone. This is because the interior line is not all together strong. Even though Snee is the strongest interior linemen he can’t push off the defensive line all by himself. Usually from what I remember seeing Bunkley (Eagle’s DT) is one of the strongest DTs in the league and usually when down at the goal line is line up over O’Hara which is not a good match up.

This is also why I think the notion that the Giants are a power smash mouth team is a bit misleading because in my opinion the Giants are a perimeter power running team. The reason that is because the tackles and guards are much stronger then the center and also the guards and center are very athletic and can pull to the outside very quickly for offensive lineman.

Another issue with O’Hara is that next to Feagles he’s the oldest player on the team. In my opinion I believe that the Giants would have addressed the center position with first or second pick if the first two centers weren’t taken.

 Positive: One of if not the best centers at pass and run technique blocking. Even though O’Hara isn’t particularly strong he makes this up with good run blocking technique such as using the “hook” technique to get him between the defender and the running lane. He can also on occasion pull showing off his great athleticism. When he’s not being overpowered he has excellent feet which can prevent a pass rusher from getting to Eli. O’Hara is very intelligent and help’s Eli and the offensive line read the opponents defense and what they might be trying to do. A true leader that has helped his team succeeds, with the talents that he has.

4. New York Giant Left Guard: Rich Seubert

Negative: Is getting up there in age and is the least athletic of the unit (not by much though.) I would say strength was an issue, but since he’s a left guard, he’ll usually deal with the more athletic DT and not the NT which are usually bigger. He can also be beaten for the sack at times.

 Positive: Athletic, smart, cohesive with fellow lineman and has very good technique, very versatile.

3. New York Giant Right Tackle: Kareem McKenzie

 Negative: The possible development of chronic back pains and missing of time. This hasn’t been a major issue yet, but with age might start becoming one. Can be beaten by certain pass rushers, which is why he’s a right tackle.

 Positive: The strongest lineman on the team and straight up mauler when it comes to run blocking. Has a very big frame which can make it hard for defenders to get around him and also has above average pass blocking skills.

2. New York Giant Left tackle: David Diehl

 Negative: Is not the quickest left tackle in the league which can evolve being beaten by very fast pass rushers. Footwork can get a bit messy when dealing with speed.

 Positive: Hard worker, a tremendous run blocker, above average pass blocking, and good intelligence. Very humble personality and knows that he needs to keep getting better at his craft. Understands that some of these rusher’s like Ware, Pepper are very hard to block and that everyone gets beaten once in awhile. Very good body frame making it hard for defenders to get around, versatile player.

1. New York Giant Right: Chris Snee            

 Negative: Seems to get penalize once a game for holding or something like that. This could be him letting his emotion get the best of him sometimes.

 Positive: One of if not the best guards in the league, as well as one of the strongest guards in the league. A very tenacious player that can straight up maul defenders out of the way, and is also an excellent pass blocking. Very smart that knows what he is doing and understands what’s expected from his coach. Very athletic that can pull and get to the second level in no time. When the Giants need to run the ball they run it to his side.

Backup Lineman: Guy Whimper has been a project and when was given a chance during the Tampa Bay game in the playoffs. He played as well as anyone could ask from the lineman. With that said the injury that he suffered might had come at a bad time because the Giants seem to be moving on with their 2nd round draft pick William Beatty. He could be a really good find because it is said that he is one of the best athletic lineman in the draft. More importantly he can sit back and learn the mental aspect of the game and work on his technique where ever it needs help. Adam Koets is really still to this point an unknown because he hasn’t played during a regular season so not much can be said about him. Pat Flaherty (offensive line) has mentioned that he wants to move Koets to center, but I worry that he’s not strong enough to deal with big nose tackles like Albert Haynesworth. Kevin Boothe when called to action played really well and the line didn’t miss a beat.

 Overall: The Giants offensive line is a cohesive unit that has played along side each other for a couple of years now. Even though 3/5th of the offensive line is over thirty they should still be one of the best in the league for the next year or so. Very athletic and very smart, all five work hard on every play to execute their assignments. If it wasn’t for the multiply sacks that were given up to the Cowboys the Giants would had given up few in 2008. I expect the same in 2009, hopefully the Giants will protect better against the Cowboys.

I worry about Albert Haynesworth of the now Washington Redskins and what he can do to O’Hara. This situation hasn’t been talked about enough and I feel like it should be. I hope they address the center position with new blood in the upcoming season or next year’s draft because the Giants have to prepare for life after O’Hara. Hopefully the center of the future has all the skills that O’Hara had but stronger. This would turn the Giants into a real power smash mouth team.

If anyone has any questions or any issue with any of my articles, just write me and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. I know I’m not always right and I like to hear other people’s opinions.