Announcing the Sports and the "Unimportant" Series'

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 12, 2009

Sports is something we are all here to talk about. What is essential for a player, what is necessary for the team, etc., are our regular topics of discussion. In other words, we discuss "Important" issues related to sports

But Bleacher Report is also about innovation. It's a place where new ideas are made to take shape. So, can we just be content discussing the essential?

I think not, and I hope to find people thinking in a similar manner

This is an opportunity I would like to present to you all. Let's think about all of the so-called unimportant things. Let us all allow our imaginations to find new destinations for us. Let's make sure we find the most ordinary things and make them extraordinary through our writing skill.

So let us make our language meet our imagination and do the most amazing things.

So everyone, think of the most unimportant objects, places, ideas, anything, and make them important. Let us be the voice of unimportance.

It can be from the helmets players wear, to the glasses they wear, to a piece of clothing, to an empty stadium, to anything in this world. But the rules are clear, it has to be not important.

I would not like to lay any specific method to do it or any specific topic to do the article on. Your imagination, you control it.

I have written the first piece in the series which is:

Sports and the "Unimportant": The Tennis Net

Along with me, there have been nine other writers who have joined so far; they are Rohini, Nandhini, Glenn, Khalid Siddiqui, Siddharth Ganesh, Tanya Pal, Sulayman, Clarabella, Rocky, Robert, Hemant  and Rajat. But I am waiting for you to join too.

Excluding my piece, the other pieces so far are:

Rajat Jains's Sports and The "Unimportant": An Open Letter by the Tennis Chair Umpire

Glenn's Sports and the “Unimportant”: Baseball's Home Plate

Nandhini's Sports and The "Unimportant": The Sight Screen

Rohini's Sports and The Unimportant: A Stumps and Bails Grievance

Dann's second Sports and The "Unimportant": The Blood In Sports

Robert's Sports and The Unimportant: The Alignment Of Tennis Water Bottles

Tanya's Sports and the Unimportant- Tennis Balls

Khalid's Sports and the Unimportant: A Football Fourth Official's Gripe

Glenn's second Sports and the “Unimportant”: The Bleacher Seat

Dann's third Sports and The "Unimportant": Half Fought Debates

Glenn's third Sports and the Unimportant: The Sports Statistics

Please contact me through a comment on this article or on my bulletin board.

I would be glad to include your name in this.

Thank you.