Sports and The Unimportant: The Alignment Of Tennis Water Bottles

Robert OrzechowskiAnalyst IMay 14, 2009

What is the deal with tennis players like Nadal aligning their water bottles just so?  Is there a certain angle that those bottles must be to ensure that a victory?

What if a ball-boy falls backward in slow motion.  He loses his balance and veers backwards to Nadal's bottles.

Nadal sees it and forgets his match momentarily.  He yells "Noooo" in slow motion but can only watch helplessly as the bottles are toppled.  Defeat is now imminent.

This could be his Achilles heel.  Players crossing over to the other side of the court could "accidentally" kick those bottles, upsetting them and Nadal in the process.

It would seem that Nadal is practising some ancient Egyptian technique in which the perfect alignment of two spherical shapes hit by the sun at a certain angle will radiate an energy beam directly to him during the match.

He carefully tweaks them as if unlocking some complex combination unleashing monstrous sorcery on his opponents.

The day that tennis goes green and rids itself of the plastic water bottle will be the day of Nadal's undoing. 

Until then, let him work his bottles and his magic.