Sports and the "Unimportant": The Tennis Net

Dann KhanAnalyst IMay 12, 2009

Romanian tennis player Ilie Nastase lying on the court during a match at the Wimbledon Tennis Championships, London, 1977. (Photo by Tony Duffy/Getty Images)

When you look at a tennis match, you mainly look at the players playing. Then you look at the brands, shapes and sizes of different racquets. You look at the those greenish yellow balls and see them being hit from one end to the other.

Then, of course, we see the ball boys and the referee, with the first pouncing on those apple-sized balls while the second being a important figure and a person not liked by all the players at various points during their careers.

But something that is yet to be noticed is the net.

I looked at some videos of the last Wimbledon final a few days ago and somehow managed to take a glance at the net.

I thought of how it looks so innocent in positive manner. So harmless 

And that's the reason why I think it got unnoticed for such a long time.

To me all the things we notice in tennis have a got a look of some mischief or anger or any other negative like look which provides them with an X-Factor. The players themselves who show all the emotions, or be it the racquet which looks a scary face with currents running through the wiring on it.

The ball also seems to be smirking when it reflects the sunlight. And of course the referee can always be seen in negative light by us as we often feel he has done wrong to our favourite player.

But think about it. Can the net be a devil in disguise? Does the net have it's own prejudices? Does the net move up and block a ball so that it's favourite player can get a point?

I am sure that everyone has heard this line, "Known devils are better than unknown ones."

Is it true in this case?

Maybe the net is just frustrated that it's hardly given attention and that's why it's trying to become an attention seeker by doing this? I would do it if I was in it's place

Who knows?

Maybe the net is what it is. Maybe it's like the mirror in Sylvia Plath (a very old English poetess) described in one of her poems. A being that has got no preconceived notions and prejudices. Something that shows us the truth.

The only difference being that it shows us our own image, but what's in front of us with stripes of black or white colour is blocking certain parts of the image.

And that's what makes me doubt it. Makes me wonder what is it's true picture. Are the stripes only a mere disability or a clue that would help us figure out it's identity?

Maybe it's just my imagination. But who knows what may be true.


This is the first article I have written in the series 'Sports and the "Unimportant" '. I will be writing the article describing it later today. If you are interested please contact me on my bulletin board. I will definitely be glad to join you in.