Seth Rollins: 7 Fun Facts About the Shield's High Flyer

Daine PavloskiAnalyst IIJune 6, 2013

Seth Rollins: 7 Fun Facts About the Shield's High Flyer

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    The Shield has taken the WWE Universe by storm. Not only have they laid waste to all that oppose their unique brand of justice, but they have captivated the minds of WWE fans everywhere. 

    Because of this, the WWE Fun Facts series will showcase each member of The Shield in the coming weeks, focusing on where these Superstars have been, what they've done and how they ended up where they are today. 

    Last week we learned about the impressive background of The Shield's enforcer, Roman Reigns. This week we'll look at his tag team partner, Seth Rollins. 

    So, without further ado, here are seven fun facts about WWE's Seth Rollins. 

1. Same Ol', Same Ol'

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    Seth Rollins has been through a ton of organizations, which you'll hear about on the next slide. While that's not too rare for professional wrestlers, what is rare is the success that he's had through each. 

    Rollins didn't just win in the organizations he participated in, which, if you count them, tallies somewhere around 10, he won championships and titles. Most recently he's won the WWE Tag Team championship with Roman Reigns and, before that, the NXT Championship.

    Going back even further Rollins won just about everything that FCW (which would eventually turn into NXT) had to offer. He took home the FCW 15 Championship, FCW Florida Heavyweight Championship, Florida Tag Team Championship and even became the first ever FCW Grand Slam Champion and is said to be the "most decorated FCW wrestler of all time."

    Rollins has also captured gold in Absolute Intense Wrestling, All American Wrestling, Full Impact Pro, Independent Wrestlng Association Mid-South, Mr. Chainsaw Productions Wrestling, NWA Midwest, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla and Ring of Honor. 


2. He's Been Everywhere

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    Like I said on the last slide, Rollins has been everywhere. He's won titles in a ton of organizations, but one of the more interesting facts about his past days of wrestling comes from an organization he spent just one day in. 

    That organization was TNA. 

    That's right, THAT TNA, like WWE's biggest "competitor" TNA. Rollins was actually very close to signing with TNA and even had a few matches with AJ Styles during his time in NWA. After NWA Midwest he had one match with TNA. He tagged with Jeff Luxon against The Latin American Xchange, or LAX in October of 2006 at an Impact! taping. 

    So, why didn't Rollins stay in TNA? 

    Check the next slide. 

3. Blame Evan Bourne for the Shield

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    After Rollins became a huge name with Ring of Honor, WWE and TNA were knocking down his door. As Rollins was trying to make a decision that would have a huge effect on the rest of his life, he talked to one guy that he'd been around for years; Matt Sydal, known to WWE fans as Evan Bourne. 

    According to an interview with The Sun, Black said the decision wasn't too hard to make after seeing guys like Daniel Bryan and CM Punk make the jump. In the interview he was sure to mention that he talked with Evan Bourne extensively on which way to go, which of course resulted in Rollins taking his talents to Tampa and WWE NXT. 

    So, in a way, Evan Bourne was the reason for The Shield...well, at least Seth Rollins in The Shield. 

    Just imagine, if he would've called someone else he could've been a member of Aces and Eights!

4. His Moves Are....Creative.

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    One of the best things about Seth Rollins (known as Tyler Black in his pre-WWE days) is his moves. His moveset is incredibly unique and impressive. He uses a lot of different kinds of moves from slams to strikes and everything in between. 

    He's been known to go top rope on occasion, but possibly his wackiest and strangest moment can be seen above. 

    Rollins accomplishes an impressive moonsault outside of the ring...using one of the...heavier-set fans as a springboard. 


5. He's Streaky

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    One of the things that makes professional wrestling as amazing as it is are the high profile matches. Watching Raw or TNA on TV is all fine and good but there's nothing like watching a match between two huge names at WrestleMania. 

    For these huge matches there's a great way to gauge just how good they were. That way is Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter's star rating system. Five-star matches are considered to be the best matches in professional wrestling, but anything from four stars up is considered rare. 

    From March in 2008 to December of 2012 Rollins had five huge matches. In each of those matches Rollins and his opponents did something unheard of; they got over 4.25 stars every time. That's five big matches in a row! 

    Rollins proved that when the pressure is on, he can certainly deliver. 

6. He's Familiar with His Opponents

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    Seth Rollins has been competing against mostly the same people since coming to the WWE. He started out competing against Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns, but would eventually team with them to form the most dominant threesome in years, The Shield.  

    Now that The Shield is rolling, they usually compete against Team Hell No and whoever else is available, whether it's Sheamus, Cena, Orton or Ryback. Turns out Rollins has a lot of history with his current opponents, especially one of the guys he stole the tag team titles from. 

    Rollins first mixed it up with Daniel Bryan when they were in Ring of Honor in 2008. Rollins had a ton of matches with Bryan, the total now reaching up to somewhere around 25. Rollins has also had history with Dean Ambrose (as Jon Moxley) and Roman Reigns in their early FCW and NXT days. 

7. He's Had Some Strange Names

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    Another one of the best things about the world of professional wrestling is the characters and the gimmicks. One man can change his name and character a number of times throughout his career. 

    Seth Rollins is no different. 

    His real name is Colby Lopez, and while he hasn't changed his name as many times as some wrestlers, he's had some interesting ones. For example, before coming to the WWE as Seth Rollins he earned his fame in Ring of Honor and other organizations as Tyler Black. 

    Seth Rollins and Tyler Black aren't too crazy. His earlier names however, are a little wacky. Rollins—er, Lopez, started out with Scott County Wrestling and Ian Rotten's IWA Mid-South as Gixx. Gixx. Ah, the days when wrestlers can choose their own names. 

    Rollins then moved on to be called Taj the Destroyer...I'll just let that one soak in. 

In Conclusion...

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    There you have it. Seven fun facts about Seth Rollins. 

    Rollins has been running rampant all over the world of professional wrestling. He's been winning titles all along the way, he's been through a ton of organizations, he heeded Evan Bourne's advice to come to the WWE, he once moonsaulted off of a fan, he had five huge matches in a row rated 4.25 stars or better, he's got a long history with his opponents and he's had some wacky names. 

    Rollins and The Shield have been breaths of fresh air in the WWE and they'll look to continue their roll as they compete at WWE's Payback pay-per-view on Jun 16. 

    Check in next week for seven fun facts about the United States Champion, Dean Ambrose!


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