Viral Video Breakdown: NBA Playoffs, Timbers and More Hot Videos

Gabe Zaldivar@gabezalPop Culture Lead WriterMay 3, 2013

Viral Video Breakdown: NBA Playoffs, Timbers and More Hot Videos

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    We have a baby videobombing at the NBA playoffs, the Timbers providing a beautiful moment for fans and another week of hilarious and moving videos. 

    The NBA playoffs are off to a great start, and we aren't talking about the actual games. We have an adorable cameo by a baby with pants issues, as well as a Gerald Wallace air ball you wouldn't believe.

    Other than that, we have just your usual collection of spectacular videos that will keep you entertained well into the weekend.  

    Did we miss anything? Feel free to toss your favorite moment of the week in the comments section below so we can all enjoy it. 

Volleyball Smash

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    Normally, we would want to make sure an amateur athlete is doing fine when he takes a massive shot to the face like this. 

    Seeing as how he leaps up like a champ right after, we feel perfectly fine enjoying this video again and again. 

    More Information: Volleyball Player Takes a Spiked Ball to the Face for Our Amusement

Baby Storms the Court

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    CSN Houston's postgame show featured a discussion on the recent injury to Jeremy Lin, but we could only concentrate on the random baby who walks into the scene like he owns the place. 

    Anyone missing an adorable toddler?

    More Information: Baby with No Pants Saunters Across Court During Rockets Postgame Show

Cart Path Is Golfer's Best Friend

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    Louis Oosthuizen tees off on the first hole of his second round at the Ballantine's Championship and sees his shot go wide right. 

    This would normally be the point where a golfer would saunter to his ball and try to par an enormous 583-yard hole. Instead, Oosthuizen gets the roll of his life. 

    The ball travels about 500-yards, using the cart path along the hole. Magically, it stops before rolling back well away from the pin. 

    More Information: Louis Oosthuizen Uses Luck and Cart Path to Smash 500-Yard Drive at Ballantine's

Gerald Wallace's Masterful Air Ball

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    I have no idea how this is even possible. 

    In the fourth quarter of Game 6, the Nets' Gerald Wallace gets a wide-open shot under the basket, and blows it in magnificent fashion. No worries, because the Nets would end up winning the game, forcing Game 7. 

    More Information: Gerald Wallace Pulls off Magical Air-Ball Layup While Standing Under Basket

Pirates Go Full SNL

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    Teams usually go with a menacing collage of images for their intro video. The Pirates are not that team.

    Instead, they go with a picture-perfect parody of the opening credits of Saturday Night Live

    It's a good thing this team is winning. 

    More Information: Pittsburgh Pirates Harness Inner SNL for 'Late Night' Lineup Video

That's Using Your Helmet

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    A random squirrel gets loose during a Wichita State-Kansas game and scurries as they are known to do. The runner on second uses quick thinking and his batting helmet to get the critter off the field. 

    Take note, scouts. The young man is versatile. 

    More Information: Baseball Player Catches Squirrel in Helmet After Critter Storms the Field

Kyrie Irving Dominates Offseason Pick-Up Game

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    We have seen Cavaliers star Kyrie Irving dominate mere mortals in pick-up games before. As you can see, he is just as entertaining without his Uncle Drew makeup

    These guys never stood a chance. 

    More Information: Kyrie Irving Delights and Dominates in Pick-Up Game at Montclair State


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    The Rockets certainly made it a series against the Thunder, but there is one moment one of their fans would like to forget. 

    The fan tries to get some dap from his Rockets hero, Chandler Parsons. He has to settle for an awkward clap after getting denied. 

    More Information: Rockets Fan Has Fist Bump Denied by Ice Cold Chandler Parsons After Game 4 Win

Nate Robinson's Flu Game

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    Doing his best impression of Michael Jordan, Nate Robinson scored 18 points during the Bulls' Game 6 loss to the Nets. 

    He certainly did all he could, especially considering the poor man needed a bucket on the sidelines. 

    More Information: Nate Robinson Throws Up on the Sideline While Playing Through the Flu

Timbers Honor Cancer Patient

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    Atticus Lane-Dupre found out he had cancer last year. The eight-year-old had just one wish: to play the Timbers alongside his friends and teammates. 

    The team and its fans certainly deliver a magical moment, one that features the young soccer star scoring the winning goal. 

    More Information: Timbers Game Against Green Machine Features Game-Winning Goal by Cancer Patient

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