Rockets Fan Has Fist Bump Denied by Ice Cold Chandler Parsons After Game 4 Win

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The Chandler Parsons Project is running a little cold.  

One man reached out with the utmost confidence to offer an impromptu show of celebration and brotherhood, but he was denied. I am of course talking about the fan who just wanted some knuckle smooches from Chandler Parsons. 

Beyond the Buzzer spotted one of two hilarious moments from Monday night's Game 4 between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Houston Rockets. 

The other would be this tip-in missed by Serge Ibaka that would have sent the game to overtime. Helluva time to miss an easy bucket for the world to see.  

As for Parsons, we have no idea what is going on here. It really seemed to be the perfect moment to get a fist bump from a Rockets player, so I don't fault the superfan for presuming he was going to get a solid pound back from his hero.

The Rockets were on the brink of elimination in a game that went down to the very last shot attempt. If you want to know how close the Rockets were from having to play the Thunder another few minutes, please see the video above—it never gets old. 

Now, the series has stretched to Wednesday's Game 5, which will take place back in Oklahoma City.

Parsons, for his part, had a brilliant near-triple-double, leading the Rockets with 27 points on 11-of-21 shooting, along with 10 rebounds and eight assists, so we assume he was feeling pretty great about the night's proceedings. 

That, unfortunately, didn't negate the Rockets star from being stingy with his daps. He takes one hard look at the extended fist of friendship and walks away, throwing a figurative bucket of ice water on the moment. 

The fan was shamed into merely clapping as if that were his plan all along. Somewhere in the Houston area, there is a man who still has the line "get fist bump from Chandler Parsons" on his bucket list, and that makes me sad. 

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