Baby with No Pants Saunters Across Court During Rockets Postgame Show

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Hey, baby! What are you doing on the court, baby?

If anyone is missing a baby who was in previous need of a belt for his pants, we may have a strong lead. 

Deadspin happened upon the best videobomb in the history of videos and bombs. It comes during the Rockets' CSN Houston postgame show. 

The Rockets had just taken care of the Thunder in Oklahoma City, 107-100, forcing a Game 6 back in Houston. In this video, the broadcasters are breaking down Jeremy Lin and his lingering injury. I know, because I watched this damn video roughly 20 times before I could finally pay any attention to what was being said. 

When a baby with pants around his ankles waltzes into the picture like he owns the place, it pretty much draws the eye. 

There are so many questions I fear will go unanswered. First, how am I barely seeing this magnificent video captured way back on Wednesday? In a 24-hour news cycle, this should have been headline news that same night. 

The biggest question, of course, is whether or not anyone is missing a baby at the moment. I am assuming there is a parent off to the side of the camera who is engrossed in a discussion about Scott Brooks and his brilliant strategies and completely missed his child getting loose to get some work in after the game. 

Lastly, we have to commend the cameraman who is a rock of maturity. Any lesser man, me included, would have zoomed into that adorable baby in the background. 

All of this proves just one thing: Postgame shows are far better with baby cameos. Now go home, baby. 

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