Volleyball Player Takes a Spiked Ball to the Face for Our Amusement

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This remains one of the least advisable ways to take a seat. 

Yahoo! Sports (h/t Bob's Blitz) reports on the latest volleyball player to get blasted in the face and walk away from the massive hit like a champ. 

It all goes down between two Illinois schools: Orland Park's Carl Sandburg High School and Palos Hills' Amos Alonzo Stagg High School. 

Update: Thursday, May 2, 5:05 p.m. ET

Via Pat Dudek and Jimmy Drynan, the initial Yahoo! Sports report had the players in this amazing video mixed up. Per a comment on the original B/R post: "Pat Dudek is the one getting hit (#9) Senior at Sandburg. The senior in the white shirt is Kyle Burke. Scannell is number 7, bottom of screen. I'm Pat Dudek, who posted the video on youtube, ncaaball11"

The rest of the post has been changed to reflect this new information. 

---End of Update

Thanks to the report, we now have some names for the more important characters in this blooper highlight of sorts. 

The young man taking a volleyball to the dome is Pat Dudek, a senior at Sandberg. His hobbies include taking impromptu seats during pivotal matches, not getting his hands up in time and shaking off injuries like Kobe Bryant. 

As the report notes, the rest of the players are all quite loving in their response. They all run to the side of their fallen brother to give him a hand and to tell him what day of week it is—all except one. 

The senior in a white shirt who makes the same exact expression we might if our friend's face was used as a backboard is Kyle Burke. 

We like him; Burke offers the only suitable reaction to the biggest volleyball spike to the face we have seen recently. Well, the reaction could have been a tad better.  

Unfortunately, the one name we don't have is the mystery volleyball maestro who is no doubt still savoring his tremendous spike off his opponent's face. 

If any of you have more information, by all means send it our way. Just look for some young kid in the Palos Hills area who is walking just a little taller today. 

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