Gerald Wallace Pulls off Magical Air-Ball Layup While Standing Under Basket

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Gerald Wallace should be commended for standing right under the basket and managing to miss every last part of the hoop, because it was spectacular. 

The Brooklyn Game (h/t The Basketball Jones) brings us a video that epitomizes Game 6 for the Brooklyn Nets; it wasn't pretty, but they got the job done. 

With a little over 10 minutes to go in the fourth quarter, Andray Blatche finds Wallace down low all by himself. I mean, there wasn't a defender for several area codes, so we know Wallace wasn't hit on the arm or something else that would account for the next hilarious moment. 

Wallace has what is essentially a two-foot chip-in, but manages to send an air ball clear over the hoop and to the other side, where he is waiting for his own horrible shot. 

Honestly, I'm not even mad; that's amazing. 

Game 6 was essentially the kind of contest that would forgive such an egregious error. As ESPN reports, the game was fluid and uptempo only to turn into a laboring slugfest in the second half. 

The Nets managed outlast the Bulls, 95-92, forcing the series back to Brooklyn for Game 7. So go ahead and crack a smile, Nets fans. 

This shot may be the ugliest of the playoffs, but it did you no harm in the end. I still want to know how a trained professional botches a shot that horribly. 

You really have to work hard to miss so badly. Wallace, you have taken my feeble brain to the brink of understanding. 


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