Notes from the Lost B/R Dossier: Biopsy Notes/The Search For The Future

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 25, 2009

The future passed me by so quickly that it made me wonder how time makes a fool of us all, including me.

The time to crown a new community leader for the wrestling section had come and unlike the disappointing payoff to the Orton/Triple H feud, our chairman didn't disappoint.

Shane and Jason Le Blanc have made history, well almost.

The Revolution is about to unleash, you better be ready because a hurricane might be coming.

A soap opera was playing on TV, with some elderly citizen apologizing to a crowd in a town hall.

I switched it off and turned to the challenge my work presented me with.

A change for the better that has been due for some time over here, not only in the demeanor of some of the writers but as well as improving the quality of some of the articles here in our "so called soap opera" of a wrestling section.

The mills pile up and the articles that belong to rumors are posted under breaking news, which grinds my gears and leaves the workload unorganized.

I managed to find a few more pages, some still need restoring so I might not be able to catalogue the information on a few of them.

The recent over flow of news and rumors had irked me, the newsletter was plagued with useless articles on Taz, Jeff Hardy but the headline looked promising.

Interestingly enough, I had read the front page; the rest was copy & paste garbage that needs to be dealt with.

These daily B/R wrestler newsletters were getting heavier and heavier as the days passed.

The page count must be ridiculously large.

I flipped through a few notes until I found a few that stood out.

They seem to look like a doctor's notes.

Sure enough, since the handwriting was terrible and I guessed this would need a lot of time and effort to decipher so I got to work.

I shifted to my desk, I took a quick glance at my computer screen and I saw a few more "CM Punk Will Cash In the MITB @ Backlash" articles.

Boy, would I have loved to write an article telling them why that would be the worst decision on the part of the WWE but I'd rather concentrate on these scribbled notes.

It's appearance reminded me of my Play-by-Play and how although there was a notification, it never went into extreme detail of the on-goings.

I scratched my head trying to figure out why a friend didn't win a very prestigious award, she presented a very interesting argument.

I need to get back to my work. I had successfully recovered 16 pages, two of which I had completely deduced and posted my findings.

Doctor Abdul Lateef, Date: 26/04/09 Time of biopsy: 8:08 pm

The patient has been complaining about frequent headaches, so far all tests have not given any indication of the problem.

Therefore, we've decided to biopsy the brain and look for any abnormalities.

Today, we are going to take a look at some of the structures and systems and we'll be checking for cancerous tissues in the subject.

Let us start with the frontal lobe since it is easily accessible.

Reference notes:

CEREBRAL CORTEX Frontal Lobe: Most anterior, right under the forehead.


  • How we know what we are doing within our environment (Consciousness). How we initiate activity in response to our environment. Judgments we make about what occurs in our daily activities. Controls our emotional response. Controls our expressive language. Assigns meaning to the words we choose. Involves word associations.
  • Memory for habits and motor activities.

The patient's cousin wrote to us some time ago about the inability of the subject to express language and is sometimes trapped with a single thought and may be focused on one thing for long hours of the day.

It seems the subject might suffer from Asperger Syndrome and expressive aphasia in which speech is difficult to initiate.

Patients who recover from aphasia go on to say that they knew what they wanted to say but could not express themselves.


Sounds quite familiar, some of our writers are unable to fully express themselves or have stationary trains of thought. (continuity of Jeff/Taz rumor articles)

I continued analyzing the notes...


Let's move to the parietal lobe, shall we?

Ref. notes:

Parietal Lobe: near the back and top of the head.Functions:

  • Location for visual attention. Location for touch perception. Goal directed voluntary movements. Manipulation of objects.
  • Integration of different senses that allows for understanding a single concept.

The patient also has an inaptitude to learn new concepts and ideas.

This could be attributed to SID or sensory integration disorder and that would require therapy.

SID is a neurological disorder causing difficulties with processing information.

Processing information, huh?

Quite interesting that the patient is plagued with so many problems similar to our own.

We might need to consult with a few other surgeons, and the Dean of Medicine as well. 

Paging Doctor Shane and Doctor Jason.

I've been told they're both busy repairing critical damage to the spine of another shut-in, the attending keeps babbling about some revolution.

No problems with the occipital lobe so we'll shift to the temperal lobe.

Ref. notes:

Temporal Lobes: Side of head above ears.Functions:

  • Hearing ability Memory acquisition, some visual perceptions
  • Categorization of objects.

Right lobe damage can cause persistent talking and that seems to be the case as the patient can't stop murmuring something about a backlash and somebody named Santina while at the same time cannot form a full sentence.

Persistent talking, sounds like something a fair few are very good at.

I turn to my computer and I've found out that I've been drafted to Raw.

That's good news, now back to business.

Let's go lower into the brain stem.

Ref. Notes:

BRAIN STEM: Deep in Brain, leads to spinal cord.Functions:

  • Breathing Heart Rate Swallowing Reflexes to seeing and hearing (Startle Response). Controls sweating, blood pressure, digestion, temperature (Autonomic Nervous System). Affects level of alertness. Ability to sleep.
  • Sense of balance (Vestibular Function).

We need to move forward with caution here. We've taken a few slices and we'll be analyzing them later tonight.

One of the few observations I made is that the patient hardly is able to get any sleep, I wonder if any of this has exacerbated any other complications the subject has.

These problems were quite similar to some of our own, and that needs to be rectified.

The rest of the notes were missing as the end of the page had been torn off.
Change is not something that we want, change is something that we need.

And I believe it will come and when it does, it sure as hell will put a smile on that face of yours.

Then again, the masses can't be controlled for what they see, speak or surmise.

We'll become a totalitarian body or is it exactly what we need?

A society conformed or should we let the clowns run rampant?

Then again, maybe we should be proposing a completely new outlook on the matters at hand.

Why So Serious?



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