Notes from the Lost B/R Dossier: The Main Event Push

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 12, 2009

I awoke in the early hours of the day and I was still stuck in the very prison of my mind.

When will this misery end?

When will we learn to be tolerant and polite?

Perhaps, that day would come soon.

I have to find that page, I seem to have misplaced it.

My thoughts would wander from here to there but it would ponder the most on who might be the person to receive the ultimate push.

Who deserves that honor?

More importantly, is it going to come anytime soon?

Who was most deserving?

These were indeed some tough questions that needed answering.

I can envision it now, some campaigning while the others stay silent.

My support to the latter since I have always felt speaking is silver whereas keeping silent is gold.

There were many of those in the top spot that have proved time and time again that they are worthy of being not only locker room leaders but those shining stars that might take us and deliver us to the promise land.

My thoughts did not leave me, it was as if it were getting more and more annoying.

Did they not understand?

We did not need saving. We were fine before and we'll be alright once more.

But no one can leave well enough alone.

We want more, we need more and we crave more.

It is our nature.

Sky's the limit but we have yet to take off.

Competition breeds creativity, then that's what we need more than anything else.

Our community will grow and in time so will it's inhabitants.

Will we be saved?

When and how were they going to decide on who it is going to be?

The only question that remained was the former.

How long will we have to wait until we are saved?

I need to find that page, I must have put it in the desk drawer.

I made my way across my room and opened to look at what was an empty drawer.

Where is that wretched page?

The ten who show promise. They always have.

Each as different and as unique as the violin sonatas of Beethoven.

Each had their fair share of exposure, camera time and a select few even have had a few high profile victories in Money in the Bank ladder matches. (AOTD honors)

Would it be Orton who will be leading us in the foreseeable future?

Would it be the legendary Bobby 'The Brain' Heenan?

Will Shelton Benjamin finally get his big push?

Will it be John Cena who will regain his once mishandled position?

Or would it be the General Manager of Smackdown who is going to move up to bigger and better things?

I had found it but alas, only the top of the page.

It had the words inscribed: A New Community Leader—1/5/09 and the letters JLB.

This person has had the last laugh once again, but I will find these lost pages even if it takes a life time.

When the time comes for the company to make the right choice, they will.

After all, Vince is in charge.

We may be on the brink of a new era or perhaps a new age.