Notes from the Lost B/R Dossier: How to Become a Successful Heel Writer

Sulayman H.Senior Writer IApril 10, 2009

Welcome to the lost notes from The B/R Dossier!

This series is meant to be a package of informative articles for those newly joined writers of our community.

If I stray from the mission statement, please tell me, as I do tend to be all over the place sometimes.

I've been here for quite some time and I write for the Wrestling section here on Bleacher Report.

I am not yet a Senior Writer, but since joining the community 17 days ago, I've read many articles: some stellar and others not so good.

But who am I to judge?

I'm just like each and every one of you, looking for an outlet for my opinions and becoming better writers.

Looking for challenging debates and testing each other's knowledge so that in doing so, we as a community bond together and help one another out in our works, amongst other things.

I started writing for the wrestling section and will continue to do so from time to time.

During my stint here, I've seen a staggering amount of writers with differing attitudes, personas, styles, and unique prowess.

From the title, it's obvious this article is just meant as a rib at sports entertainment.

But I've been asked, what does it take to be an effective heel?

My answer was simple: Get them to boo you.

Controversy creates cash and more importantly a strong reaction from the masses, be it professional wrestling or any other sport.

This is a guide for those who don't want to be looked at as artistic and remarkable writers, although their work is outstanding.

Those who want to disperse from the norm.

Have I raised any eyebrows yet?

Heels, who are they and what do they seek?

In professional wrestling, a heel tries to attain an extremely negative reaction from a crowd and if he is able to do so, it's a job well done.

Here on B/R, the normal rules don't apply.

I've seen quite a few who are just clamoring for attention by leaving comments here and there, promoting others with the need to be respected, although they have not done much to deserve said status.

There are some who are cool and are appreciated for their comedic timing and for rightfully bashing other writers when needed.

Others pretend to adopt useless labels to try and get people to identify themselves as despicable human beings, regardless of their work.

And there are psychotic heels and annoying ones who use profanity and resort to crude remarks to get cheap heat.

Furthermore, the first and last category doesn't even write, so you can attribute those to attaining X-Pac heat (cheap heat).

Then you have the egotistical heel who thinks he's better than everyone else just because he says so.

But what we seem to be lacking is a new, hybrid type of heel.

Someone who embodies all of the above, save the promoting of other writers and the useless profanity.

Someone who is so influential to his colleagues or fellow heels, that they begin to question their own opinions or adopt a new standard of writing.

That someone is not going to be coming anytime soon.

Here at the B/R wrestling section, we're still stuck in the middle of something quite unpleasant.

I'll agree with those who might argue that we've had a large influx of talent or lack thereof, and the period when the wrestling section was dominated by the NTO (New Troll Order) as signs that more people are becoming ignorant, stubborn, selfish, and therefore are trying to become villains of our fine society.

But unfortunately, these henchmen of something far greater hit a dead end.

The community is becoming increasingly tolerant of such idiots with their asinine comments...right, Shane?

And because of our Zen-like patience, these people are slowly retreating to the fiery depths of Mordor.

But who is their master? Who is the person behind all of this?

Only one answer, all of them.

Their arguments are full of fallacies and they present their cases poorly.

That's why this article is for those few who are still here on B/R.

If you want to know how to become a heel writer, look no further.

I'm not encouraging anyone because they only seem to wage purposeless wars with the top-ranked writers.

I'm addressing those who want to compel, those who want to challenge the reader beyond a simple disagreement.

It's not as hard as you think it might be. You don't have to tell people they are hypocrites or resort to physical violence against their loved ones.

Hell, you don't even have to go around offering money to other writers to vote for your favorites.

Now, let me get that manual out.

Ah, here we are.

It's a simple three-step process, and then you're well on your way to becoming the most hated person in B/R history.

Step 1: Identification

Are you a heel? Do you want to become a heel?

At this point of your life, at this point of your stint here at the Report, do you really want to become despised?

There's no going back. Once you turn to a new road, one that is filled with retorts from troll hunters and other sensible and accomplished writers, there is no going back.

Thought it through?

Well, let's move on.

Step 2: Know Your Role, Build Your Self

If you want to be an annoyance to the society, you've come to the wrong article.

What kind of a heel do you wish to become?

Do you want your voice to resonate through the halls of the wrestling section, to command the attention of all who are present within the court of the open source network?

How will you do so?

Calling them hypocrites and trying to get respect where it isn't deserved through your comments and useless rants might work for a short time. However, these tactics are far beneath you and won't be effective in the long haul.

You need to evolve, to stay one step ahead of your critics. Be sure of what you're saying, because your comments might come back to bite you in the ass.

That's what we do, we find the little things and catch you off-guard and you end up without a strong response and looking like a joke of a writer.

Don't feel the need to label yourself, if you are truly good at what you do, then you will be given a moniker worthy of you by the community itself.

When writing articles, don't rely on writing stupid statements about the reader.

You have to convince them that they are wrong.

You have to make them believe, astonish them and have them question their own perspective.

The one thing that Chris Jericho has done, albeit with a minority of the viewers, is to convince them that they are truly wrong about some of their ideologies.

You don't need a signature sign-off or a unique opening statement to your article.

Use the least amount of time and words to leave a long-lasting impression.

The goal is to write smartly, using everything in your arsenal to support your argument and if you have to cross the line sometimes and deviate from the normal rules of literature, so be it.

The rules don't apply to you; I'm speaking now directly to the surviving offspring of the NTO and I applaud you to listen to reason.

Evolve and transcend.

But let's not have everyone doing the same thing and using recycled ideas again and again.

Everyone wants to be different, so the logic applies that while trying to do so, they inevitably become the same once more.

Step 3: Execution

It all depends on how you present your case to the casual reader or in this case the members of the wrestling section.

All of your preparation is done now.

You know who you are to become and ready to face the music no matter how loud it might get.

Take a step back and reflect on what you have done and see how you have constructed your thoughts, your emotions and your opinions in your words.

If you have a statement which holds true to you but might conflict or contradict something that you may have been supportive or otherwise before, remove it.

You wish to use your weapons to strategically and carefully place and evoke a thought provoking debate into the hands of your reader.

It all depends on the execution of your perception and whether or not you made an impact on your fellow members and the casual reader.

If you do succeed to convince others that your point of view and your reasoning is unbiased and may hold to be true, then you not only have successfully grasped their attention and challenged their point of view, you have in all efforts become a successful writer.

This has been a B/R Dossier presentation.

By the way, the quality of articles on B/R are greater than those across the net. :)


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