B/R Turns into the WWE, Ch. 8: The Draft

Svyato Rovenchuk@TorontosClassicSenior Writer IApril 25, 2009

Welcome to the series that is B/R Turns Into the WWE. Tonight is a special saturday night Main Event so get ready, because the landscape is about to change!

Saturday Night Main Event

(Jeff) Welcome, ladies and gentlemen! You are in for a great show tonight.

(C. #2) Yup, tonight any superstars can go anywhere. Any GMs can change brands.

(Jeff) Basically it's the WWE Draft and it starts right now with an amazing six-man over the ropes Battle Royal.

Raw vs. SmackDown vs. ECW

(Joe & Jason vs. AkD & Jev vs. Ryan Michael & Rashad August for two picks)

Bell sounds match begins. Joe goes after AkD. While Jev goes after Rashad. And Jason and Ryan lock up. Jason suplexes Ryan. AkD pounding away on Joe, but Jason gets there to break it up. Joe gets up and gets to work on Ryan.

Oh and there goes the first guy as Jev eliminates Rashad. 5 men left. Jev and AkD are double teaming Jason. They catapult him off the ropes, but he hits them with monster-like clotheslines.

Now he brings Jev to his feet and throws him out of the ring. 4 men left. Jason just standing there proud and from behind AkD gets him out of there. Now only 3 men remain. Joe, Ryan and AkD are the men left standing so far. One man from each brand is left. This is exciting to the core!

It looks like AkD and Joe are going to double team Ryan. They catapult him off the ropes and give him a double clothesline. And just like that Joe ends the alliance with AkD by giving him a kick to the mid section and throwing him out of the ring.

Ryan gets up, and Joe reacting quickly and clotheslining him out of the ring, but he's still holding on to the ropes. Joe notices Ryan holding on so he rams him out of the ring and the match is over.

(Announcer) The winner, Joe Burgett!

(Jeff) So Raw gets 2 picks.

(C. #2) Let's see who the first one is....

(Draft Music)

(Jeff) Terrel Johnson is coming to Raw!

(C. #2) Now let's see the second pick.

(Draft Music)

(Jeff) Oh my!

(C. #2) The man who just got eliminated by Joe is the man that Raw selects!

(Jeff) That's right, Ryan Michael is coming to Raw!

(C. #2) What a great start for Raw!

(Jeff) Coming up next for another pick, it'll be Daris Brown vs. Shane Howard.

(C. #2) Raw will return after the break.

Commercial Break

(Jeff) Welcome back to Raw everyone and you're just in time for another great match.

(C. #2) Yup. Both men already in the ring. It's Daris vs. Shane and now let's begin!

Bell sounds match begins. Daris and Shane locking up. Daris gets overwhelmed by Shane's strengh. Shane going to the top rope. Going for a flying elbow, but Daris catches him and changes it into a rolling pin. 1, 2, 3.

(Jeff) Oh my, what an upset!

(C. #2) That means Raw will get another pick and who will it be.

(Draft Music)

(Jeff) Please tell me this is real and I'm not just seeing this.

(C. #2) Your not seeing things it's all true.

(Jeff) Shane Howard is coming to Raw!

(C. #2)And look at Shane in the ring. I think he looks happy that he's going to Raw.

(Jeff) Despite losing the match, Shane is leaving the arena with a big smile on his face.


(Interviewer) I'm here with the GM of Raw, Svyato and the GM of ECW, Celeste. Now you said you had something to tell the WWE Universe. So what's the big surprise.

(Svyato) Well here's my big surprise. Please welcome the newest member of Raw, Giorgi Dolidze.

(Celeste) And here's mine. The newest member of ECW, Daniel Sumrall.

(Svyato) And they will face off against each other next.

(Celeste) Thanks, that's all.


(C. #2) We have the two new wrestlers up next for one match. Here we go ECW and RAW.

(Announcer) The next match is scheduled for one fall. Representing ECW, Daniel Sumrall and representing RAW, Giorgi.

(Bell Rings)

Both men are circling each other sizing one another up, they lock into a grapple hold.
Giorgi executes a powerful Irish whip that he then follows up with a set of three suplexes.

Daniel rolls away.

Both men on there feet now Giorgi attempting to throw Daniel into the turnbuckle,

Daniel blocks and off loads some kicks to Giorgi’s mid section followed with a few well targeted punches.

Giorgi executes another Irish whip into the corner of the ring as he goes for a body slam Daniel elevates him and executes a brilliant back drop that land Giorgi out side of the ring, 

The referee starts the count 1,...

Daniel not wasting any time goes after him,

Giorgi is headed to the other side of the ring Daniel is after him as he comes around the corner. Giorgi grabs a steel chair and hits him full on with it. 

(Bell Ring) 

(Announcer)Your winner as a result of a disqualification, Daniel Sumrall, the pick goes to ECW. 

(Draft Music) Anonymous guy is drafted. 

(Jeff) Its Anonymous guy! I can’t believe it! Anonymous guy is going to ECW; what an acquisition for ECW! 

(C. #2)Well I am sure he will fit in there just fine, I see ECW GM Celeste is smiling. 

(Jeff) Yes, but a GM smiling is not always a good thing. 


(Jeff) Here we go again with ECW against SmackDown. Kevin & Tyler Williams from ECW against Kumar & Ray from SmackDown for two picks.

(Announcer) This next match is for two picks and is scheduled for one fall, introducing from ECW the team of Kevin & Tyler Williams and from SmackDown the team of Kumar and Ray.

(Bell Ring)

Ray and Tyler start it off Ray throws Tyler in the corner with an Irish whip then follows it up with four shoulder drives to the mid section the referee breaks it up. 

Tyler now off loading punches at Ray they are going at it punch for punch.

Tyler Whips Ray into the ropes and delivers a huge boot to Ray. 

Ray is down Tyler wastes no time and moves in for the count 1…2…Ray kicks out.

Both men on there feet now Ray tries to get Tyler in a suplex but receives a huge jaw breaker.

Tyler makes the tag Kevin now the legal man in goes after Ray but is too late Ray has made the tag,

Kevin he runs straight into a massive clothesline from Kumar.

Kumar goes for the pin 1…Shoulders up.

Kumar picks Kevin up and has him in a bear hug slowly  squeezing the air out of Kevin.

The excruciating pain is written all over Kevin’s face, he musters up the strength he has left a delivers a mighty head butt.

That resounds with a horrible crack.

Kevin gains his release and starts to build momentum from the ropes.

Suddenly Ray strikes out with a cheap shot from the outside and catches him right in the jaw.

Kevin hits the mat Kumar goes for the pin 1…2…Kevin kicks out.

Both men back on their feet Kumar gaining momentum

Kevin delivers a low baseball slide which send Kumar on to his knees.

Kevin follows this up with another low kick that connects and goes in for the slide,


(Bell Ring)

(Announcer) Your winners the tag team of Kevin & Tyler Williams from ECW.
ECW gets two picks 

(Draft Music) Kumar

(Jeff) Oh now this is going to be interesting, somehow I don’t think this thing between Kumar and Kevin is over just yet. 

(C. #2) It would be even more ironic if the second pick came up as Ray.
(Draft Music)

Michael Scanlon

(Jeff) ECW is doing really well in this draft that’s for sure.

(Ring Announcer) This match is a Smackdown vs Raw Tag Team match for two draft picks. Introducing first, the team, representing Smackdown, being accompanied by Christi Lott. The team of one of Sterling Eby and one half of Retribution, Adrian Staehle!

The three come out to some serious heat.

(Ring Announcer) And there opponents, representing Monday Night Raw, the team of Kevin Canny and Demetrus Stokes!

The two come out to a mix of pops and boos.

The bell rings and we are under way.

The match starts with Kevin and Adrian. Adrian nails a quick Armdrag and Kevin falls straight to the ground. Adrian is nailing some quick kicks to the prone body of Kevin Canny as Demetrus Strokes is hitting the turnbuckle, which pumps up the crowd.

Now Adrian tags in Sterling Eby and he quickly goes for the head of Canny by hitting him in the head with great force and anger. He looks very determined for his title match at Backlash.

Sterling now is holding Canny in an armbar submission. Canny refusing to tap, is slowly getting up as Christi is yelling from the outside. Canny is now up and flips Sterling on his back until Sterling rolls outside the ring for a break.

Sterling is just walking away with Christi, until Demetrus and Kevin hit Sterling down and Demetrus picked Christi on his shoulders and walked towards the ring until he got towards the apron and Adrian comes out of nowhere from the top rope and nails Christi, Demetrus, and himself down.

(Commercial Break)

Back from commercial break and now Kevin Canny and Sterling are back in the ring, while both of their partners are in the ring apron, while Christi has left on a stretcher to the back. They are just throwing punches until Canny flips down Sterling with the Sharpshooter.

The move is locked in for about five minutes, until Eby kicks Canny down and finally makes a tag to Adrian, at the same time, Kevin makes a tag. Adrian quickly charges at Demetrus, until Strokes catches Adrian and hits a sidewalk slam.

He gets a two count as Eby breaks the tag and starts double teaming on Strokes, until Canny takes out Eby along with himself as they are outside the ring.

Now just Demetrus and Adrian are in the ring, and out of nowhere, Demetrus hits a chokeslam, but strokes falls in exhaustion.

He slowly covers Adrian, until Christi runs to the ring, and picks up Sterling on the outside, she slaps Sterling in the face and then raises his hand. The referee calls for the DQ and Sterling Eby and Adrian Staehle win.

(Commentator 2) Wow! That was a terrible end to such a great match, but who cares? We have gotten two draft picks!

Draft music hits and the newest member of Smackdown is.......'

(Jeff) Oh my Lord! Dozer will be joining Friday Nights. This is great!

Draft music hits again and the newest member of Smackdown is........

Kevin Canny!

(Commentator 2) Ahhhh!!! Can you believe this!!! Kevin Canny is joining Friday Nights! Maybe he'll bring the Intercontinental Championship on Sunday at Backlash!

Kevin is still in the ring and smirks at Sterling Eby and Christi Lott.


(Ring Announcer) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for one draft pick and it is scheduled for one fall. Introducing first, representing Smackdown, one half of Retribution, Dub Sizzle.

Sizzle comes out to "Take Em Apart" chants as he looks just like Vladimir Kozlov before a match.

(Ring Announcer) And his opponent, representing ECW, Dan Telek!

Telek comes out to assorted cheers and booes. He has a cocky smirk on his face.

Bell rings and we are under way

Telek just gives a cocky smile at Dub and they are just staring at each other. Telek just pushes Sizzle and smiles, until Sizzle looks at Dan and pushes him to the ground and starts to chase him until Telek rolls out of the ring and just walks away as Sizzle looks pissed. He just leaves and Sizzle wins via count out.

(Ring Announcer) Your winner by a countout, Dub Sizzle!

Draft music hits and Smackdown gets....

Dan Telek!

(Commentator 2) Oh God! Looks like Dub Sizzle can now seek Retribution every Friday night as Dan Telek will be joining Smackdown! And coming up next is Ron (Raw) Vs Bryn(ECW).

(C. #2) Welcome back to The Draft everyone. Up next we have yet another great match. It'll be Ron Johnson Vs Bryn.

Bell rings and it's on. Ron wasting no time attacking Bryn, shoves him into the corner and gives him a few good chops. Now he throws him out of the ring. And follows him out.

Count starts. Ron takes Bryn's head and pounds it on the table. Count is at 3. Not done with Bryn yet. Takes him and throws him into the chairs. Count at 7. Ron getting back to the ring. 8, 9, 10. Count out.

(Jeff) Well that was quick.

(C. #2) Quick and to the point. Ron wins Raw a pick.

(Jeff) So let's see who we get...

(Draft Music)

(Jeff) What a great superstar he'll be on Raw!

(C. #2) I agree with you fully. Sulayman will be amazing.

(Jeff) Well, Smackdown has taken some hits so far in the Draft, but we have hit the jackpot earlier with the additions of Kevin Canny from Raw and Dozer from ECW. Let's see if we'll get another star in this next match.

(Ring Announcer) This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for one draft pick. Introducing first, representing Smackdown, a number one contender for the WWE Championship at Backlash, Jay Rob The Legacy Kid!

"I Luv It" by Young Jeezy hits and Jay comes out to a huge pop with a smile on his face.

(Ring Announcer) And his opponent, representing ECW, M!

M comes out to a big pop

Bell rings and we are underway.

The match starts with an instant RKO by Jay Rob and M is down. He goes for the pin but M amazingly kicks out. Jay is astonished by this. M instantly sits up, but Jay dropkicks him back down to the mat. Jay goes up to the top rope and nails a cross body splash on to M. Two count by Jay Rob as he is still amazed that M is still in this.

(Commercial Break)

We are back and M is in control. M hits some Undertaker like punches and then hits a clothesline on Jay Rob. Two count on Jay as M is looking angry. They are now both up and M misses a clothesline on Jay as Jay hits an Enzuguri on M and M is down. But M somehow just sits up and Jay kicks him down again. M is down and Jay hits a springboard splash for a two and a half count on M.

(Commercial Break)

We are back and Jay has M in a chokehold until M kicks Jay in the mid section. M goes for a rapid spear but gets caught in a chokehold by Jay Rob. Jay lifts him into a chokeslam but drops him on his knee at an amazing height.

(Commentator 2) He calls that the Chiropractor and it connects!

Jay pinned M for the three count.

(Ring Announcer) Here is your winner, Jay Rob the Legacy Kid!

(Jeff) Wow! Another great match with Jay winning with his new finisher called the Chiropractor. Anyways, looks like we'll be getting a new draft pick!

Draft music hits and the newest member of Smackdown is...

Ron Johnson

(Commentator 2) Oh my Goooooooooooddddd!!!!! Ron Johnson is now on Smackdown. What a pick for Smackdown! We have hit the jackpot, tonight baby!!!!

Thanks for reading the draft! Backlash is tomorrow!


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