Mock Draft with Predicted Trades and Seven Oakland Raiders Picks

Ramone BrownSenior Writer IApril 23, 2009

OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 14:  Fans of the Oakland Raiders look on against the New England Patriots during an NFL game on December 14, 2008 at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum in Oakland, California.  (Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/Getty Images)

It is no longer a secret that Al Davis and the Raiders aren't happy with there current draft picks.  They've just announced the No. 7 overall pick and five players are available for trade:  Justin Fargas, Stanford Rout, Michael Huff, Derrick Burgess, and Andre Walter.

Here is a possible outcome of how this could affect the Raiders draft and the whole 1st round.

I predict the Raiders make these three trades but are unable to deal away the 7th overall pick.

-Oakland trades the second round 40th overall pick and Derick Burgess to the New England Patriots in order to move up 17 spaces and get back into the first round.  The Pats have been shopping for Julius Peppers but negotiations are at a stand still and they settle for Burgess.

Al Davis thinks he has the upper hand while Bill Belichek thinks he has played the Raiders for fools once again.

-Raiders Trade Justin Fargas to the Arizona Cardinals for a fourth round.  Hightower can't carry the load alone and Edgerrin James has made it clear he still believes he is a 1000 yard back and wants to be on a team who properly utilizes his ability.

-Raiders trade Andrew Walter to the Jets for a fifth rounder.  Walter may not be the answer, but they have QB problems and this is a start.

-So now the Raiders have seven draft picks. Two in the first,  one in the third, two in the fourth, a fith and a sixth rounder.

With these trades the first round will look like this

1.  Detroit Lions-  Aaron Curry,  OLB Wake Forest

Talent level at QB in this years draft is suspect and rookie QBs rarely succeed especially on sub-par teams.  Lions go with the safe choice and select the best player in the draft.

2.  St. Louis Rams-Jason Smith,  OT Baylor

They have many holes but choose to fill the void left by Orlando Pace.  Jason will provide holes for an aging Steven Jackson and much needed protection for the QB.

3.  Kansas City Chiefs-Brian Orakpo,  OLB/DE Texas

Workout warrior and phisical freak,  he will bring that much needed ferocity to the Chiefs locker room and defense.  He will be a presence in both the pass rush and run support.

4.  Seatle Seahawks-Eugene Monroe,  OT Virgina

Matt Hassleback spent all of last season battling injury and watching from the sideline.  While this former playoff team had a dismal year.  Keeping Hasleback healthy needs to be the No. 1 priority.

5.  Cleveland Browns-Michael Crabtree,  WR Texas Tech

With Donte Staleworth facing legal problems and a trade looming involving Braylon Edwards to the Giants. WR is now the Browns biggest need.  Crabtree should provide the Browns with an instant starter.

6.  Cincinati Bengals-Andre Smith,  OT Alabama

Once thought to be the best OT in this years draft his value has dropped.  But the Bengals have a reputation of signing players with less than stellar personalities and they don't disappoint here.

7.  Oakland Raiders-Bj Raji,  DT Bosto College

The Raiders biggest weakness is there interior D-line as they had the 31st ranked run defense. They bring in a big disruptive force a DT to help stuff the run.

8.  Jacksonville Jaguars-Jeremy Maclin,  WR Missouri

Last year the Jags suffered due to injuries to WRs and the O-line.  They get Garrard a home-run threat to compliment the running game.  Maclin can contribute not only to the pass but special teams allowing Maurice Jones-Drew to concentrate on running.

9.  Greenbay Packers-Everette Brown, OLB/DE Florida State

The Packers along with just about every other team in the NFL are switching to a 3-4 defense. Brown will provide them with an edge rusher as well as run support.

10. San Francisco 49ers-Matt Stafford,  QB Georgia

They were not planning on going QB here but surprised by him falling this far they can't resist.  They pick him even after questionable answers regarding his parents divorce.  Matt's Decision making is suspect and he is often criticized for throwing into double even triple coverage. He has all the talent you could ask for.

11.  Buffalo Bills-  Aaron Maybin,  DE Penn State

The Bills are in desperate need of a pass rush,and they the best available edge rusher.  At 6'4'' 250 he may be better suited as a OLB but the Bills take a chance here.

12.  Denver Broncos-Tyson Jackson,  DE LSU

The Ideal canidate to play DE in a 3-4 this guy is a beast against the run and even brings a little bit of a pass rush.  The Broncos select Tyson in an attempt to patch there porous run-d.

13.  DC Redskins-Brian Cushings, OLB USC

Having missed out on a much needed DE the Redskins fill another hole by selecting LB Brian Cushings he has the ability to play both inside and outside and should be productive.

14.  New Orleans Saints-Chris Wells,  RB Ohio State

Reggie Bush is not an every down back and Deuce Macalister retired this offseason. The Saints once again neglect the defense and pick up this workhorse at RB.

15.  Houstan Texans-Clay Mathews,  OLB USC

The Texans don't have any glaring holes but could use some added run support and pass rush.

16.  San Diego Chargers-Malcolm Jenkins,  CB/FS Ohio State

Many would expect they address there soft inside linebackers but they also have possible the softest safeties in the NFL.  They fill this glaring hole by drafting arguably the best DB in the draft to play FS.

17.  New York Jets-Mark Sanchez,  QB USC

The Jets are still without a real QB and Christmas comes early for them this year as Mark Sanchez falls into there lap. 

18.  Denver Broncos-Ray Maualuga,  MLB USC

The Broncos whole defense is suspect aside from the secondary they fill a hole at ILB and pick possible the best defender available.

19.  Tampa Bay Buccaneers-Josh Freeman,  QB  Kansas State

They are without a QB after the loss of Garcia Josh is possibly the most gifted and talented QB in this draft,and I predict he is the most productive Qb taken in this years draft.

20.  Detroit Lions-Michael Oher,  OT Ole Miss

The Lions luck out here and select  Oher to improve protection for Detroit QBs for years to come.

21.  Philidephia Eagles-Knowshon Moreno,  RB Georgia

His size and power compliment Westbrook,well and the Eagles need an answer for there redzone,  goal-line and short yardage failures.

22  Minnesota Vikings-Vontae Davis,  CB Illnoise

Some of the Vikings CBs coverage ability are suspect and they are aging they select possible the best athlete in this years draft in Vontae Davis.

23 Oakland Raiders(traded from NE for Burgess and 2nd round 40th overall)-Darius Hayward-Bey,  WR Maryland.

Wr is the Raiders second biggest hole this year and Darius is an awesome athlete.Fastest player in the draft also highest vertical leap of any receiver in the draft.  At 6'2'' 215 he is considered by many to be the best jump ball receiver in the draft and great meserables=Al Davis Pick.

24 Atlanta Falcons-Evandor Hood, DT  Missouri

After Trading for Tony G TE is no longer a need and they fill the next biggest hole of DT and at 6'3'' 300 pounds Evender "Ziggy"Hood will be a huge force in the middle.

25  Miami Dolphins-Kenny Britt,  WR Rutgers

They need a big physical receiver to go along with there big physical running game.  Britt not only will be great fighting for the ball but he wil be a force sealing of CBs and making blocks down field.

26  Baltimore Ravens-Darius Butler,  CB Connecticut

After the loss of Samari Rolle they and Bart Scott this once great defense has a few glaring holes the patch the CB spot by drafting this speedy athletic corner 4.4 speed 43 inch vertical

27  Indianapolis Colts-Peria Jerry,  DT Ole Miss

Great pass rusher and an Ideal fit for the Colts Tampa two defense run stopping ability is a little suspect for a DT but hey its the Colts.

28  Buffalo Bills-Brandon Pettigrew,  TE Oklahoma State

This is a big need for the Bills.  And T.O. thought he wasn't gonna have to compete against another stellar Tight-End Buffalo is beginning to look alot like Dallas al over again.

29  New York Giants-Brian Robiskie,  WR Ohio State

With negotiations involving Braylon Edwards Stalling the Giants need a Receiver now not to mention Edwards hands and focus have been quite suspect lately.  The Giants pick possibly the most polished receiver in the draft I predict he is the most productive receivers of all picked in the first round.

30 Tennesse Titan-Ron Brace,  DT Boston College

The Titans need to fill the void left by Albert Haynesworth and what better way to do it than with this mountain of a man in Ron Brace.

31 Arizona Cadinals-James Laurinitis,  OLB Ohio State

The Cardinals Strong Safety can't continue to make all the tackles for the team an adequet Linebacker is a huge need and this one can play both inside and out.

32 Pittsburgh Steelers-Alex Mack,  C/OG Cal

In an attempt to keep Big Ben on his feet next season the Steelers select and smart versatile athletic offensive linemen.

Raiders seven round mock

First Round seventh overall pick=  The Raiders Select BJ Raji to fill the hole in the interior line and improve the 31st ranked run-d

First round 23rd overall= Raiders select Darius Hayward-Bey a great big fast target and deep threat to help spread the field.

Thi rd round=Patrick Chung An athletic hard hitting safety out of OSU oregon.  Plays much bigger than he is.

Fourth round Zach Follet= OLB Cal adds much needed depth to the Raiders linebackers and may even compete for the starting job strong side.

Fourth round (from Arizona for Justin Fargas)=C.J. Wilson 6'4''272 DE North Carolina a great pass rusher with adequate size will add depth to DE for the Raiders.

Fifth round(from NYG for Andrew Walter)=Mitch King DE Iowa 6'2'' 280 will add depth to the D-line backing up either Tommy Kelly or Jay Richardson.  Is projected as a 3-4 d-end great against the run.

Seventh round=David Johson TE/FB Arkansas,  Huge thick blocker,  will destroy tacklers great for the running game.  Though not a natural receiver may be better suited to be a blocking FB than a TE.  Will add that much need Blocking TE to get Miller more involved in the pass game.  May even add depth to FB.


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