5 Places Titus Young Could Rejuvenate Troubled Young NFL Career

Brandon Alisoglu@@BrandonAlisogluCorrespondent IDecember 4, 2012

5 Places Titus Young Could Rejuvenate Troubled Young NFL Career

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    Titus Young is the latest casualty of ego for the Detroit Lions. He continually places himself above the team and is paid the same price as talented corner Aaron Berry.


    Schwartz also announced Titus Young is not with the team and “will not be in the mix.” #BelleTireMondayPresser

    — Detroit Lions (@DetroitLionsNFL) December 3, 2012


    It's too bad. He could have had a nice career playing opposite Calvin Johnson.

    Let's see where the 23-year-old might land next year.

More Than a Couple Disgruntled Employees Have Landed in Oakland

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    Al Davis has passed, so the culture around the Oakland Raider is sure to change.

    But come on. It's still the Raiders!

    They have to take a chance on a talented speedster who just can't get out of his own way. They just have to!

    Regardless of whether Dennis Allen does change the direction of the franchise, there is a serious need for an interior pass-catcher who can cause matchup problems.

Follow the Bill Belichick Way

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    Not every New England Patriots reclamation project has worked out.

    Most notably, Chad Ochocino (or Johnson or whatever) and Albert Haynesworth were phenomenal flops. Ochocinco ended the regular season with 15 receptions and only one touchdown. 

    However, it worked well for Corey Dillon. And Aqib Talib has paid immediate dividends, although it's too early to tell how that whole story will end.

    Titus Young lining up inside as a cheap alternative to re-signing Wes Welker? Sounds exactly like something Bill Belichick would do.

Couldn't the Miami Dolphins Use Another Set of Hands?

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    Why not?

    The Miami Dolphins took on Chad Ochocinco at one point too. Why not give a kid with talent left a shot?

    Sure, the Ochocinco experiment didn't work out too well, but that doesn't mean they shouldn't keep stockpiling talent. They need it.

    And they can always cut him if he messes up. 

Maybe Tim Tebow Can Save Him

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    Have you seen who Mark Sanchez, er, Greg McElroy is throwing to? Titus Young would be the No. 1 receiver in that offense today.

    Santonio Holmes will be back, but the New York Jets still need someone else to make plays.

    And it isn't like Rex Ryan shies away from individual characters. People wouldn't even notice Young on this roster. 

Marvin Lewis Loves Him Some Crazy Dudes

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    It's too bad Chad Ochocinco didn't play for more teams, then Titus Young would have more options!

    On a more serious note, Vontaze Burfict proves that the Cincinnati Bengals are still willing to give talented troublemakers a chance.

    And that description fits the former Detroit Lions slot receiver perfectly. 

    The Bengals aren't hurting for wide receiver depth, but good teams are constantly looking for an upgrade. Let's find out if Cincy is a good team.