Best Moments from UFC 110-120

Riley Kontek@@BigRIlesMMAFeatured ColumnistNovember 19, 2012

Best Moments from UFC 110-120

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    Bleacher Report's "Best Moments" series continues with a look at some of the biggest moments in UFC history.

    Following some of the greatest moments in the history of the UFC during the 100-110 period, UFC 110-120 did not disappoint with the amount of amazing moments it had. Legends like Matt Hughes and Mauricio Rua gave us great memories, as did young guns such as Court McGee and John Howard.

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    Here are the best moments from this period.

UFC Live 1: Howard Blasts Roberts with Brutal Ground and Pound

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    In what was supposed to be just another prelim, John Howard wowed fans with his brutal style of fighting.

    Facing another newer face in Daniel Roberts, Howard showed who was the man with one punch. While Roberts was on his back and Howard was still standing, Howard dropped a huge bomb of a punch that put Roberts into a trance.

    It was a thunderous knockout that showed the pure violence in Howard's blood.

UFC Live 1: Jones Breaks Vera's Face...Literally

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    The main event of the first ever UFC on Versus card saw Jon Jones dismantle Brandon Vera.

    Vera was seen as a big test for Jones, who at this point was still an up-and-comer. Jones got on top of Vera and began dropping bombs, until one elbow changed the fight.

    That elbow broke Vera's face in a couple spots and spelled the beginning of the end. Jones was the victor and Vera was a broken man (pun intended).

UFC Fight Night 21: Rivera Rearranges Quarry's Face

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    Speaking of a face getting rearranged, Jorge Rivera's thumping of Nate Quarry was another moment that saw a spectacular butt-kicking which sent a fighter to get his face evaluated.

    Rivera got the win via second-round knockout. Quarry needed facial reconstruction surgery after this fight and retired afterwards.

UFC Fight Night 21: Nelson Drops the Giant

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    The Pillsbury Doughboy with a mullet met a beanstalk at UFC Fight Night 21 when Roy Nelson stood toe to toe with Stefan Struve.

    Struve stands at 6'11" and Nelson at 6'0". Height issues proved not to matter as early in the fight Nelson landed a couple huge punches that had Struve out cold.

UFC 112: Hughes Chops Down Another Gracie

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    If Kazushi Sakuraba is "The Gracie Hunter," Matt Hughes should be known as "The Gracie Hunter 2.0."

    Hughes took on the legendary Renzo Gracie at UFC 112 and showed him who was boss. Utilizing his superior striking, Hughes chopped down Gracie with heavy leg kicks through their three-round affair.

    It was one of the handful of Gracies and their students that Hughes had put away in his career.

UFC 112: Edgar Shocks the World

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    Frankie Edgar was supposed to be another victim of BJ Penn at UFC 112. However, nobody told Edgar that.

    In a five-round affair, Edgar shocked the world by taking a unanimous decision over Penn to win the UFC Lightweight Championship. 

    It was the true story of an underdog.

Dishonorable Mention: Paul Daley Sucker Punches Josh Koscheck at UFC 113

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    For all the great moments the UFC has had, sometimes there are moments so bad that they need to be mentioned among these amazing ones. 

    UFC 113 saw Josh Koscheck manhandle Paul Daley to a decision. After the bell, Daley sucker punched Koscheck out of frustration and was immediately cut by the UFC.

    For shame, Paul.

UFC 113: Shogun Ends "The Era of the Dragon"

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    The rematch of a controversial light heavyweight title fight was set for UFC 113, and Mauricio Rua did not want to leave it in the judge's hands this time.

    Midway through the first round, "Shogun" clipped "The Dragon" with a punch and finished him on the ground with brutal ground and pound. With that, Rua became the champion of the UFC. 

UFC 114: Matt Hughes Inducted into the Hall of Fame

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    UFC 114 marked the induction of a welterweight legend into the Hall of Fame. That legend was MMA pioneer and former champion Matt Hughes.

    He was the perfect man for the induction and earned it through a trail blazing career.

UFC 114: Russow Makes Greatest Comeback in MMA History

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    If you want to talk about the greatest comeback in MMA history, then you must first start with Mike Russow's miraculous comeback at UFC 114 against Todd Duffee.

    Eating punches that would have derailed a fleet of trains, Russow used his iron chin and undying will to keep his composure and strike when the time was right.

    One punch was all it took and Duffee was out cold. Russow may have eaten way more punches, but he won the fight regardless.

UFC 115: Condit Brings the Heat with Back Against the Wall

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    Carlos Condit went into the final round of his fight with Rory MacDonald trailing big time on the judge's scorecards. A finish was the only way he would win.

    It almost didn't happen, but with less than ten seconds left in the fight, Condit earned a knockout victory over MacDonald and proved never to count him out of a fight.

UFC 115: The Iceman Retires

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    It is not always a "great moment" when a legend retires from the sport, especially when they go out on a loss. However, Chuck Liddell's retirement following UFC 115 saw a well-deserved step away from the sport from the UFC's best employee.

    It wasn't the way he wanted to go out via knockout to Rich Franklin, but at least he went out guns blazing.

TUFF 11: McGee Wins TUF, Caps off Feel Good Story at Finale

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    Drug addiction, a near-death experience and the road to comeback was the story when Court McGee spent his time on The Ultimate Fighter 11.

    McGee looked to cap off an amazing story of struggle and triumph with a win in the finals against Kris McCray. He would not disappoint, as he earned the title as TUF 11 champion in the middleweight division.

UFC 116: Harris Slams Branch into Unconsciousness

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    Gerald Harris did his best Quinton Jackson impersonation possible at UFC 116 when he faced Dave Branch on the undercard.

    Branch jumped on Harris which allowed for Harris to drive Branch into the mat. With Branch's head bouncing off the mat, he was out cold and Harris walked out of the cage the winner.

UFC 116: Leben Triangles Akiyama, Wins for Second Time in a Couple Short Weeks

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    Chris Leben had fought a few weeks before UFC 116 when he fought at the TUF 11 Finale, but when duty called at UFC 116, Leben answered in a big way.

    Going up against international superstar Yoshihiro Akiyama, Leben made the fight a crowd pleaser as he usually did. Toward the end of the fight, he locked up Akiyama in a beautiful triangle choke that tapped out the Japanese judoka.

    It was a huge win under tough circumstances.

UFC 116: Lesnar Survives First Round Beating, Chokes out Carwin

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    It looked like Brock Lesnar was going to be dethroned in the first round of his historic heavyweight clash with Shane Carwin. Lesnar showed his toughness by taking some huge power punches from Carwin and staying in the game.

    In the second round, Carwin was gassed from all the energy he exerted in the first frame. Lesnar capitalized and choked out the challenger with an arm-triangle choke that sent Carwin to the back of the line.

UFC Live 2: Gomi Cleans Griffins Clock

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    Takanori Gomi's fight with Tyson Griffin wasn't even a minute old at UFC on Versus 2 when "The Fireball Kid" struck with a huge one-punch knockout of Griffin.

    It was classic Gomi, which sent Griffin crashing face first into the mat.

UFC 117: Hughes Chokes out Almeida with Front Headlock

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    Brute strength and years of American wrestling experience gave Matt Hughes the tools he needed to knock off Ricardo Almeida at UFC 117.

    Getting beat on the feet, Almeida shot in on Hughes who promptly threw on a front headlock. Using his raw strength, Hughes was able to choke the Brazilian unconscious en route to an impressive submission victory.

UFC 117: Sonnen Almost Dethrones King, Silva Makes Comeback

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    Remember when I said that Mike Russow was the owner of the greatest comeback in MMA history? I may have been wrong.

    Down big time on the cards against Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva needed a finish to retain his middleweight strap. With under two minutes until history was made, Silva caught Sonnen in a picture-perfect triangle choke that ultimately tapped out the American grappler.

    It was a big moment in their epic rivalry.

UFC 118: Couture Shows Toney MMA Is Legit

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    James Toney's mouth wrote a check that his ass couldn't cash when he bad mouthed the UFC and MMA in general. He wanted Randy Couture, and Couture is who he got at UFC 118.

    The pro boxing legend was completely outclassed by the former UFC champion. Couture could have probably submitted to Toney immediately, but he dragged it out a bit to humble Toney.

UFC Fight Night 22: Marquardt Slips out of Leg Lock, Blasts Palhares

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    Rousimar Palhares learned a lesson the hard way at UFC Fight Night 22 when he was shown to never take your eye off the ball.

    Looking to put Nate Marquardt in a patented heel hook, Marquardt squirmed out. Palhares went to complain to the referee about apparent greasing on the part of Marquardt, but Marquardt capitalized by ramming through the Brazilian's face with his fists.

    Marquardt's legs were examined after the fight, but there was no wrongdoing. 

UFC 120: Condit Shuts Hardy's Mouth with His Fist

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    When Carlos Condit and Dan Hardy met at UFC 120, one thing was certain—somebody was getting knocked out.

    That happened in devastating fashion. As both men threw hooks, Condit's landed earlier and with more flush which put Hardy down. A couple of follow-up strikes later and Condit put Hardy to sleep.