What Does It Take To Be No. 1?

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 13, 2009

I joined up here at Bleacher Report about a month ago, and I think it’s a great site.

I was fueled with excitement at the time.

Thirty-something articles later, and I wasn’t so excited any more. Over those 30-plus days, I’d focused on sports I love and know something about; mainly wrestling and basketball.

However, I only had three articles I wrote be well-received or "successful." By well-received or “successful,” I mean articles that have gotten at least a hundred page hits. These were my articles titled “What Will Happen at Wrestlemania Will Blow Your Minds” “The Top 13 Wrestling Stars on the Rise,” and “Who Will Reign Supreme as MVP?

I worked hard on all the other articles as well, but I seemed to fall flat on my face with those.

What makes it even worse is that members here at Bleacher Report who joined up around the same time I did seemed to be moving up the ranks as fast as hotcakes being eaten at a pancake-eating contest; and they’re getting B/R Pick of the Day awards like it’s nothing.

Yet, today I read an article from a fan of mine and a writer I’m definitely a fan of, named Hotnuke. He’s a great writer.

What makes him so great is you can tell he puts effort into his articles, does great research, and spends time writing them.

Well, he wrote an article today called, “Four Keys to Writing a Successful Bleacher Report Article”.

This piece inspired me, and gave me a great feeling about writing again. Maybe I am a good sportswriter, and simply need my work to be tweaked (okay, maybe a major tweak is needed).

So, I am going back to the lab and am going to look around at other articles by writers here on Bleacher Report to gain some more inspiration and ideas.

Right now the only idea I have is a series I’m thinking of writing titled, TR: Tyler Rants. However, it still hasn’t made its' debut since I don’t want it to fail. It will be my first series, and I intend to put more work into it to guarantee its success.

Let me say though:

Don't call it a comeback,

I been here for years,

Rockin my peers and puttin suckas in fear.

Makin’ the tears rain down like a MON-soon,

Listen to the bass go BOOM.

Explosion, overpowerin’,

Over the competition, I'm towerin’,

Wreckin’ shop, when I drop these lyrics that'll make you call the cops.

Don't you dare stare, you betta move,

Don't ever compare,

Me to the rest that'll all get sliced and diced,

Competition's payin’ the price.

Definitely don't call it a come back as I haven't even reached the top YET.

Hopefully the writers who are stuck on the hump like me will get over that hump and keep it moving.