What Will Happen at Wrestlemania Will Blow Your Minds

Tyler WilliamsAnalyst IIIMarch 5, 2009

"Well, I no longer have Shawn Michaels and somehow now I don't get to wrestle Undertaker at Mania.

Well, I still believe I am destined to do something great at Mania, so tune in Monday Night and you will see my plan start to unfold."

That was from a recent blog from the man they call JBL.

But the real question here is, what will go down that is so historic that it will involve JBL?

Is it a match, storyline, who knows? But it has grabbed my attention and probably everybody else's.


Things JBL Will Probably Do at Wrestlemania

Wrestle Hulk Hogan in a match.

Be involved in a storyline where JBL bought the rights to WCW, and WCW will rise again. Not going to happen, but I just thought I would throw it in there.

Honestly I don't know what it is and don't have any more ideas.

It has to be something that never happened in wrestling before, or it will be disappointing and boring.

Whatever it is, it has caught my attention, and with some other reasons, wrestling has caught my interest for the time being. What do you think will go down at WrestleMania to make it even more historic?