Miami Heat: Things LeBron James Can Look Forward to This Offseason

Amit BatraCorrespondent IIIJune 25, 2012

Miami Heat: Things LeBron James Can Look Forward to This Offseason

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    As arguably the best player in the league, Miami Heat forward LeBron James has had nine long years in the NBA.  He's dealt with all kinds of adversity, but his ultimate goal has been accomplished.

    The Most Valuable Player showed how worthy he was this postseason through game changing performances in every series.

    Not only has James been amazing, but he got his teammates involved as much as possible.  One important characteristic of James is that he trusts his teammates maybe more than any other superstar in the NBA.

    James was the main catalyst in the Heat's 2012 playoff run, and at the end the team was successful in earning a second banner to be raised at American Airlines Arena. 

    Now that the season is over, here are some things that James can look forward to this offseason. 

His Champion Status

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    James can rest now that he's finally won a championship.  His reaction was "it's about damn time."  Only fitting for arguably the most criticized and scrutinized athlete in all of sports. 

    For James, winning his coveted first ring will only better his career.  It could also make life a whole lot worse for the guys that he'll be facing in the future.

    He's dreamed about this moment for so long. James had done about everything there is to accomplish in basketball, except win a ring. 

    It was a tough journey, but he was on a mission this postseason.  He accomplished what he set out to do. 

    Through his hard work and dedication, James won his first of many, or so he guaranteed. 

    Now, it's time to enjoy the feeling for a bit, and get ready to train for Olympic basketball. 

Potential Offseason Moves

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    As everyone knows, this offseason will be a complete mess. 

    Guys like Deron Williams, Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Kevin Garnett and Jason Terry are all on the market, while others such as Dwight Howard and Pau Gasol will be in the mix for trades.

    So, who will be on this all-star roster Miami Heat roster come next season? 

    For LeBron James, he can kick back and see what Heat President Pat Riley has in store for the champions next year.

    Will Mike Miller retire?  Will the Heat risk a good thing at point guard with the duo of Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole? 

    All valid questions. The Heat will look for an ever deeper roster. 

    Will the Heat draft a center such as Fab Melo or give a guy like Dexter Pittman a larger role? 

    King James can relax on his throne for a bit and see what happens. It's out of his hands.

Olympic Gold, Baby!

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    LeBron James has already felt the feeling of honoring the United States and winning gold alongside his peers.

    Why not do it again? 

    Along with his buddies Chris Bosh and perhaps Dwyane Wade, the chances of winning gold once again is very likely.  Other players that are playing on the team are listed here.

    The likes of Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony and Chris Paul should be too much for any other country to handle.

    In 2004, the team went on to receive bronze medals, while in 2008 James and company went on to dominate.

    There are no guarantees in sports, but James has a great opportunity to leave London with gold once again. 

Seeing a Healthy Dwyane Wade

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    It's tough to determine when Dwyane Wade is legitimately hurt on the basketball court. 

    However, the long haul of back-to-back games in a shortened season has seem to catch up to the 2006 finals MVP. 

    Wade has dealt with knee injuries all throughout the postseason.  In route to a second championship, D-Wade put up solid numbers, but it looked as if he was not his normal nickname, "Flash."

    It's a possibility that Wade may need surgery. Playing for your country is a special honor, but is it worth risking health for the next couple of seasons. 

    King James may need to give Wade a talk of what is more important.  D-Wade should not risk what has already been a stellar career.

    The 2-time NBA champion will have to check with doctors and see what is the best interest for him.

    James would like to see good news for his buddy this offseason. 

    Is Wade important to the American team? 

    Yes, as he averaged 16 points a game in the 2008 Olympics. It was a team-high, but is a shot at gold worth risking a career?