John Morrison Stars in Short Film Spoof 'The Negotiator'

Gone Baby GoneContributerMay 2, 2012

Screen Cap of 'The Negotiator' published by Author
Screen Cap of 'The Negotiator' published by Author

Talk about a guy who knows how to keep himself busy.

Since his WWE departure in November of 2011, John Morrison has been far from bored during his hiatus.

As we all know, there were several rumors about him and girlfriend/former WWE Diva Melina heading to TNA. To date, those rumors have not come to fruition.

Instead, Morrison has been involved in several acting roles, launching a new fitness program and doing very limited in-ring appearances at indie shows.

Morrison's acting projects have allowed him to work with the likes of "Weird Al" Yankovic and Jessica Alba. And even with the little time Morrison has spent in-ring, he still managed to land a World title at one of those events.

Although he has been out of the wrestling world, Morrison continues to update fans on his projects. His latest was no different, as he took to his Twitter on May 2nd to debut his most recent video:



Prior to posting this story, I took a look at the film, and it's hilarious. Once again, Morrison doesn't disappoint.

It should be noted that Morrison also posted a WrestleMania rap prior to the big event and again knocked it out of the park.

Morrison is on the right track, as it appears that he has set goals for himself and seems to be meeting them. All in all, if he never returns to the WWE again, it seems he will be OK.

Like many others, I think that's highly unlikely. But, then again, who knows?

Ultimately, Morrison controls his own fate, so we will have to wait and see what's next for JoMo.