WWE News: John Morrison Lands First Post-WWE World Title

Gone Baby GoneContributerFebruary 6, 2012

This one is for all of the JOMOsapiens, your wait is finally over as John Morrison landed his first main-event title.

For about a month now, Morrison has been slated to take on Shelton Benjamin for the WWFX Championship in the Philippines. The long-awaited match happened on February 4 and Morrison, also known as John Hennigan, bested the former "Gold Standard" and gained the WWFX gold.

According to twnpnews.com:

In Morrison’s first post-WWE wrestling appearance, he scooped a brand new championship on a card stacked with former WWE talent.

Morrison played the babyface in a match that saw a ref bump and Benjamin attempt to use the championship belt to help him get the win. Morrison eventually scooped the win with his WWE signature move, Starship Pain.

After the match, Morrison celebrated with the other faces on the card including his girlfriend Melina.

This win definitely proves that Morrison is still a proven talent in the wrestling world. Obviously, this title will never be reflected for any other company Morrison wrestles for. However, it is a nice milestone for the former WWE star.

There is still no word as to what Morrison has planned in terms of WWE or TNA. However, if he continues to keep his name in the news, his stock will stay high and when he is ready he will probably be courted by both companies.

Hopefully Morrison will continue to take time off and wrestle once or twice a month as he heals. Fans everywhere would probably want to see him in a smaller venue during his hiatus.

I personally hope Morrison returns to the ring sometime later this year. However, I would like to see him in TNA just to see if his fan base is strong enough to follow him to WWE's rival.

Since this match was in the Philippines not many people can lay claim to have been in attendance. So luckily there has been a video posted so fans can check it out.