John Morrison: 'The Shaman of Sexy' Gets in the Ring with Jessica Alba

Gone Baby GoneContributerApril 10, 2012

Courtesy Daily Mail
Courtesy Daily Mail

Yes, that headline is accurate.

However, it's not a match to be aired for the WWE or TNA for that matter. Instead, it's a shoot for a new undisclosed YouTube commercial. Several outlets, including US Weekly, managed to land some pics from the shoot.

Unfortunately, many outlets were focused more on what Alba was wearing rather than who she was fighting, so Morrison's name is not mentioned in any of the articles.

In fact, the Daily Mail reported:

Jessica Alba cut a very different figure as she stepped into the wrestling ring to film a YouTube commercial in Los Angeles.

The 30-year-old looked fierce as she smacked down as big burly opponent clad in leather studded trousers. Jessica looked somewhat demure in a pair of rust coloured skinny jeans and a floaty patterned top.


This is a pretty huge opportunity for Morrison. It allows him to get his name out there—well, at least with the producers—and gives him a shot at other ventures. Speaking of which, JoMo also announced the launch of a new fitness program.

So, needless to say, it appears that JoMo either has a great business manager or is extremely business savvy himself. Either way, if he continues chugging along, he could wind up being one of the few wrestlers that has continued success outside of the ring.

I am hoping to have a follow-up on this story to, at the very least, let you know what the commercial is about.