Kevin Love Deserves to Be in the NBA MVP Consideration

Nicholas Goedel@NicholasGoedel Contributor IIMarch 30, 2012

K-Love For MVP
K-Love For MVPChristian Petersen/Getty Images

Move over Kevin Garnett, there is another Kevin in Minnesota that should surpass you as the only other Minnesota T-Wolf to win the NBA MVP.

Lets flash back to 2003-2004 when Garnett won the NBA MVP. That year was a magical year for the T-Wolves. They won their only division title that year and were on their way to the Western Conference Finals showdown with the Los Angeles Lakers. That year, Garnett scored his career high in points with 1,987 and grabbed a career high in rebounds with 1,139.

Garnett deserved that award, but now nearly eight years later, Love has become the present-day Garnett.

The debate between Love and Garnett has already begun to heat up. So, who is better?

Already, Love has more rebounds then KG in their first four years with 3,170 rebounds—KG had 2,394. KG right now has more points in his first four years with 4,639 points, and so far Love has 4,495 points. It's fair to compare these stats, because KG also went through a lockout-shortened season in his first four years. Both of them made two trips to the NBA All-Star game in their first four years.

The difference between KG and K-Love is KG was a pure defender, and K-Love can nail the open three. KG was named to six All-NBA Defensive first teams, led the league in rebounds four times and was on three All-NBA first teams all with the T-Wolves.

Love, on the other hand, has not been in the league long enough to gather up all those honors. However, he has snagged some other honors, like the 2011 Most Improved Player, 2012 Three Point Shootout Champion and 2011 NBA rebounding champion.

So who’s better? I would say early on, it is Love, but he will need to be able to continue these numbers for the next decade to be considered the best T-Wolf of all time.

Now let's get back to the MVP consideration. Right now, Kevin Love is third in the league in scoring with 26.6 ppg, and is only behind the league-leader Kobe Bryant by 1.6 ppg.

Love has 44 double-doubles this year, good for first in the league. The next closest is Dwight Howard, with 41.

Kevin Love is second in rebounds with 667, which only trails Dwight Howard, who has 740. If you combined points per game, rebounds and assists, Kevin Love is leading the league with an average of 42.5. Not to mention, Love is leading the league in minutes played per game.

This whole year we have heard that Kevin Durant or LeBron James will win the MVP. We have yet to hear Kevin Love even mentioned, yet Love is ahead of James and slightly behind Durant in scoring; and he is beating both of them in rebounds.

So why is Love not even in MVP consideration? Is it only a popularity contest?

We know that the Oklahoma City Thunder and Miami Heat are NBA Finals favorites, and right now the T-Wolves are out of the playoffs. Is making the playoffs a requirement? It should not be.

Look at Major League Baseball: of the last four American League Cy Young winners, only one of them has been on a playoff team. I know NBA and MLB are different, but this should be the benchmark in judging the NBA MVP.

Do you think K-Love deserves to be in the MVP talk? And who is better, KG or Love?