2012 NFL Free Agents: Teams Sure to Overpay Veteran Talent This Offseason

Scott SemmlerAnalyst IIFebruary 11, 2012

LANDOVER, MD - NOVEMBER 20: Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones (L) shakes hands with Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder (R) before the start of Redskins and Cowboys game at FedExField on November 20, 2011 in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images)
Rob Carr/Getty Images

It is ridiculous for teams to overpay for veteran talent during free agency, and it will ultimately hurt their franchise in the long run by putting stock in such worn down players and not taking advantage of the NFL Draft.

It happens every year, overpaying players is a part of sports now.  If a team wants a player in high demand, they will need to not only match the verified offer, but go above and beyond what is expected in order to land that prized player.

When you think "overpay," several teams come to mind.  The New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox are the initial thought.  But when it comes to the NFL, one can make a case that Dan Snyder's Washington Redskins may be the most likely to overpay for a player.


Washington Redskins

The Redskins need a lot of things if they want to contend anytime in the near future.  Donovan McNabb was not helping anyone in 2010, and it might be time for Snyder & Co. to make a lasting acquisition for this franchise that needs to be pulled from the depths of the NFL.

Peyton Manning comes to mind, and the Redskins may be the front-runners to land him if he hits free agency.  Washington will almost certainly throw the farm at Manning and his wavering neck injury, if for nothing else but to sell tickets.  

If Manning hits the free agent market, we can expect Snyder to be on his doorstep with a check book.


San Francisco 49ers

The 49ers will not be doing heavy shopping this free agency, but if they want to contend once again next season, they will need to re-sign the veteran free agents on their own team.  There are a lot of them.

Carlos Rogers, Dashon Goldson and Alex Smith are the three main players GM Trent Baalke will be focusing on this offseason.  Goldson almost left the 49ers last season for another team, and if they want him next season, they will need to pay up for his Pro Bowl season.

The same goes for Rogers, who finished the NFL season in the top-5 in interceptions with six.  He is sure to want some significant money for the first time in his NFL career.

Smith may not be getting the monetary respect that he should, but he still wants "Ryan Fitzpatrick money."  Whatever that means.  San Francisco does not have to overpay him, but i get the feeling they will have to fork up around $8 million per year in return for an NFC Championship appearance, and that throw to Vernon Davis against the Saints.


New York Jets

It is not obvious what the New York Jets are looking for, but we can bet they will overpay for a veteran free agent this offseason based solely on desperation.

Rex Ryan and the Jets need something now before they become lost among the list of respectable AFC playoff hopefuls.  How they will do that with Mark Sanchez under center, I do not know.  

In order to make up for such a disappointing 2011 season, the franchise will need to make a large move to regain their dignity.  

Peyton Manning, anyone?

After that move, Rex Ryan will once again approach the podium and predict that his team will win the Super Bowl.