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  6. "They give you a lot to prepare for." Alex Smith breaks down the @buffalobills defense: https://t.co/62YY9lGNlM https://t.co/FSnJOvBo0J

  7. Alex Smith made a special delivery to a local family just in time for Thanksgiving. WATCH: https://t.co/TvEg2QFG52 https://t.co/v7QAZM2hbc

  8. Reporter: “Your Thanksgiving favorite food?” Alex Smith: “Tough to pick. For me, obviously, turkey jumps out."

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  12. "There aren't many weaknesses on that side of the ball." - QB Alex Smith on the Broncos defense

  13. Alex Smith's INT-free streak leads the NFL https://t.co/9WUgQmiTgz https://t.co/ArIbNIu6AP

  14. Andy Reid doesn't want to jinx Alex Smith's INT-free streak https://t.co/KmTA4eL60n https://t.co/j6Skq9yRv7

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  17. Alex Smith Has Three Touchdowns In Chiefs Win

  18. Alex Smith's big-play passing game lifts Chiefs to easy victory https://t.co/YW0VV5CxeG

  19. Observations from #KCvsSD 1. Alex Smith's big day 2. @JHouston50 = Elite 3-10: https://t.co/5RM2mnMQBz https://t.co/21NlsL4ahE

  20. Mark Sanchez has thrown more interceptions this year than Aaron Rodgers, Alex Smith and Tom Brady.

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  22. Run Alex, Run: Smith Caps Drive with for 12-Yard TD

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  25. Maclin is now sitting next to Alex Smith on the bench.

  26. SACK! Corey Liuget brings down Alex Smith on third down to force the punt.

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  28. Alex Smith Throws For 251 Yards In Chiefs Victory

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  30. Congrats to Alex Smith on setting a franchise record for most pass attempts without throwing an interception. #KCvsSD #ChiefsKingdom

  31. Alex Smith has set a franchise record for most pass attempts without throwing an INT! READ: https://t.co/e4GCjCoA3o https://t.co/jEr3RipLoQ

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  34. Great throw by Alex Smith, great catch by Travis Kelce. Touchdown, #Chiefs. Primed to take a 16-3 lead into the break.

  35. Alex Smith threw into the end zone! For a touchdown!

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  38. Latest from the NFL: Alex Smith sets Chiefs record for passes without an interception. https://t.co/5NksWdrILm https://t.co/HeUA1pm1M6

  39. What a throw by Alex Smith and a 27-yard catch by Albert Wilson. Chiefs offense is humming.

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  41. Believe in KC's Late-Game Passing Success at Your Own Risk

  42. Alex Smith had to take a timeout because of crowd noise. Chargers have an actual home-field advantage.

  43. Embracing the checkdown: Blaine Gabbert sounds like Alex Smith. https://t.co/3AX5Qjqh7m #49ers

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  46. The spotlight is now brighter on Blaine Gabbert, who sure sounds like Alex Smith. https://t.co/3AX5Qjqh7m #49ers

  47. On 3rd downs, #Chiefs QB Alex Smith throws short of the 1st-down marker more frequently than any other #NFL QB: https://t.co/AqmWUcvtbA

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  50. Johnny Manziel and Alex Smith drop back to pass on 3rd down at higher rates than any other #NFL QBs. #Browns #Chiefs https://t.co/vWRW9rQ8bq

  51. Alex Smith has 22 completions of 25+ yards, six shy from his career high set in 2011 https://t.co/xLG9FOdKMe

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  53. Smith's 3 TD Passes Lead Chiefs Over Texans 27-20

  54. Alex Smith has attempted 228 consecutive passes without throwing an INT. 10 stats to know: https://t.co/YdmuSWnsXf https://t.co/ff2VnwbMOq

  55. Richard Sherman not shocked Colin Kaepernick benched, says "football is a crazy game," asks who woulda thought Alex Smith would get benched

  56. WR Jeremy Maclin on Alex Smith: "It's all about trust. He trusts me. I trust him."

  57. Maclin Hails 'Talented' Smith, Building Rapport with QB

  58. Alex Smith is a great streaming option against San Diego's struggling defense. https://t.co/5xTulXCIlH

  59. Practice resumes today for the now 4-5 @chiefs. Head coach Andy Reid and QB Alex Smith will speak late this morning. Away vs. @Chargers Sun.

  60. Alex Smith, Chiefs Look Like Legit Threat

  61. Alex Smith Has Stellar Showing Against Tennessee

  62. In fact, top 12 single-game totals all by players I would call mobile or semi-mobile QBs (Wilson, Tebow, Newton, Teddy, Alex Smith, Vick).

  63. Peyton Manning is @PFF's No. 30 rated quarterback. Sandwiched between Josh McCown and, um, well ... Alex Smith.

  64. Watch: Smith, Maclin Connect for TD Again

  65. Simms: Alex Smith Vastly Overpaid to Be Middle-Tier QB

  66. It's not. Teddy is a better version of Alex Smith https://t.co/IcFrs26Th4

  67. There’s an 80-yard TD throw from Alex Smith to Charcandrick West. Unreal run by West. HUGE hustle block by Maclin to spring him at the end.

  68. Smith Hopes Deep Ball a Bigger Part of Chiefs' Offense

  69. OL Struggles Without Fisher, Almost Gets Smith Killed

  70. Alex Smith to Charcandrick West. 80-yard TD catch and run. #KCvsDEN https://t.co/OfpM6deTnM

  71. Charcandrick West with an 80-yard TD catch from Alex Smith. And the game is basically over, right? T.J. Ward ejected from game.

  72. Alex Smith: 35 rushing yards. Peyton Manning: 35 passing yards

  73. round house kick to the face here....delivered by Alex Smith & the Chiefs https://t.co/301Bi9LXYE

  74. Watching games at @DIRECTV fantasy studios with Archie Manning and dads of Alex Smith, Matt Ryan and Nick Foles. https://t.co/2AHEYCfQP9

  75. Given the number of shots Von Miller has gotten on Alex Smith over the last two years, I understand where that Jah Reid penalty came from.