The Most Frequently Arrested Athletes in Sports History

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The Most Frequently Arrested Athletes in Sports History

Athletes' run-ins with the cops are always great fodder for TMZ, SportsCenter, or sports talk radio, and some of the most elite seem unable to avoid repeatedly finding themselves at odds with Johnny Law.

Yes, some of the world's finest athletes are also some very prodigious criminals.

It seems athletes' thirst for competition doesn't end when they leave the field, even if it means racing toward a life behind bars. So, somewhat predictably, it takes a special someone to enter the ranks of the most arrested athletes. 

But don't expect to see repeat offenders like Darryl Strawberry, Michael Irvin or O. J. Simpson on this list. Not even Chris Henry, Charles Barkley, Denny McLain or Steve Howe (above, after his 1996 arrest for trying to carry a firearm through JFK International Airport in New York) crafted rap sheets long enough to find themselves among this motley crew.

No, despite their renowned appetites for trouble, they couldn't match the accomplishments of these ten pillars of society—the most arrested athletes in sports history.

(One quick note: In case it's not obvious, this is not an exact science. Many arrests go unreported in the press, and some of the rap sheets involved stretch back decades. Consider these figures as the bare minimum of arrests for each listed athlete—no doubt a frightening idea.)

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