David Otunga: How the Macchiato Mauler Can Become Relevant in the WWE

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2012

Photo: marcuspitt.com
Photo: marcuspitt.com

First off, how great is the nickname "Macchiato Mauler" for David Otunga? Came up with that one all on my own; very proud of myself.

Anyway, Otunga has been on WWE TV quite a bit in recent weeks, but not as a wrestler as much as he has appeared as legal council for John Laurinaitis.

His new role has seen him be the bearer of bad news on a couple of occasions, for which he usually gets some kind of beatdown. Last time, I believe it was a WMD from Big Show.

Part of this gimmick is his attire, or rather what he matches with it. He is always seen wearing a sweater and bow tie and carrying a coffee mug which matches his clothes somehow.

This gimmick was at first pointless to me, but now I am starting to see potential. Being a real Harvard Law School graduate will give Otunga the credibility he needs to pull off this role.

If the WWE is smart, it will utilize him for more than just Johnny Ace's problems.

Having people like Swagger or McIntyre hire Otunga because they feel that they are being mistreated by the WWE could bring some very interesting angles to TV.

Otunga is built the way Vince McMahon likes his wrestlers, but he is not talented enough in the ring yet to be out on his own, which is why this role suits him perfectly for now.

If he keeps this character going and starts suggesting ideas to creative on how to use him, then we could see Otunga evolve into something we have not seen in a long time: a great non-wrestling character.

Back in the '80s and '90s, the WWE had numerous characters who did not wrestle but had major impacts, nonetheless.

Miss Elizabeth, Sunny, Sable, Jimmy Hart, Jim Cornette, Bobby Heenan and The Genius were known more for their managerial and announcing abilities than they were for their abilities in the ring (although Heenan did have a good career before putting on the headset and putting down the singlet).

Right now, the WWE has Vickie, John Laurinaitis and, to some extent, Hornswoggle as non-wrestling characters, all of which have found their own fanbases. (Though it is a little early to say that Laurinaitis has tons of fans, he is winning more and more people over every week.

I would love to see Otunga use his real-life relationship with Jennifer Hudson more, as well. She would not have to appear onscreen for him to claim that he is the only A-lister in the WWE.

Here is a woman who is an Oscar-winning actress, Grammy-winning singer, spokes model for weight loss products and is known world wide.

Why not capitalize more on that?

I would understand Otunga's desire to make a name for himself on his own, and I would applaud him for it, as well.

But now that all the WWE fans know who he is, it is time for him to use what he has at his disposal.

I am hoping that in 2012 we see more from Otunga because he has taken this new character and won me over with it.

Chances are good he has won a few of you over as well.

The key to being a good heel is being able to make people dislike you just by the sight of your face. Otunga has done that in the best possible way over the last few months.

I will admit I did not think much of Otunga until recently, which goes to show that enough hard work will get you noticed by even your biggest critics.

What do you think? Will 2012 be the breakout year for David Otunga?

Also, I would love to hear some more coffee-related nicknames for Otunga. The only ones I have are "Espresso Express" and "Macchiato Mauler."

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