Chris Jericho Returns to WWE, Could Batista, Brock Lesnar and RVD Be Next?

The Doctor Chris MuellerFeatured ColumnistJanuary 6, 2012


Chris Jericho is back in the headlines as he made one of the most memorable and confusing returns to WWE that any wrestler has ever made.

He came out after weeks of cryptic videos which hyped the return of an unknown superstar. Many knew it would be Jericho ahead of time, but he denied it like the company man he is right up until the end.

When he came out he was met with one of the biggest pops I can remember seeing in a long time. He came to the ring complete with leather pants and a light-up jacket, which must have come from Jeff Jarrett's collection of outfits from his early WWE days.

He ran in and around the ring, pumping up the crowd before making his way to the top of the ramp, taking one last scan of the audience and then walking out without saying a word.

This got people talking about why exactly he's back and what kind of Jericho we would see.

Would he be the fun-loving Y2J or the serious Jericho we knew from a couple of years ago?

The other thing that people began talking about was who else might return soon.

RVD is close to the end of his TNA contract. Naturally, some people are asking if he will return to WWE. RVD originally wanted a light schedule, which was why TNA was a good fit for him. However, with how poorly he has been used as of late, I would not be surprised if he took his services back to WWE.

RVD is always a popular addition to any wrestling event, but how would he fair in WWE today?

There are lots of young guys who have clawed their way up the ladder who may get knocked down a peg if another main event level talent returns.

This could also be how some people feel about Batista returning.

Batista left WWE and was going to pursue a career in MMA, but those plans were cut short when Strikeforce was bought out by UFC and his deal was nixed.

He is now operating an MMA gym, but may also be looking to get back in the WWE ring. He has openly criticized WWE's PG direction so it is tough to say if he even wants to come back.

Big Dave is already over 40 and everyone knows that once a wrestler reaches 40 it is all downhill from there.

He got a late start in the industry so it is possible his body would still allow him to have another long run, but whether he would even want to have another run is yet to be seen.

What is also yet to be seen is how Brock Lesnar feels about all this talk of him returning to WWE. Dana White made it clear that, now that Brock has left UFC, he is free to return to WWE.

Brock Lesnar was arguably WWE's fastest rising star when he left the business for a failed career in the NFL, before a successful career in UFC.

Lesnar is probably not going to let anyone in on his plans right away, but I would be interested to see how WWE would handle him after he left the company who built him into a worldwide name after only three years.

It would also be interesting to see how he would be treated by all the wrestlers who have come up since he left, who have had longer runs that Brock had in the company.

Which of these three guys would you most like to see come back to WWE?


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